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  1. It said on sky text , thursday, that we asked about Morrison before the game, but were told he was not forsale anybody else see that ?
  2. Lords for me. sitting in the sun drinking beer while watching England in a one day game, beat that...
  3. Ian Wright had a program on the telly, it was called somthing like Wright across America,,, They are showing re runs on sky and i caught one the other night,,, He was with a few hairy bikers, and the subject of incest came up, after they had been chatting for a while, Ian said you can/t talk about the good people of Norwich like that... Not being from Norwich myself, can anyone shed some light on this,,,     ...
  4. To be honest , not to sure,,, There are some big teams in this league, and most teams have added to their squad,,, So while i hope for a great season, i am not so sure we will do that well,,, I will go for 10th,,, But if we add a couple more players to vital postions before the window shuts, then you never know,,,
  5. 2nd clean sheet in a row.as got to go down to the fact that theres only one  rabbit in the hutch
  6. Jas mate your so wrong in what you are saying he might have made a mistake today,,,,, But he is one hell of a kepper ,,, And  is going to be Englands no,1 I  as a norm agree with most of your posts. but this time you are going to far,,, Im Norwich through and through,,, But im England through and through aswelll. so dont knock a man while he is down,,, Remember theres only room for one rabbit in the hutch
  7. NO city angel you should have married me cos theres only one Rabbit in the hutch
  8. Sorry Yankee   but theres only one Rabbit in the hutch
  9. There has been alot of talk on here of late about unrest, SO YOU WONT renew your season ticket The true fans of this great club will always follow through good times and bad The hardcore stayed with it even through those dark days pre Worthy   and the hardcore will always be there So you people who only came onboard when things were rosey in the garden can jump ship if you want I have been yellow and green since 1972, and even though i live in Oxford i could pick and choose any game i wanted, that was until  all you glory chaseing fans climbed on, now only being a member im told what games i can go to at home, and the away season ticket means not much chance there aswell So i say to all you so called fans who are getting 2nd thoughts JUMP,JUMP,JUMP
  10. Being a Norwich fan in Oxford means that i tend to go to more away games than home Ive seen many a bad game over the years, but every now and again there is the good one My best away day ever has to be Villa in the 1st year of the prem, we went 2-0 up only for them to come back to 2-2, then Sutch scored and that win put us about 9 points clear at the top, and i can still here the chants of we are top of the league say we are top of the league 2nd cup final, great win and Sunderland fans made it a great day out , apart from us they are the best fans around 3rd Watford away when we knew we were up, what a day that was , and the Watford were great But aswell as the good, there has also been some bad  Port vale Swindon and Oxford to name a few
  11. You never here me moan , but i`m not to happy with the way things are going... You all were happy with Worthy going, but are we really any better off ? Some of you say that under grant we are picking up points good enough to be in at least the play-offs ? Well my thoughts are that under grant we might have had a few good results away from home, but thats it, the word lucky springs to mind Can anyone say that under grant we have played good attacking football, i know we seem to never be able to field a full strengh team under him, but  his tactics, well i just don!t  understant his tactics ? While i agree we should always be looking up, but is it much different to looking down , the points between  the play-offs and the bottom 3 is not that much different so we should beware ? So i guess what i`m saying is are we any better off under grant , than we would be under worthy ?            m
  12. [quote user="Chris Lewis"] I''ve yet to see a glowing report from anyone saying he''s a great player!? I keep reading that he''s over-rated!? Or is it a case that we''re now so desperate he''s the only viable option left!  Still i''m enjoying the anticipation but will be really annoyed if we don''t get anybody in the next half hour! Come on Worthy you''ve potentially got £3 Million burning a hole in your pocket! [8-)] [/quote] Well said, does anyone remember the game away at Derby a few seasons ago, the game green let a back pass go in under his foot... He came on as a sub in that game, he has pace to burn i admit but he got through for about 3 one on one s with green and cocked it up everytime, so i for one am not so sure.
  13. With less than half an hour to go it looks like no one will be joining us... So i guess it will be loan signings from the prem instead... But off the top of my head i can think of no one... Any thoughts ?
  14. Agree its alot of money, but was he the player who beat 4 players and then put the ball in the net the other night live on sky ?
  15. I must admit the best game that i have ever seen has to be Sunderland against Charlton in that play off final..... But the best Norwich games that i have been to are... The cup final in 85... Villa away, when we went 7 points clear... Watford away when we knew we were up.. Only regret has to be missing the game of all games in Germany...
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