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  1. You won't go far wrong with any of these; Rib n beef, Brewdog pub, The murderers, Pig and Whistle, Last pub standing. Enjoy!
  2. Another good point, realistically Drmic is on the bench for southampton and will start against Man U. It would be good to see him come off the bench earlier like Sheff U or have started more but injuries have hampered him. I agree the loss of confidence Pukki might get from being dropped could have a massive impact for his remainder of the season which i've slightly overlooked - It's a fine balance.
  3. Yeah reading that i agree with alot of it, to be fair it's not like Pukki gets 3 or 4 good chances a game like an Aguero or Salah. Just that when he misses a chance it's magnified as it usually makes all the difference for us. I would like to see Drmic start but just don't think Farke will go with both from the off - hopefully he surpises us!
  4. Massive couple of games against the Saints and Man U, this is probably the first time all season where Pukki's position in the side is under threat. I personally would like to see Drmic start who will be chomping at the bit, it's a big call for Farke who stays loyal to his players but Pukki is out of form and will be a great option off the bench. Thoughts?
  5. Krul, Aarons, Hanley, Zimm, Byram Vrancic, Tettey, Rupp, Duda, Buendia, Pukki. Cantwell, Hernandez, Drmic off the bench if we need a goal 2nd half.
  6. Krul Byram, Hanley, Zimmerman, Lewis Rupp, Trybull Hernandez, Steipermann, Idah Drmic
  7. Krul, Aarons, Zimmerman, Hanley, Byram. Tettey, McClean. Buendia, Duda, Cantwell. Pukki. Physical back 6 to allow the front four the freedom to hopefully disrupt spurs. OTBC.
  8. Krul 9 Aarons 7 Godfrey 7 Zimmerman 6 Hanley 7 Lewis 8 Byram 9 Trybull 6 Vrancic 7 Tettey 8 Mclean 7 Buendia 8 Cantwell 9 Pukki 8
  9. Krul Aarons, Godfrey, Zimmerman, Lewis Vrancic, Tettey. Buendia, Cantwell, Hernandez Pukki
  10. Can't see them ever starting together, Teemu could play behind the striker no problem but 2 up top is to gun-ho particually as we sometimes look open even with just 1 up top. Great option to start for a few games or bring Idah off the bench for the 2nd half of the season now though!
  11. We've got Idah, Adam Idah I just dont think you understand He came from Cork City, He's better than Henry We've got Adam Idah!!!
  12. When the final whistle went to beat Man City 3-2, Best atmosphere i've ever seen at Carrow Rd. Half the squad out injured, playing against a Man City starting 11 costing 400 million. What it's all about!
  13. Ruddy Aarons, Godfrey, Zimmerman, Olsson Howson, Maddison, Hoolahan, Redmond Pukki, Holt
  14. I think Stiepermann is definitely one of these players who are missed more noticeably when there not playing. His link up with Pukki and ability to get 20 yards further up the pitch is key to how we play. Hopefully he can adapt and start scoring goals as I think we're too lightweight particularly away from home without him in the team to hold the ball up.
  15. My starting 11 below for the Villa game (Providing none of the injured players make a miraculous recovery), I personally think McClean has an important role on Saturday picking up players like McGinn and Grealish who like to find pockets between the lines. If we can keep them quiet and dictate with our usual tempo and electric atmosphere we should be fine. Last home game vs Man City was such an incredible high i'm hoping the lads can keep the same performance levels, a win against a relegation rival like Villa early in the season would obviously be a huge boost. McGovern Aarons Amadou Godfrey Byram McClean Leitner Buendia Steipermann Cantwell Pukki
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