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    How often is a fourth choice centre half needed but for cup games? The injuries sustained by Klose and Zimmermann in the last fortnight are just horrendous luck, simple as that. Unfortunately we don’t have the money to go signing top quality defenders, we just have to get on with it with what we have and be positive.
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    OK so anyone who has a ticket, I’ll pay a fair price and throw in a jar of Branston. The original mind, none of this spreadable nonesense!
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    Agreed, quite likable and always honest
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    Yes, enjoyed it as well-looks like it was one of the last things Michael Bailey did for Archant before he moved to the Athletic. Sutton suggested Lee Power for a future instalment, given what he has done outside playing, that would be interesting. Who else would be worth an episode? Martin Peters for me although, sadly, he is, as I understand it, rather poorly. Andy Townsend, Tim Sherwood and Chris Woods too.
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    My other half has just made a beetroot and ginger pickle, which could easily qualify for an honourable mention in the GPOT Awards
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    I really think the flags have helped, maybe could have them all round the ground.
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    And there it is. Goal for Woking meaning £61.82. Massive thanks and well done BTTSanon Better send PUPpower to Turkey...