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  1. If you want to hear more of the odious Mark, then he can be heard on the Scrimmage podcast featuring Grant Holt. He comes on and makes some vacuous point about goalkeeper kits. Recognised his dulcet tones and immediately felt nauseous.
  2. Excited in an eager and wholesome way. Warnock, Lennon, Curbishley etc yadda, yadda. New start, no expectations, let''s unleash him and see what he can do.
  3. [quote user="iron_stan"]the reality is we arent good enough to be promotedfar too inconsistent i get the feeling the players think they are better than they really are, which is why we need an experienced manager to give them a dose of reality [/quote] Spot on.
  4. This is what our Chairman was quoted as saying back in June; “Both mine and David’s wives have been telling us for god’s sake, get over it,” added Bowkett. “My wife says it’s only football, although I explained to my wife she thoroughly doesn’t understand what’s going on here. However, she is right. “So David and I decided that’s it, the past is the past. We are joined at the hip to make this a very successful football club and we are determined to give it a real go next year to seek promotion.” I would imagine most Championship clubs are adopting this mantra, err...
  5. [quote user="morty"]And as sure as night follows day, the usual suspects can''t wait to revel in a bit of bad news....[/quote] I take it that you''re not in the PR world...
  6. Having to listen to Danny Mills on 5 Live. I can deal with Steve Claridge''s excitable octave changes mid conversation/interruption. I''m prepared to brace myself with Robbie Savage''s butchering of English grammar with ''those'' and ''them'' players, situations etc. But there is nothing appealing in respect of either content or delivery with Mills. Thank goodness he''s not connected with any footballing body or think tank...oh hang on...
  7. “My wife says it’s only football, although I explained to my wife she thoroughly doesn’t understand what’s going on here. However, she is right." Hopefully that means that no one has lost their job due to the impotence/incompetence of the Board (sic) during the, ''Shall we, shan''t we'' Hughton sacking period. I actually admire the old definition of a crisis at 1p5wich; no more bottles of Chablis in the Boardroom. We seem unable to organise a piss up in the proverbial and Bowkett''s ''mea culpa'' seems to do little to dispel that perception.
  8. Plenty of people giving out about Adams, but what about Malky; are we not good enough for him? Is this his ''Mark Hughes/Aston Villa moment''?
  9. Two points; who is on the NCFC ''X factor'' panel and secondly, what''s the curved ball question to decide who gets the gig?
  10. As he told anyone who would listen, he basically ran Man Utd in the latter stages of the Ferguson era. Would he be considered by the board with a DOF above him?
  11. I won''t be clogging up my Sky box with MOTD recordings looking at middle aged men committing heinous fashion crimes. I won''t hear Spurs alumni all saying, "I know him and there''ll be no one working harder than Chris to turn this around." So good news all round.
  12. Because McNally boxed himself in by talking about managerial changes when in the bottom 3. So we hover at fourth bottom until it''s too late to make a successful change with the last remaining games. Hughton bought players who weren''t suited for the PL or couldn''t be bothered. A lot of the players were brave keyboard warriors on Twitter and then went AWOL on the pitch. People saw this coming and waited for the inevitable after the West Ham game. We got fed up with the PL and being turned over by teams we could have beaten.
  13. I presume that if the club is relegated there is going to be a root and branch review as to how this was allowed to happen and an acceptance of responsibility. That there will also be a fully ratified plan for immediate return to the premiership. And in line with wanting to be fully transparent, I would hope that as CEO, David McNally''s salary is sufficiently reduced to recognise the level of failure on his watch. Maybe one of the other directors could post the results on his Twitter account.
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