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  1. lowlyfendweller

    The biggest problem with the squad...

    Agreed about my typing. However, we all know the meaning of terms such as "lack of spine" "zero steel" "scouring europe" and "flair players" they are therefore cliché statements. They are also not measurable in football terms. No need to find flaws in my opinions just because I can''t type.

    As stated earlier, I do agree with the sentiment of the OP. I''m sorry my sarcasm and bad typing made you think I didnt know what football cliché was.
  2. lowlyfendweller

    Ricardo's report v Leeds

    I would read one of your reports too buh. In fact I''d love to.
  3. lowlyfendweller

    Ricardo's report v Leeds

    Ricardo will never alter his report writing style, as the "mood setting" is key to the human element of the narrative.

    There are 9 posters on this board all with multiple accounts. Most threads are actually just one incredibly lonely, yet industrious person, blahin over their keyboard.
  4. Indeed we have found the ultimate question..... Answer of course is £42
  5. lowlyfendweller

    The biggest problem with the squad...

    I agree, "steel" "stuff of the neck etc" and other immeasurable clichés are needed immediately!

  6. lowlyfendweller

    England Squad

    I don''t understand why Jordan Henderson is always a shoe in, a bit overrated for me. I just don''t think he has the technical ability needed for international football. Good in a midfiled dogfight, but how many of them do you see in tournament football during the heat of summer!
  7. lowlyfendweller

    Thanks for turning up Everton

    Indeed we had our chances, musnt grumble.
  8. lowlyfendweller

    New head of football recruitment.

    I think it it was as poor summer window. We got in some extra depth, but not the signings we all knew we needed at the time.

    Not using as a stick to beat the club with, you can''t always get what you want etc.
  9. lowlyfendweller

    Declan's future

    Lol, I got as far as " Experience? What does that even mean?

  10. lowlyfendweller

    McLaren out, Benitez in

    ++ full of ++
  11. lowlyfendweller

    McLaren out, Benitez in

    A direct relegation rival gets in the ex Real Madrid manager. This really is a crazy league, full money and woe.
  12. lowlyfendweller

    Kyle Lafferty

    Yeah perhaps not lunacy. A bit strong I agree and recant. But I''m pretty sure the NI manager would probably choose CJ or Mbokani over Lafferty

    I actually quite like Lafferty, but I''m fed up of him being the answer simply because he hadn''t played.
  13. lowlyfendweller

    Kyle Lafferty

    Just been checked laffertys international goal record. The teams he has scored against are worse than average (apart from Sweden). It would be lunacy to pick him, when we know we have better.

    But no, he''s an international class striker, get a grip people I know we are struggling, But thinking Lafferty is the answer is ill informed.
  14. lowlyfendweller

    Out they all crawl...

    It''s the need to create new threads that baffle me, just to make pretty one dimensional points. Why not just add them to an existing thread dealing with a similar topic.

    Haha first called on canary call blames "Everyone at a the Club" ... even the caterers?