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  1. 2nd half - https://ok.ru/video/1439649565242 Download - https://okvid.download/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fok.ru%2Fvideo%2F1439649565242
  2. I've downloaded the game to watch on my phone from this link - https://okvid.download/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fok.ru%2Fvideo%2F1439594515002 Enjoy !
  3. The link posted above points here - https://ok.ru/video/1439594515002
  4. I grew up in North Norfolk and Norwich, but lived in London for a long period and still visit regularly to see friends and relatives.
  5. Thanks for shedding some light on events.
  6. Hawkeye being out of action might have had more of a bearing on whether the match could have continued.
  7. Yes Nigel, and you can also see in the photos that the lights have dimmed in the City Stand. There must be a separate circuit in that particular area which supplies all these things.
  8. What about the hawkeye going down (according to Farke)? We probably couldn't have carried on if it was kaput. And it's unlikely that someone accidentally switched it off in addition to accidentally switching off the floodlight, unless it's on the same switch (unlikely?).
  9. A McDonalds would be a better option. You'd get a fairly sizable meal for £6.50.
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