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  1. Just had a peek on the Leicester forum and there is some character with the above-mentioned monicker making multiple long-winded posts about supporting the team/manager/groundsman through thick and thin and that, although he never goes to games, is more of a fan than those simpletons who simply turn up at the King Power week after week. Coincidence?
  2. This league is great and the games come thick and fast. Just feel sorry for the plastics - without their precious streams they now have not the slightest connection to "their club". Still, put it that way, every cloud and all that ...
  3. How''s the appeal for biggest away day of the season tickets going?
  4. Jenkins don''t know northun. He don''t go to games you know.
  5. Agreed, like his cloggy compatriot promised much but ultimately delivered bugger all. Won''t be missed.
  6. Jenkins doesn''t go to games, and he doesn''t know where Monkey Island is. He moight have book larnin but he dunt know northun.
  7. Unfortunately, now that they are starved of streams moT plastics will have jumped ship to support another premier league team by now.
  8. Anyone who posts on this board during the game for starters
  9. Is it a plastic? Us real fans who went to the game are in far too good a mood!
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