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  1. Difficult to really know how good Tettey is when playing along side Howson, who is previous life must have been a crab. sideways, sideways, back - as much chance of playing for England as I have.
  2. £5 million quid would buy the whole Leeds squad let alone McCormack
  3. Football is an entertainment not something that has to be endured while costing you money. Despite all the keyboard warriors that plead undying allegiance to the cause - my thoughts are if you pay your cash you deserve to see effort,entertainment and feel good about going - if you don''t; I would find something else to do.
  4. Let me get this right.. your asking the board to sack themselves? So at the next board meeting, the group of millionaires that own/run the club are going to demand their own resignation? I''m not sure but I think I see a flaw in your plan WC
  5. Truth is we spent big money on players who were not good enough, who were managed by a manager who was not good enough. Next year we are in a league where the players we have will be good enough. Relax............
  6. The wiping out of the debt that saw City on the brink of liquidation was down to the efforts of Paul Lambert and his backroom team along with the players he brought in. The man responsible for his recruitment was David Mcnally. The details of the falling out between McNally and Lambert are shrouded in mystery - only conjection and rumour abound. Mcnally''s recruitment of Hughton and subsequent lack of action goes against him and he appeared indecisive. Never the less the club now debt free is in a much better state than it was before he arrived -but all salaries in the club,as in commercial life should be performance related
  7. At a 1.7 million salary it''s unlikely he will walk anywhere.. except to the bank. Genius in recruiting Lambert but a Muppet in the case of Hughton. He has got the maximum return from the supporters pockets in the case of early ticket sales and getting rid of the concessions. I think he will go from strength to strength and will squeeze every last drop from the revenue streams that help finance the club. So good luck to him.
  8. Excellent piece on Norwich finances http://gu.com/p/3zpk8/tw
  9. Was employing Hughton the right decision ? - No Was sacking Hughton the right decision when we did ? - No When should he have been sacked - Feb 2013
  10. GingerPele I would only be clinically insane if I thought Bradley Johnson was a Premiership Midfielder -Fact
  11. Voting for Carlo Nash would be a wasted vote when you could vote for Johnson,Wolfswinkel,Howson…. hang on a minute maybe Carlo is not a bad shout
  12. Most of the squad will be going nowhere in the Premiership with exception of Ruddy. Not even the newly promoted clubs would be interested because as this year proved they simply are not good enough!
  13. Will Hughton disappear into the managerial black hole that so many past Canaries managers have….Roeder,Grant, Gunn etc
  14. Very easy to critise any of the forwards but the bottom line is the lack of creativity and support from all areas of the team. Its all become a bit one dimensional and predictable since Hughton took over and seems to be carried on by NA.
  15. With the light slowly going out on our premiership tenure, should David McNally take ownership of the total mismanagement of the club and go?
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