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  1. Hopefully will get the majority join in and be picked up and commented on by the TV commentators.
  2. See us with a flat back 9 and Barnes up top as the outlet.
  3. Could be a question for the newspaper/media to ask about?
  4. Bedsheets .... Banners are what we need, get the messages on them and out. Will get noticed and maybe even on TV. If not everyone throw tennis balls on the pitch or as it's Norfolk maybe Turnips.
  5. We go 1-0 up in first 15 minutes then stop playing and lose 1-4. Stadium starts to empty around 80 minutes as fans have seen enough. No protests, few boos at the end showing apathy has truly set in. Silence remains from the board - rinse and repeat.
  6. I think him and Nunez are both better further up and can unlock defences to create chances. Wasted hanging around the center of defence or on the halfway line with all that side to side passing.
  7. Yep agree. Don't know why we don't or haven't had have any of the reserve team strikers on the bench as an option? Got to be better than nothing?
  8. Deadline day approaching. Free agent, bags of experience, attacker. Barnes and the Quag up top.....now is the time!
  9. I get why people say we needed to sack him.....but.....we still went down and maybe would have had a better shot at going up this season given his track record in the championship, style of play/consistency running through the club. Hopeful next season we get some defined style and dominating performances.
  10. Soccerbot is sold to one of the arcades down at Great Yarmouth so we can all have a go for a couple of £. Couple of loans, 2 or 3 signings, youth team being used more in the first team. Possibly some changes to backroom coaching staff. Lots of hype and results in pre season followed by mid table finish whilst a brief flirt with playoff positions across the season.
  11. Skilful player with good vision. Inconsistent and a lot of injuries. Seemed to be getting more game time and playing well under DW. Is it good or bad he is leaving.....time will tell.
  12. Given the choices off the bench and the fragile fragile nature of the players I can see why he did this. Also making no subs second half, they got into this situation they can play through it.
  13. Watching the game, the stadium and fans are rocking, would love it to be even half as noisy at carrow road.
  14. Too many look like they are going through the motions, a lot of them out of contract in the summer, many don't fancy another season in the premier league with Norwich maybe? Nothing to get excited about, a team who look like they have been chucked together with no playing style.
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