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  1. Sorry I thought this was possibly an Ipswich post 😁
  2. Think we can almost afford to lose (hoping that doesn't happen obviously) Coventry look spent and Huddersfield have nothing to play for, and I'm sure they would rather us went up than Leeds 😁
  3. It's an interesting theory, Leeds and Southampton have thrown away an excellent opportunity to go up automatically, how is that promotion by default ??
  4. After losing last Saturday I was convinced an East anglian play off semi was on the cards, luckily Leicester have nudged that possibility a little further away. Brom up next then Southampton they're destined for a trip to Carrow Road, enjoy πŸ˜‰
  5. Certainly negative points in our season but we're still in a position to make automatics with 4 games to play, I can't think of anything but positives for our club 😁
  6. Blow what exactly? Ipswich have had an amazing season, sure beating Norwich would have been the icing (still time) but I'm sure the majority of Town fans would be more than happy with another season in the Championship, its just the manner in which we get to that conclusion that's an issue.
  7. Lose to Preston on Saturday and 6th place becomes a little more interesting !! Although West brom could drop out of the play offs too.
  8. People were complaining I was still accessing the forum 3 days on, I read sometimes give an opinion but that is the extend of my input!
  9. Not really, just interested in reading a different perspective
  10. I've been accessing this forum for years, what difference is a couple of days post a derby match ! Odd you'd check isn't it??? πŸ˜‰
  11. Bless you, I'm in and out, now I've sat with your lot I'm entitled to an opinion πŸ˜†
  12. Genuine question, do you work in insurance?
  13. Hostile this one is!!! Or mentally weak πŸ˜†
  14. Not In that section, everyone seemed nice, they didn't appear to be the type of people who would call someone out for not singing "on the ball" etc I wouldn't do it again but that's not because of the stand I was in.
  15. Only the back of my head, this video must be no more than 2/3 rows directly behind me !
  16. Is this Norfolk law ? I'm sure no-one has ever been banned from their home ground for attending a rival teams ground and leaving without issue !!!
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