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  1. Alright kids calm down!! Just havin a joke! Merry Christmas
  2. Would just like express my delight and surprise at securing the McKenzie deal. Well done Worthy and the borad for moving so swiftly
  3. I have to say I feel thorougly depressed this morning. With Crouch gone back, Huckers looking very likely to do the same and with the prospect of Iwan starting on Saturday I really can''t see where we will go from here. This time last week I had hoped we would have secured the services of Crouch til the end of the season and I was even feeling confident (I''m quite an optimist) that we would scrape together the cash for Hucks. I''m fed up with not having any money in our football club. Don''t get me wrong, credit to the board for trying all they can (share offers etc). It''s just a bit depressing when you hear Worthy say he offered £200,000 for somebody when the other club wanted £1M. It doesn''t help when you see smart arses like West Brom and Wigan flashing their money about and saying who they want to bring in. I had hoped we would try and get someone like McKenzie to replace Crouch, but Fry has slapped a £750,000 price tag on him so that puts us out of the running. Hopefully we could get someone like Lua-Lua, Morrison etc. We all know the list by now!! But I can''t really see it happening. COME ON NORWICH CHEER ME UP!!
  4. After reading Friday''s EDP I was extremely excited by the prospect of a large amount of cash finding it''s way into the Norwich Coffers. I have always dreamed of a rich businessman investing haevily in the club and this looks like it could be real. £5 Million is a lot to any club but to us it''s an absolute FORTUNE. Also, he owns a business worth £100 Million which will be sold next year so there is a very good chance we''ll get even more input. My plea to the board is this: IF DELIA DOESN''T WANT TO GIVE UP HER MAJORITY FAIR ENOUGH BUT FIND SOME OTHER WAY OF GETTING HIM ON THE BOARD. CREATE SOME NEW SHARES, SELL ALL THE OTHER ONES, DO WHATEVER! WE CANNOT LET THIS GUY SLIP THROUGH OUR FINGERS (and risk him going South of the border!!)
  5. I''ve heard that if we don''t get Huckers (which is very likely) we''ll get MacLean. Obviously anybody after Hucks will be a disappointment but I say give this lad a go. I know he''s only playing in the 3rd but he''s scoring for fun. I don''t believe that if he made the transition up to the 1st he wouldn''t score any goals. He''s on the books of Rangers for goodness sake. They wouldn''t have signed him if they didn''t think he had talent. If we don''t get Hucks GET MACLEAN!!
  6. Well said Mook. Look how far worthy has brought us on since his arrival. Considering virtually no fans (including myself) wanted him when he first came he''s done a brilliant job. Also as his hands are pretty much tied, finacially speaking, he''s built a squad worthy (pardon the pun) of 2nd place in the league. Carry on the good work Nigel!
  7. I know there has been a lot of anger aimed at the board but I''m sure they are trying their absolute hardest to bring these players in perminantly. Everybody is saying they are ''lacking ambition'', but they certanly weren''t when they originally paid out to bring Hucks, Crouch and Harper in. I''m sure they want to bring in these players as much as the fans do and would do in am instant if they had the cash. But at the end of the day we just haven''t. As regards to Kents it would be amazing to have him back, even on loan but I''m afraid I can''t see it happening at all. I read a couple of months ago that he had a nightmare pre-season and got one injury after the other (Bit like Brennan) which just hasn''t shifted. That was why he hasn''t got any games. Also, look at it from his point of view: It''s a bit of a backwards step, to come back to the club you left only 6 months ago in the 1st Division? We can but hope though. A Shackell/Kents or Flem/Kents back 2 would be unbeatable!
  8. It wasn''t that we couldn''t afford connelly, shipperley, hulse, taylor etc it was just that none of them wanted to come. That won''t be the problem this time tho: It WILL be that we can''t afford Hucks. I reckon if we could he''d come.
  9. Sorry this is completely unrelated to what u have said but it''s nice to hear of a city fan down in Portsmouth. Glad I''m not the only one. Moved here for uni a couple of months ago and haven''t met a single Canary!
  10. I am absolutley and completely fed up of what is going on at the moment regarding our loan players. As fans I think it''s about time we got some straight answers. I write this after just seeing that Ipswich (excuse my language) have signed Kuqi perminantly after we tried to make a late bid. What the hell are we playing at????? Who is Worthy trying to sign here?? Are we going to sign Huckerby or not? Because if we''re not, which is looking more likely by the day, I''d rather we were told straight than to find out from a Wigan, West Brom, Sheff Utd etc official web site. We deserve the truth!!
  11. An excellent story Susie which makes an aweful lot of sense. I raise my glass to u!
  12. Don''t think we need to worry bout Forsest. They''re bout to spend 950K on Marlon King from Gillingham. They won''t be able to afford Huckers 2.
  13. I don''t agree that we shud match West Ham''s bid. What would happen if he agreed to come and then we were offered Huckers? We''d be shafted. I do agree tho that 500K would be an absolute bargain. It just goes to prove that if things do go tits up over Huckerby, 500K or 750K can buy u a hell of a lot in todays transfer market. All may not be lost
  14. Have to say I agree with Mook. I know worthy somtimes makes some questionable decisions but more often than not he makes some damn good ones. We are COMPLETLEY unrecognisable from the days of Hamilton, and I don''t think we would be any further under GB than Worthy.
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