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  1. Highlights the need for further defensive signings
  2. Oliviera Watkins Vrancic Reed Husband Wildschut Tettey Franke Zimmerman Gunn
  3. Lingaard was born in the same year as Christian Eriksen, he''s not really a prospect anymore. Painfully overrated.
  4. Canos streets ahead of Josh Murphy, and almost exactly two years younger.
  5. We''re a small club with no external funding. Buying players for big money with little or no resale value is very short sighted.
  6. There is a difference. Most people want the club to spend more money. Those same people would rather the club didn''t waste said money on overpriced players.
  7. Hannover are a bigger club than Norwich. This would be like us trying to buy a first team player from Newcastle
  8. Not sure if im in the minority but I find it bizarre that our main transfer target this summer has seemingly been a player who turns 30 this month and is valued in excess of £12m. Forward planning seems to be totally lacking here. He would have had no resale value and joined a strikeforce already in need of rejuvenation. Jerome turns 30 this month, Naismith turns 30 next month, Lafferty turns 29 next month. Just my opinion.
  9. Have it on good authority that Mbokani left the club soon after the Watford game and didn''t come back. We claimed that he was injured and unavailable for the Everton game to save face. He wont be returning.
  10. Yes. Bamford is only a month younger than Kane.
  11. Alex Neil''s use of substitutions is infuriating. He only seems willing to make changes once its too late. The game was going nowhere today, yet he seemed content to just leave the team be and see what happened; this is not good management. The best managers make changes before the supporters even think they''re necessary. Neil makes changes about 15 minutes after most fans see that they are needed. The warning signs have been there all along. Defeats against Boro and Wigan last season were even more frustrating as a result of the lack of any attempt to change the dynamics of the game. The Premier League is a step up, we all understand that, but he is not learning. What makes anybody think that he is likely to improve as a manager? Its a stubbornness that must obvious to the players as well as the fans. It is Hughtonesque
  12. tedwards94 wrote: Although a nice gesture, it is a great shame that the discounted tickets were not allocated through the points system. It means that many of those who have paid their hard earned money to go to numerous games over the past 2 years have not benefited. The tickets sold out so quickly that many regular away supporters have lost out all together. Morty The club had further tickets on sale yesterday, maybe get in touch with the ticket office? Thanks I will pass this on.
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