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  1. I agree on the point regarding the squad, we have plenty within the existing group to suggest we should be up there fighting for an instant return. With 2 or 3 top championship signings we would be really strong. Whilst I agree in principle of changes to the boardroom, I would suggest the timing isn''t right for that to happen this summer. With DM leaving and then the relegation which will no doubt see changes to the playing staff, we need to have some stability somewhere. We need to lick our wounds quickly and get our business dealt with promptly and professionally. Further changes to the board room would only slow that process down, and hinder recruitment.
  2. Let me start by saying, I''m already feeling positive about next season, and this is in no way meant as a negative post or a witch hunt, but............ Ricky Martin, what does this guy do? Over the past few seasons he seems to have been involved a lot on the "football side" but somehow seems to escape any form of criticism whatsoever. Last time out in the championship he had his own page in the programme, seemingly he works with the manager and players on a daily basis, he is a director of the club (is he not?) on the face of it he is leading a pretty comfortable life, what is his position, and what is he judged on?
  3. I honestly do not think we need many players at all. As I''ve said previously, I believe Redmond will go, and all things considered its probably the right time for him and us, we should get a good fee. Brady will stay, I cant imagine there will be a queue of clubs from the PL based on his season as a whole. Klose is an interesting one, if you watched a DVD of every one of his performances for us, I''m not so sure it would look that appealing. He was a class act in his last 2 or 3 matches, but prior to that looked bang average. I think he will stay, and be our captain next season. Our squad looks strong, in the championship the likes of Morris, the Two Murphy''s and new signing Morrison give us that injection of youth and energy, we''ve got Tetty to come back into the midfield who was excellent last season in the championship. I think with one or two additions, preferably a striker we would be very strong, stronger than last time in that division. Lets not panic, get behind the manager, trust the board and see where we go. All of this doom and gloom doesn''t help anyone.
  4. The appointment of his replacement is massive. Personally I''m disappointed, the current board now looks lacking of any real leader. Bigger than any Manager appointment. For the first time throughout the last 5 or 6 years, I''m worried. lets hope they act quickly.
  5. You can not argue that what McNally "seemingly" did/said on Saturday (still no confirmation it wasn''t hacked, although looks more and more like it wasn''t.) was unprofessional and lacked any class whatsoever. However, I''m gobsmacked with some of the fans views on him. When he arrived at this football club, it was quite frankly a mess. No direction, no discipline, no identity and heading only one way. He has turned the club around (with help from others) and gave us some of our most joyful and exciting times of our recent history. We are what we are, and under the current ownership we will always be limited to just how far we can go. I''m not suggesting Delia and Michael should sell, or vacate the club, I''m merely stating the facts. under McNally we have grown as a football club, and he has given us structure, and regardless of how you feel about him, he has been our leader. He''s added a bit of steel to our board room. The guy cannot do right for doing wrong. He goes on twitter and keeps the fans informed, he gets accused of having an ego, or is told somebody in his position shouldn''t be on that type of platform. He removes himself from Twitter, and another section of the fan base then claims he only tweets when we are winning, or he gets accused of not keeping us fans in the loop. He digs his heels in a shows a steely determination to get the best money for our club for players like Johnson, Fer etc. we call him a hero, he then try''s to do the same when bringing players in, he''s hammered for showing a lack of ambition or making our club look a bit amateur. Yes he gets paid a lot of money, yes he receives a bonus, but none of us have access to his contract or personal terms. To him, this is a job, we all have one, and we all go to work for one reason don''t we? pay the bills. If he is meeting the criteria of his objectives set out in his contract, then rightly he deserves whatever financial return he is entitled to. he never has struck me as a mercenary, in fact far from it. I''ve had very few dealings with him, but on the occasions I have met him, he has always come across really well. As a business, we are in really good shape, as a football club, maybe not so much, but again, under the current ownership we will always have restrictions. If McNally walked out of this club, with the current board in place, trust me, it would not end well. We would be lacking of any real leadership in the boardroom. Would you trust Delia, Michael or Ed to be conducting our negotiating? Yes we could employ somebody equally as good if not better, but we could also find another Doncaster. I think David McNally carry''s out an incredibly difficult job very well. For me, I choose to aim my frustrations at the players themselves, take Robbie Brady for example, he was a world beater up until a month ago, now he looks totally disinterested and lacking of any fight. That''s not Alex Neil''s fault, or David McNally''s fault, that is quite simply down to the attitude of a player. We have invested more millions this season, than any other. I remember many of this board being quite excited at the prospect of Naismith, but now, well its the board and Alex Neil''s fault for wasting millions on a dud. The Klose injury is a real piece of bad luck, I genuinely believe had he not got injured, we would be safe by now. We would have beaten Sunderland for sure. If we beat the drop this year (not quite over yet) then everybody involved would have performed superbly, if we are relegated, then it will be by what, 3 or 4 points? such fine margins. Luck, a refereeing decision, a poor performance away at Villa or Swansea. As a club we are ok, we must not hit the panic button!
