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  1. It's more likely that collectively people have got wind of rumours that the fix is on for the Tories to win. The pollsters adjust their polling methods to try and be more correct than their opponents. Quite a few rich people make big bets on a Tory victory. The bookies slide their odds towards a Tory victory to avoid being caught out. A handful of true insiders cash in on the misdirection when Labour wins.
  2. Either the pollsters are not wanting to tell their emperor that he has no clothes, or they have made big money bets on a Labour victory.
  3. Labour can't win anything while Corbyn is leader. Hopefully nothing happens to him before the election Read that Guardian article, even some of the banksters are anti-Tory and dread the prospect of Boris being elected! Also, let's not forget the unbelievability of Trump becoming president.....
  4. I believe in Santa Claus more strongly than the poll that VW has just posted.
  5. There's a great article in the Guardian which is essentially foretelling a Labour government and giving the background behind why this will happen - a seismic change in political thinking and the need to reform capitalism. Perhaps the most interesting bit of the article is its reference to a new section of the FT called 'New Agenda', which espouses this general need to change and contains some sample articles which wouldn't seem out of place in the Guardian. Because the FT is one of the main mouthpieces for the global elite, this is very significant indeed. We definitely seem to be witnessing a very notable departure away from post-1979 capitalism. From the FT's Editor, Lionel Barber - "The Financial Times believes in free enterprise capitalism. It is the foundation for the creation of wealth which provides more jobs, more money and more taxes. The liberal capitalist model has delivered peace, prosperity and technological progress for the past 50 years, dramatically reducing poverty and raising living standards throughout the world. But, in the decade since the global financial crisis, the model has come under strain, particularly the focus on maximising profits and shareholder value. These principles of good business are necessary but not sufficient. The long-term health of free enterprise capitalism will depend on delivering profit with purpose. Companies will come to understand that this combination serves their self-interest as well as their customers and employees. Without change, the prescription risks being far more painful. Free enterprise capitalism has shown a remarkable capacity to reinvent itself. At times, as the historian and politician Thomas Babington Macaulay wisely noted, it is necessary to reform in order to preserve. Today, the world has reached that moment. It is time for a reset." Of course I've been writing about this kind of thing for months on here, and had my sanity questioned in the process. Perhaps as the FT has just endorsed a central theme of my posts, the know-it-alls on here might just pause for thought before telling me that I'm talking nonsense!
  6. We should at least be clear on the main destinations by now. A full analysis reveals the following..... An election within the next few months, probably by Christmas. A Labour government. A second EU referendum with remain winning. Trump winning next year's US election. No European Islamic Caliphate for the next few years at least. Of course some people won't be pleased with everything above, except possibly the last item which would be worse than the oft-quoted 'break up of the UK' (it would cease to exist), and probably involve armed islamic terrorists seizing power. Have I missed anything out?
  7. I doubt there exists a deal which would be able to get through the Commons. It's like trying to bang a square peg into a round hole.
  8. David Icke is working for the global elite. Cui bono?
  9. Phew, thanks Herman, I was getting a bit worried there. Religion doesn't always matter. John F Kennedy was a catholic, Abraham Lincoln was a jew and Muammar Gaddafi was a muslim, yet all were murdered for wanting to take the power to issue money away from the banks. Look at the Iraq invasion, supported by Protestant and Catholic countries alike. Almost all western 'christian' nations have actively promoted homosexuality and the sexualisation of society in general, and are governed by paedophiles. The global elite probably want a caliphate at least in order to clean up the greed and debauchery of Western liberalism.
  10. Well, I predicted that the UK will eventually become the Islamic State of the UK to friends and colleagues in 2006, and i remember it well due to their reaction. The date I suggested was around 2040, but if we get our Brexit maybe we can roll back the tide. Thanks to Merkel, Sweden is already well on its way and will beat us to it unless they change their liberal lefty ways. Yes, and because of the authoritarian political correctness, the subject has been deemed to be one of the far right. Anyone warning about the country being deliberately converted into an islamic state is deemed a 'far right conspiracy theorist'. It's true that we can't deny refugees (eg Syrian) a home because of UN rules, or simple humanitarian tradition, but discussion about the UK helping start and maintain the war remains undiscussed. Short term financial gain overrides the long term viability of the country when we rely on foreign specialists (eg NHS doctors, foreign graduates) to come to live in the UK. Anyone raising concerns about this type of 'displacement immigration' is labelled as xenophobic and is essentially told that it's too expensive to educate our own natives to work in these specialised jobs. What will happen when the next biblical invasion of migrants from Asia and Africa is that society will be overwhelmed, the economy will collapse, and we will be easy pickings for an invasion from the muslim world, led by Iran. But the root cause will not be Islam (or a perversion of it), but the heart of the capitalist order, ie the global elite.
