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  1. Always my second choice but have to have a lager with that one
  2. I agree it can''t be that hard to keep a pie warm. I am still struggling to experience a better pie than the Morrisons pie from riverside
  3. Only Bennett could have cleared it surprised out little comment there is about how assured Rudd was (apart from 1st half kicking but we will over look that)
  4. Not even I can find fault with yesterday''s performance was superb the the exception of the pre game pie please see my review. Comments welcome
  5. Arrived at the ground a bit later than normal and as a result a large queue had formed at the concession stand It gave me ample time to make my pie selection I chose a meat and potato pie and the first impression was positive. A good weight and colour and came branded in man Utd packaging The pie had a water based short crust pastry and gave the reassuring solid tap as I examined the outside . A decent flavoured crust with a full filling. This is where it all started to go wrong Worryingly there was a lack of steam coming out of the pie and my worst fears were realised when I tried the contents it was tepid Now I don''t know about you but I love my pie to be hot this immediately put me off Worse was to come however, the colour of the pie was anemic and it was clear it wasn''t a meat and potato pie but a potato and meat pie The meat content was very low indeed. In the interest of this thread and my adoring public I forced myself to consume the pie but it was no real pleasure. A 3 out of 10 for me a bit like their team and fans on the day Next up Spurs lets see what festive delights they can serve up
  6. Great result today worth the trip but I have travelled to far to many away games this season where he has dished up utter dross One swallow a summer does not make
  7. Looks like the lack of Police action it will go away. Ruddy will get a fine and told to behave in future and that will be the end of it
  8. I am expecting a guest review from you Tilly at Spurs!
  9. A sale is dependent on the owners wanting your sell I see no evidence that they wish to part company with our club
  10. Virtually every conceivable combination of central midfielders has been played apart from the most obvious one above. These 2 in the middle of the field would strengthen our defence and allow the likes of Redmond and Brady more freedom to join the attacking third more quickly I wonder why he hasn''t used this combination more?
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