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  1. Harry53

    Team for Bournemouth

    Hernandez really hasn't stepped up this season to deserve a start. Todd is more effective
  2. Harry53

    Season ticket Prices frozen

    Are you saying if we go back to the championship and play brilliant football like last season that the season ticket cost should be less? My only gripe would be paying the same money for un-entertaining rubbish football.
  3. Harry53

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Obviously we all want to stay up but if we go down i won't be so sad as long as we continue to play good football and compete. The Championship is a good league and all i want is to watch my team and enjoy a Saturday afternoon out. We could sneak it and stay up but as mentioned we need something to spark a run, but if we go down we will be in a better financial position and in a league with weekly regular 3pm kick offs and no VAR. it's not all doom and gloom is it?
  4. Harry53

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Do u have a link?
  5. We need goals, goals means more wins and points so why not consider playing 2 strikers in a 4 4 2 system? We have nothing to lose trying this being bottom of the epl. Adam has always been prolific and would provide height and power alongside Teemu. Midfield with Todd Emi Mario and Alex or ? I just think Adam is too good to leave out and it takes the pressure off Teemu Any thoughts?
  6. I am still fuming at only drawing v Spurs when we should have won. Can someone please put me out of my misery and confirm my suspicions that Harry Kane was offside just before the handball? I am standing level with the penalty box and think he was. Does anyone know for sure if he was? If so, then the penalty should not have been awarded, but offside instead.
  7. Harry53

    Red card for VAR ?

    Shame on him. He should be struck off as a referee.
  8. Harry53

    Red card for VAR ?

    I agree. I think the people making these decisions need to face the panel on tv so they have to explain why they made the decision. To change a game behind closed doors, go home to his family and have a nice evening with no conscience of his decisions is unacceptable. These judges on var need to be questioned on tv
  9. Adam may not be proven at this or even Championship level, but considering we are not scoring goals is it not worth starting with him ? He knows where the back of the net is and is a tall, powerful striker. Maybe we should play with Adam and Teemu, or rest Teemu a little? One thing is for certain if we had taken the chances we have created in the last few games we would not be in the bottom 3. Byrams is getting into good scoring positions and sadly not converting. Something has to change as we are not a million miles away from winning games. I often think a more direct ball out of the back would open defences up instead of our intricate build up play. It's very attractive but difficult to break down often 9 players in front of us. So although we are conceding, that is not the main issue. Scoring goals is. I am not confident that Marco or Dennis can cut it in the PL, so that's why i suggested that it could be time to introduce Adam. He could be a star in the making, just as Todd has shown he can be.
  10. I agree we have played better recently but i feel we need to attack faster rather than our meticulous build up play. We can stay up but we need to find a way to score goals.
  11. Harry53

    Todd Cantwell and Teemu's Toe

    Onel has been disappointing since his return. He is not attacking the defence as much as he did last season or making space for shots on goal. As for his work covering in defence, he has been very poor. Atm he is best used as a sub.
  12. Harry53

    Leicester match day thread

    If Marco could score goals we would win more games. He gets many opportunities. I still think adam idah would be a good sub as a natural striker
  13. Harry53

    I think I've had enough.

    Surely as a football fan we support through thick and thin? I have supported city for 3 years here as i am new to the county, and i believe as a true supporter that we support the club, our club, to the final whistle and give our players the support they deserve. Just because we are struggling you don't just give up. Yes the change of match days is annoying but i for one wouldn't want to give up all the emotions i experience supporting this great family club.
  14. Harry53

    VAR, Timekeeping, Refs

    We need a national platform like Twitter to get all EPL fans to let our feelings known. Can someone get it mobilised?
  15. Harry53

    Ricardo's report v Sheff Utd

    Also worth mentioning is we talk about our small investment in players this season, being the reason for our bad results, but isn't that the same for Sheffield United, and look how they play and how well they are doing!!!
  16. Harry53

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    And why is it we cannot defend corners or actually score from corners? We have plenty of opportunities this season from corners but we are rubbish at capitalising on them.
  17. Harry53

    It’s starting to get embarrassing now

    Personally i don't think our style of play is good enough for the PL. Like to see a faster game and more adventurous instead of continually going back to Tim who then plays it forward, and it comes straight back again. DF has changed lineups now it's time to change style. We have nothing to lose.
  18. Harry53

    Things to be cheerful about

    Let's go back to the wonderful Championship where there is no VAR. Well worth getting relegated for
  19. Harry53

    Do you think we will stay up?

    They did look knackered and for me that's why we lost the 1st half. Emi was not too effective again, whereas i think Mario would be effective given half the chance. I have no idea why Marco was chosen ahead of a very creative and talented Mario.
  20. All Emi does is run into trouble. Mario is more experienced, calm and creative. We needed to rest players today after the magnificent effort on Sunday.
  21. ...and is Emi really more effective and creative than Mario ? Absolutely not
  22. Lots of tired legs, no grit in midfield and poor passing. Saints pressed well but i really think we were extremely tired. midfield Cantwell and Amadou lacked pace as did Kenny. Tettey was excellent but would have liked to have seen mario who is very creative, in the middle instead of Marcus
  23. We look knackered !!!! Change todd for emi and Amadou passing is awful. Need Mario