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  1. Jobsworth Canary

    Weak link anywhere?

    The weather will even the contest I think the ball really could end up going anywhere on the ground re wet pitch or in the air being blown about
  2. Jobsworth Canary

    Possible postponement

    Indeed I try desperately to stick to the topic in question but the personal stick I get for having an opinion is completely unnecessary and there is so little moderation that it doesn’t ever get tackled
  3. Jobsworth Canary

    Possible postponement

    Maybe I will give you that one
  4. Jobsworth Canary

    Possible postponement

    Suggesting it is dangerous to travel is hardly trolling I agree the abuse being handed out on here needs to be sorted starting with Sports desk Pete hitting you with the ban hammer
  5. Jobsworth Canary

    Possible postponement

    Ha that is great coming from you and your Mary Lou McDonald dear oh dear this is the last time I interact with you as you are clearly not of our own
  6. Jobsworth Canary

    Possible postponement

    I really can’t see the game going ahead the travel back to Liverpool will be a nightmare
  7. As I said yesterday completely unnecessary abuse cantwell gets a free pass
  8. Yet more abuse honestly the stick I take for absolutely no reason fortunately as I am not WOKE I can handle it
  9. Read the first paragraph it’s hardly complimentary!!
  10. And there is the abuse beginning!!!!
  11. Least surprising news of the year that he is ‘WOKE’ no wonder our country is going to the dogs with this liberal PC WOKE culture if he wants to see online abuse he should see what I get on here and other forums. Do I complain no I just sup it up
  12. Jobsworth Canary

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it
  13. Jobsworth Canary

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    Well done Agent Lambert who truly denies he is the Messiah?
  14. Jobsworth Canary

    Philip Schofield

    Always surprises me you can be married to a woman for 27 years before you suddenly realise you are gay
  15. Anything to do with the self righteous Canaries Trust
  16. Jobsworth Canary

    What constitutes a good breakfast

    The fry up on the Farm on the A17
  17. That it was never ever this bad under Chris Hughton I never thought I would say I would long for the glory days of Hughton but that is how far we have fallen
  18. Flags, Drums and plastic fans
  19. Jobsworth Canary

    Maddison not going to Man U

    Yet Another example of poor transfer dealings worth far more than what we sold him for just a few short months ago
  20. Jobsworth Canary

    I think we can now safely say

    Be careful for what you wish for before you know it your mate FF will want to see you in a gimp suit and mask with a gag ball in your mouth: that is the stuff he is into.
  21. Jobsworth Canary

    I think we can now safely say

    Indeed so are we accepting the stats that show we were more competent and competitive under Hughton, the stats don’t lie
  22. Jobsworth Canary

    I think we can now safely say

    He is completely obsessed with me, I imagine he has a section on his bedroom wall dedicated to me. what worries me is that he is going to want to get photos of me in my budgie smugglers next for his own self abuse purposes
  23. Jobsworth Canary

    I think we can now safely say

    The stalking is turning into a near obsession do I need to get a restraining order?