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  1. 1. Player - Too many over the years to choose one, anyone with a complete lack of effort for the cause . 2. Goal -  Every single one of those Colchester goals was painful the seventh was like a dagger to the heart 3. Match you''ve been to - Reading away during the dark days (the day we signed Earnie I think) I was late and arrived twenty minutes in and we were 2-0 down. Let after about 65 minutes when it was 4-0. Truely woeful and the shortest game I have ever attended by a long way. 4. Manager - Roeder - a manager with premiership knowledge and contacts and experience but systematically dismantled the team, disrupted the player morale, alienated himself from the fans and left the club in a real state. 5. Captain - Fotheringham - a player who often was not good enough to make the starting XI yet was the captain and inspirational leader - go figure. 6. Kit - The asics vomit kit
  2. Looks like Bennet confirmedhttp://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2375675,00.html
  3. Dreamt last night that it was Spurs away, I scored the winner - not sure what that bit was about though.
  4. During the 5 Live commentary they said and Steve Claridge confirmed that Neil Adams and Paul Mc Veigh were on the row infront of the 5 Live boys
  5. [quote user="scrapy33"]Fantastic signing. I agree, he looks good on the vids.[/quote]   Thing is Big Goran Maric looked good on the vids as well
  6. [quote user="El Choppo"][quote user="When Saturday Comes"]Assist! Kind of. [/quote] "A tackle that turns into a pass"... better than Fotheringham, who had a first touch that turned into a tackle. [/quote]   Classic LOL!
  7. Beccles boy, who does love it at city so hope he stays. Too many previous players have jumped ship too early and shown that they are not up to the standard that they think they are. Lets hope that he keep the hunger for the city shirt for a few years to come!
  8. [quote user="jed exodous"]The club appears to be moving away from a trend that was set by Worthy, Grant, Roeder, Gunn ...... Lambert seems to be signing players with a bit of experience and still at a good age and putting them on shorter contracts of 2 years with a 1 year option.  [/quote]It is fairly simple business sense really isn''t it? We should sign players that still will have some value at the end of their contract if they have to/need to be sold. In most cases, granted not all, signing a 28-30 year old on an expensive fee/signing on fee/agent fee/wage is a hiding to nothing. Lambert does seem to be bucking the trend of previous managers and signing mid twenty somethings that will have some value in case we want to sell them. Of course the added bonus is that these players are adding something to the current squad in terms of filling a hole or having premiership/championship experience.
  9. Soccer Saturday viewers will know Paul Mersons lack of quality punditry and ability to mess up any comment/players name. Last season though, even Merson described Michael Nelson as having a turning circle bigger than the QE2.
  10. [quote user="Beatle"]Milk Cup Semi 2nd leg 1985. Bruce 3 mins from time.......enough said! Still my Canary Highlight! OTBC![/quote]Was refering to this BTW.
  11. Have to agree, I put this forward to Pete in one of his earlier polls, ''best goal at carrow road''. Was a classic moment!
  12. An accurate report once more and efficiently posted - which once more has invoked a thoughtful debate about the next game/strategy/formation for the next game. If you wrote your reports in a weekly blog and charged us mere motals for the privilege - we could keep you in Peroni for a few years........... I''m glad you don''t - because for the games I cannot make it to I appreciate your views.P.S. Based on recent/todays evidence Lappin out - Hughes in and maybe Rose hasn''t shown enough to warrant a longer contract. Might be nice to see Lambert try 4-4-2 against some of the formidible foes in this division. [I]
  13. [quote user="Duffman"][quote user="Lambert is King"]Goals havebeen on Skysports. Also someone put a utube link on for Codys goal earlier thats a good watch[/quote] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok0QsFAICLE [/quote] Quality footage as well not too blurry. The atmosphere, the build up, the goal and then the barmy celebrations. Nice work..........whoever took it.
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