  6. The truth is it didn''t really matter what AN said in the press today, in some people''s eyes it would have been the wrong thing to say! the guy cant seem to do anything right (unless we are winning). Its a simple case of when we are winning its down to the players, and when we are losing its down to the Manager. That''s football, and that''s how it has always been and always will be. He strikes me as a guy hat tried desperately hard over the past 18 months, he has never been afraid to experiment or try different tactics both on and off the pitch.
  7. Yes agree, so disappointed with this signing, not because of his lack of goals, but he came with glowing references aimed at his constant work rate and desire. They said we were signing a terrier, but I''ve seen nothing but a pooch so far! If the claims that he still isn''t fit are true, then it makes the signing even more dissapointing as why would spend so much of a limited budget on a player that doesn''t arrive 100% ready for battle.
  8. Come on guys it''s not all doom and gloom! As some of us have said already we are not down yet! But if we did go down we have a good opportunity to move a few on that need moving on, sell one or two at the most to balance the books but then also welcome back some great prospects. I''ve said before and I will say it again, the prospect of the Murphy boys in the championship is an exciting one, both have had solid seasons in poorish teams, and both have played enough senior football to now come in and take their turn. It''s no given that they will be a huge success, but equally it''s no given that players who we sign for millions will succeed either. As for the lack of strikers, it doesn''t concern me one bit, Lafferty isn''t the answer, DM while he has showed some excellent flashes of his ability, he isn''t and never will be the PL striker we all want him to be. He''s inconsistent and plays when HE is in the mood. Football evolves every year, there will always be promising strikers out there available to purchase. I''d take Bamford in the championship in a heart beat. We would also still have Jerome who we all know is perfectly capable in that division. We go down with a big pot of parachute payments, a healthy bank balance, an up and coming manager and the likes of Ruddy, Klose, Bennett, Howson, Tetty, Dorrans, Brady, Jarvis, Jerome who we know would walk into most Championship clubs, and they are well capable of forming the bass to a very good Championship side. Honestly my fellow supporters, come what may this season, we will be playing premiership football again if not next season, certainly the season after.
  9. We shall see, but we will not lose Brady, Klose, Redmond and Naismith in the same window. DM won''t let that happen. History tells us we sell who we want to sell, contracts permitting. I think Klose will Captain the club next season regardless of what division we are in.
  10. Why are people so sure we will lose our better players. There are lots of people who are adamant that Klose will be gone. Personally the knee injury while a huge blow for us this season, might not be such a bad thing for the future. IF we sold we would want most of the 9 million we paid for him, and let''s be honest, those of us that watched him know he is a very good centre half, but his first few games were shaky, and he only really showed his true ability in the three matches leading up to his injury. How many teams will take a 9 million gamble on a player that has played really well in three or four matches? Maybe there are plenty, but I''m not so sure. Then we have Redmond, Redmond will be sold in the summer if his contract isn''t extended, and I don''t think what league we are in will make any difference at all. As for Brady, he''s been very good for us yes, but he could potentially be relegated for the 2nd time in two seasons, and he''s on a big contract. I think he would give us a season in the championship if we the worst happened. My point is, I''m not so sure that A. These players would jump ship and B. There would be a queue of suitors willing to pay for them. As I''ve said before, IF we are to be relegated, I''m quite excited with what we would have in the championship. A much bigger concern for me is when they might invest in some decent hand dryers in the gents!! Not over yet, if Sunderland and Newcastle lose their games midweek, it''s all to play for! We will beat Watford and one of Utd or Everton.
  11. I have just told my young daughter about how you would travel from NY to watch it, and she has volunteered her ST for you? You will need to pay the upgrade fee (£40 ish) but your welcome to it. Barclay Upper. Let me know. Thanks
  12. Thanks all. Just to clarify, I''m talking about the lad we signed from Dartford Ebou Adams.
  13. I went to my first under 21s game this evening, poor game, was expecting a little more from Adams. I paid For my ticket and had a meal beforehand and sat in the directors box. What really impressed me was who else was in attendance. Let''s face it, a wet Monday night, after a Home Saturday match, not a big crowd, in a nothing to play for game, you could have been forgiven for not expecting too many big names to turn out. However, they were all there, AN and his family, all of his backroom staff, the captain, RM, MWJ and Delias mum and of course DM. Not only were they there but they all looked genuinely happy to be there. It got me thinking how lucky we are. I know our owners could have a bit more cash, but how many other PL owners would be attending under 21 games? Our club is a dying breed, and I know for some, the "family club" ethos is outdated and gives us a soft underbelly, but I honestly think we should be proud of it. It won''t be around forever, and as others have found out, big investment doesn''t always bring with it huge rewards.
  14. I''ve recently sold all of mine to the guy that sells them outside of the Barclay, well I say outside of the Barclay, he''s a short walk up the hill.
  15. Waching Klose today I couldn''t help think he has the potential to be the best defender we have seen at CR for decades. A lot of course will codependent on our final league position, if we are relegated he could still be deemed an expensive flop despite his performances by some quarters, but should we stay up, then surely he will be hailed the hero that fixed our shambolic back four. That would set him on the path to become a club legend. I can certainly see no other standout contender for captain next season. I was so impressed by the way he controlled the back four today, and his influence on others is remarkable. You can see the other players look upto him. Made me think back to our previous premiership signings. If we stayed up surely he would have to go down as our most influential PL signing to date?
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