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  1. Sucky news. He was a good ying to Alex Neil''s yang
  2. My intuition tells me to take the Blue Pill Morpheus. But I think i''ll go with the Red one
  3. I have heard a rumour he''s getting sacked in the morning
  4. As far as I am concerned, he can swivel and do one. He can go join his buddy CH down in Brighton.
  5. [quote user="TheBoy7"]Any particular reason why? Lack of explanation fails you...[/quote] The fact that you have time to post repeatedly for an answer, suggests I don''t need to tell you why.
  6. [quote user="TheBoy7"]I''m sensing a little frustration here. OTBC :D[/quote]I''m sensing you are a douche
  7. I agree they will score first. Thinking 3-1 though
  8. This is some pretty explosive stuff if true. Would explain a lot
  9. [quote user="Buh"]A- Gen- Da.[/quote] C- O- CK
  10. [quote user="mrs miggins"]I think jack, what he said was about him not having a medical on monday. Like adams said; things change quickly. And buh, chill out a bit mate :)[/quote] He doesn''t need to chill out. He needs to grow up
  11. [quote user="Voice of Monkey Island"]It''s just such a crying shame that the plastics didn''t get to see the shift he put in.[/quote] You are either a Class A bell end or BUH'' s brother
  12. [quote user="mrs miggins"]ironically you''ve just posted the thread which doesn''t mention football at all, just what kind of sad loser wants to stir things up...go figure. Is there any need for this thread apart from to receive responses directed straight at yourself? Anyway, just back from the game, good win today, nobody has any reason to complain about the performance...if we''re talking football; the whole reason for this forum[/quote] Ok Sigmund. Cheers for the respond.. happy Days n all that. Was a goo performance today and good result. Can''t see too many people gutted about that
  13. Can''t enjoy the victory and feels the need to stir up rubbish and try and provoke fights within the board?
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