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  1. I give to 5pm before the thread is pulled and the lifetime ban imposed
  2. I think the next points realistically we will pick up will be against the Villa
  3. Watford was a particular disappointment pastry to flaky, to much air and not enough filling.
  4. I would like to announce an exciting new feature on the pinkun. Rach week I will give an in depth review of the quality of the pies at the away fixtures for the remainder of the season. I plan to give an indepth and detailed breakdown of the quality, cost and enjoyment of the away team culinary delights starting with Man Utd on Saturday I am sure it will become a firm favourite amongst you all Keep an eye out on Sunday!
  5. And Norwich the only team in the bottom 5 to stick with their manager but how long can that realistically continue?
  6. Threads locked, threads disappearing and comments also disappearing it''s all getting a bit Orwellian
  7. I suspect we will not show that intent I think the summer transfer window was an indication of our likely spend in January ur we do our main shopping in the summer we may get 2 squad players not expecting a marque signing
  8. The key part in all of this will be whether the police decide to get involved so far they don''t appear to be showing much interest
  9. Having watched with interest the debate on here over the past few weeks I am coming to the conclusion that it maybe time for Neil to be relieved of his duties and I would not have been saying that after the Wembley final but it just hasn''t reached an acceptable standard in terms of points or quality of the play
  10. Without a doubt we do lack a battering ram of a centre back to compete at these set pieces. Generally Ruddy even though he is big and powerful doesn''t command his area. I don''t see Rudd being able to do this either Any defensive reinforcement need to be of the build like a brick out house variety
  11. Would like to see some real premier league coaching experience be brought in the club to assist the current team Maybe a cheeky bid for Glen Hoddle something to break the current mood music at the club
  12. The question with him will always be with the right coaching could he be made into a decent premier league player. I think so I genuinely don''t think he was given a fair crack of the wip when he returned this closed season
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