  11. Never mind Len, its a religion of peace. For true islam, yes. For the western sponsored variety, no. One of the big factors which contributed to the leave vote in the EU referendum was the huge Syrian migrant flow into the EU, against a background of 15 years of anti-muslim propaganda. The biblical flood was in 2015, the EU referendum was in 2016.
  12. I agree about Trump, and every time the US resists the temptation to strike Iran, the harder it will be for the warhawks in the US to raise the stakes via an ever bigger provocation. The facts are plain to see Surfer. The West strengthened Iran by knocking down its biggest rival Iraq (and failing to gain complete control of its oil resources). The West wrecked Libya, thereby opening up a significant migration route into Europe via Italy. The West virtually destroyed Syria, creating one of the biggest migration flows since WW2, many of whom headed for richer EU countries such as Germany. There are already significant colonies of muslims living in major European cities, in part because of post 1970s global trade and financial liberalisation. Look at the London borough of Newham where something like one fifth are asian muslims eg Bangladeshi. There has been significant numbers of muslim immigrants entering Europe due to the War on Terror also a significant number stemming from the War on Terror (against mainly the muslim world). We already know that the west in addition to its overt wars against muslim nations has sponsored islamic terrorism (most notably in Syria and Libya). Hence we have met a necessary condition for the migration flows to be a deliberate aim, ie the West is involved in their creation. Together with this we have the hard imposition of authoritarianism (aka liberalism) which tries to ban or censor anybody even raising questions on the issue, and tends to try and tar those doing so with a racist brush. It's the wars and financial financial system combined that appear to be creating the conditions for Europe to become an islamic caliphate. When western liberalism fatally weakens Western civilisation, causing it to fail completely, I think it will be (manufactured, false) islamism which will fill the void, as history repeats itself.
  13. It looks like another false flag attack by the US in the gulf, with Iran being blamed. I doubt the US will go to war with Iran for the following reasons. The US only goes in for turkey-shoot wars, and Iran has too much scope for retaliation for the US to dare take them on. The US hasn't got the resources to wage a war. After the war on terror it has been left with too much debt. Iran is being prepared by the global elite to govern the upcoming European Islamic Caliphate. On the final point, Iran didn't perform its slated role in driving ISIS out of Syria (and into Europe), and has not proved to be competent enough to perform a regional leadership role. Its anointment has been delayed, and this is another reason that Brexit is being reversed. I expect that Brexit will only happen once Russia has been reconquered, and Iran has been nurtured into a more competent governing force. Only then will we get huge floods of migrants headed into Europe (similar to the Syrian/Libyan wars but on a bigger scale), with the map of Europe eventually being redrawn into an Islamic Caliphate. It will be like the Mongol invasion of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, with old countries and cultures washed away, fading away into the pages of history. The rich and capable will move to the Middle East, Far East or New Zealand.
  14. ... what better way to deliver a chaotic no-deal Brexit to further reduce European influence and unity to constrain Russia... .... there, that's an alternative theory. Believing that the world is run by rich men who are going round corrupting and fixing things in their favour should be the easy part. The hard part is working out what exactly they're up to and who they've corrupted!
  15. What you say about California is true with a 3 hour time difference, and perhaps the state having one of the biggest votes to count. The 2000 and 2004 elections were widely believed to have been influenced by dodgy voting machines, with lots of statistically suspicious voting patterns detected. The software was downloaded from somewhere or other, analysed and found to contain security holes, and I believe people even managed to remotely hack into test machines to alter the counts. I can't remember exactly, but I think connections between the manufacturers and the Republican Party were found which added to the suspicions.