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  1. Ramadan for next 3 weeks, unlikely to be at his best, maybe a blessing in disguise, particularly if Jarrett can show a remarkabe turnound in form?
  2. No way will we sign anyone no money left by the profligate board.
  3. Actually this isn''t, I feel the hotel on the Carrow Rd Site could be beneficial more to the club seeking alyernative revenue e.g. catering and conferences etc. My concern is that with a 100/200 room hotel, where are the cars going to park for the guests, obviously in club car park during the week, but what happens on match days.  Are there any plans to extend parking facilities. Will need additional parking for residents of Riverside Heights i.e. flats behind N&P stand. Interested I would like to see plans for hotel development to see how they are going to cater for added 500 cars, parking is already  nightmare in the city. Any answers/suggestions appreciated.     
  4. He should realise he can''t inspire the players and the supporters are thoroughly underwhelmed by trotting out the same post match drivel. Go Now before its too late and DEano leaves.
  5. Can it last too much longer, but what can be done too reverse the current malaise, improve the defence, midfield or attack, where does Nigel start, can he do it.  Many of us doubt it. Who will replace Wonderful Worthy I say anyone with passion and a degree of tactical awareness with a modicum of man management and that ability to inspire the players. Can Worthy be that man I doubt it, we must win soon and win often otherwise we will be resigned to more years in the wilderness.  
  6. Spot on, a totally pointless article that in my humble opinion gives ammunition to the country cousin image, perhaps not expected of a potential bigger club. Thanks for the advice normally invest in first prog of season to see if this patrionising drivel is still included, and therefore saved me £3 or has it gone up again.  
  7. Sorry about my negativity but I have found from bitter experience if anything can kick me in the teeth it will, you keep the faith and let me be the miserable one.  I hope I lose a whole pot of dosh between now and end of season, end up out of pocket and mildly excited.   
  8. I may leave early but I don''t move until there is a break in play, never before Half time and never raise my voice to annoy my fellow mutes in the N&P, I just sit quietly chewing my fingernails not really enjoying it.  There is also a loudmouth at the top of Area P Upper Tier who really deserves a kicking.  In my younger days the bustle of the Barclay used to appeal, but in my dotage it must be the quiet life.    
  9. Sorry to pour cold water on our late season surge, but it will all end in tears and we will be relegated along with Saints and Palace, why because of the old boys act. Blackburn will lose tonight be certain at Albion, Fergie will throw it at Old Trafford and Albion will beat Pompey because it will mean Saints are down.  But if Hughes is true to his words read today''s paper they might just turn up and can Fergie afford a poor result aagainst Albion? Palace to beat Saints but unlikely to get wins at Newcastle Charlton. Saints will beat City because its written in the stars and lose to Palace and United Brum will do likewise and Fulham will be academic. Away victories for any of bottom 4 only 3 for all in season without assistance. Make some money out of our plight and rejoice if you lose your dosh, thats what I intend to do Albion to beat Blackburn, Saints to beat City. Prepare youselves for the worst.
  10. I have read with interest posts from City''s best supporters and the approbrium heaped on thos so called supporters who leave early, I am probably the worst offender as such don''t deserve a season ticket. My record recently has been abyssmal in leaving games early. Charlton left on 80 minutes, Newcastle 70 mins, West Brom 75 mins, Bolton 85 mins is it any coincidence I missed the winning goal in each of the above games.  However also others where we have lost e.g. Tottenham 75 mins just after they scored. In my defence I just get so depressed if we are not winning or even if we are winning I don''t want to witness an equaliser which is inevitable see Newcastle above.  Others were being drawn and to be honest couldn''t see us winning.  I did stay for the Saints win but felt strangely subdued even after winning. Other games Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, Man C didn''t even bother to go, watched the inevitable defeat on TV, but let club sell on my season ticket to a more deserving fan. But again in my support I have paid my money, subscribed to shares and buy merchandise.  You will be glad to hear I will not be renewing my season ticket primarily because I find it painful to watch, I shall continue to give moral and financial support whichever Division we find ourselves in next season but alas will not be attending Carrow Rd. Apologies to all you true supporters. PS when I leave early I am on my own.      
  11. Amarillo, has to be from now on. Whats this adralanin, is it anything like adrenalin or is it another drug that makes you go tingly, a viagra alternative perhaps.
  12. Is Simon Charlton being treated as to how he would like, I think he has received shabby treatment from Worthy and certainly not the first, if he goes which is possible because he impresses, if then if JB off no cover for Adam Drury, a position which is not acceptable. Worthy''s man management again is suspect here. 
  13. If its reported how come its from the horses mouth ?  JB still got a year on his contract I understand, sorry to see him go but has only been used sparingly, not one of Nigels favourites obviously.
  14. I think I detect an aura of paranoia surrounding this thread. Of course there may be a clause in Deans contract, but who will pay £4m at least for Deano, Villa and Newcastle mentioned but they have first choice strikers in Angel and Shearer, would Dean want to go to be on subs bench at his tender age, I don''t think so.  Possibilities might be promoted teams but do Wigan need him with Roberts and Ellington, Sunderland would be a possibility, Dean must look at the long term, likely to be relegated if they are promoted.  Ipswich could never afford the investment. I fully expect Dean to be here next year unless we receive a silly bid from a highly unlikely source, there will be cheaper options available from abroad or loans from Premier clubs.
  15. Should really have held on, but remember Man City, but with 20 mins to go ?  No challenge to AJ run for CP''s 2nd goal, Drury guilty of failing to challenge also another defender not putting in challenge Safri I think.  It was easier to prevent this goal but no. Changes should have been made to the shape, Holty about to be brought on when they scored 2nd. Worthy should have done something about this, have given Shackell some respite from AJ, stiffened the middle, but hindsight such a wonderful thing. I have thought we were down some time ago, however 2 home wins (not an easy task) should take us ought of relegation zone unless others perform away from home, if they do we may be down.  All is not lost, give thanks for Greenos last minute save.  At least we haven''t capitulated and even if we finish 18th I don''t want to be bottom, do you.  
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