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  1. kdncfc

    You wont agree.....

    I''m firmly in the should have speculated more than we have state of mind. Its easy to say how we will be in a strong position to come back up if we go down, it''s much harder to put it into practice and actually do it. What if we go down and DON''T come straight back up again? The parachute payments last for 2 years, if we stay down for another ten years we are back to square one. The trouble is I don''t see us spending a large part of the parachute money as others have done to make us stronger. I think we had to be cautious but feel that we are being over cautious and relying to much on the if we go down we''ll bounce back up mentality.
  2. If it was gonna happen I think it would have done by now. Pompey want to keep him and unless we offer silly money I think he''ll stay there.
  3. kdncfc

    Best fans (long)?

    I remember the 70''s when we regularly use to attract more than 30''000 to the fortress. In them days the population of the area was much lower. As u rightly say the population of Norwich is around 130''000 but if u include the suburbs, Hellesdon, Sprowston etc then theres more like 275''000. The population of Norfolk as a whole is now getting close to a million and we are the only football club in the county. If we could become an established prem team and increase the capacity to 30''000+ then I''m sure we would fill it on a regular basis. As far as the noise we generate since the Jarrold stand has opened the noise levels have improved greatly and its now much more difficult for away fans to outsing us. As for away games I went to Everton away and thought the support was awesome but also went to the Coventry and Wimbledon games as was disappointed at the lack of noise. As far as other fans go I hink Newcastle fans are as passionate as any although they soon get on the players back if things aren''t going to plan.
  4. kdncfc

    Simon Charlton

    I see some peoples point that he is not a signing to excite but he does have cosiderable experience of the prem which could be cricial in the coming months. Bolton fans are gutted that he has left and are saying he will prove a good signing for us. Hopefully the striker whoever he may be will excite us a bit more than Charlton has as long as its not Scowcroft.
  5. kdncfc

    Sky tv money.

    Does anyone know how much each appearance is worth? Just been reading Rick Waghorns piece from the 17th april and he says hach live game is worth 597.000 per club, on the pinkun site it says the 5 games are only worth 1.45 million. By my reckoning it should be nearer 3 million. Which is correct?
  6. To be honest I don''t feel half as excited as normal before a major tournament. Think it''s because after the excitement of last season anything that happens in euro 2004 will pale into insignificance. Norwich before england everytime for me.
  7. Worthy denied interest in purse and laursen so nothing lost as far as I''m concerned. Purse won''t even have to move house if he goes to the boring baggies so just as well we wern''t interested.
  8. kdncfc

    Pongolle Rumours

    Wouldn''t be at all surprised if worthy brought another striker on loan cos at the end of the day if we sign a striker on loan there would then be a chance we could pay a sizeable fee for a defender. We haven''t spent any money on transfer fees so far and worthy has admitted that he will shell out a sizeable fee when the time is right.
  9. Don''t know much about him personally but if Arsene Wenger says he''s top quality then who are we to argue. I have a feeling there could be a bigger signing to come but this one has certainly wetted the appetite.
  10. kdncfc

    Transfer Fee Record

    Worthy said in the EEN last week that at some stage in the summer he will have to part with a sizeable fee to get the quality he wants. Personally I see us signing a couple of players for a large fee with maybe 2 or 3 bosmans and a couple of long term loans coming in to make up the numbers. Don''t read to much into the 17 million quoted in the local press last week, that is the base figure. There is also additional sponsorship, merchandising and other extras on top of that and including parachute payments the final figure is nearer 40 million for just 1 season in the prem. Delia actually said that we don''t have much money compared to some but she is not likely to say we have loads to spend even if we did for obvious reasons. One thing is for sure it should be an interesting summer.
  11. kdncfc

    Anyone else worried??

    Seem to remember Charlton spent 2 million on one player when they went up(jensen I believe). We must not be over cautious and accept that we will go down or we surely will. The gulf between the lower level of the prem and div 1 is not as big as some believe. With the addition of 5 QUALITY PLAYERS we have a better than average chance of surviving. Quality costs money and remember that promotion is worth around 40 million including parachute payments if the worst happens. Even if Worthy was given 12 million to spend we would still be 25 million richer.
  12. We could sell out a 35,000 stadium if it was big enough. But any money we have should be invested in players and if we stay up we should then look at putting a tier on the city stand. Is there plans to build an infill between the barclay and jarrold stand or will the hotel take all that corner?
  13. kdncfc

    rumour signings

    If we are relegated we are guaranteed 7.5 million each season for 2 years which equates to 35 million of guaranteed income in total. Each league position is worth another 500k and each tv appearance is worth another 597k. Include extra income from sponsorship, merchandising etc and the true worth of promotion to the prem is around 40 million even if u get relegated. Taking all that into account even if Worthy was given 15 million to spend on wages and fees we''d still have 25 mill to play with. I think that div 1 is a nightmare to get out of and therefore as much as possible should be made avaliable for transfers. Whilst Delia is right to say that spirit and hard work go a long way it is essential to have that extra quality in the prem and that costs good money.
  14. kdncfc

    Wigan Beware

    Wigan lost 2-1 at West Brom a few weeks ago.
  15. Don''t understand why there seems to be so much negativity on this board re. our chances of keeping hucks. He himself has said that he''d love to stay here and is hopeful something can be sorted out, Worthy has said he wants him to stay so there must be a chance that he WILL sign a deal. Obviously he maybe on 20k a week at present but I don''t believe for one minute that he''s naive enough to think we could afford anything like that, therefore he would probably take a pay cut in order to get a permanent contract. If we don''t sign him I would be surprised if he went to Wigan as its unlikely that he''d be to excited at the prospect of playing in front of thousands of empty seats every week. Hucks and Crouch are the best chance we''ve had of getting out of this league in seven years and we should do whatever we can to get them. Even if we made the play offs and lost we would make around 1.5 million which would go a long way towards the deal. With them on board the play offs are the least we could hope for.
  16. Count me in £150, we can''t afford not to sign him.
  17. kdncfc

    Stump up some cash!

    The amount raised from the share issue was nearer 2.5 million. It was me who called Radio Norfolk on Saturday and suggested we try to raise some money to sign Huckerby. I would rather look on the positive side and at least try to raise the money to buy him - if we fail at least we can say we tried. As has been said, if 10,000 people contributed £100 it could raise 1 million which would significantly increase the chance of getting him. I spoke to Chris Goreham at Radio Norfolk today and apparently after Saturdays programme they had many texts from people willing to contribute including one lady who offered £500. They are trying to get Neil Doncaster on tomorrows programme and will put it to him then, so there''s a chance that it may happen.

    One thing''s for sure, we have never had a player of his calibre at this football club before and if we could pull it off our chances of promotion would increase significantly. The club belongs to us, the supporters so why shouldn''t we help if we can. My money is ready and waiting.