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  1. hurricane

    Steve Clarke

    Have had several people mention who have strong ties with the club Steve Clarke is in line for an interview for the managers job. The more you think about it the more it is the kind of appointment we could go for especially as he is currently free, has connections with several big clubs, and is Scottish?
  2. hurricane

    What do the majority think?

    How big is the Neil out movement? If you read on here and other sites you would think it was massive yet so far this season we have had Boo''s at half time/full time and some chants. Remember when we lost at home under Bryan Gunn and we had people throwing their season tickets at him? Protests outside the dressing rooms used to happen-how does the current mood compare to then? When will we get to the stage of Neil out banners in the crowd? Would that help get the boards attention when they look left to the Barclay or snake pit? Would it make any difference? These are strange times-I cannot think of another time where so little has been said by the board and such underpeformance has not been addressed.
  3. hurricane


    Prudence with ambition......safeguarding our mediocrity for years to come.
  4. hurricane

    Deal agreed for Left back

    Followed by a few days later... we will go with what we have got or the fees wanted were ridiculous (why not sort it out pre season then ??!!!).

    Remember when we would get most of our business done before pre-season then come January maybe have one or two all ready to get over the line early doors. All we seem to do now is wait until last minute-where''s the intent there? Should have had these players over in December ready to sign or say yes/no for January or am I just being unrealistic?

  5. hurricane

    Mulumbu ?

    Steven Whittaker can play in midfield, I''m sure someone tried that before??
  6. hurricane

    Klose Closed Shop?

    Would be a good question to ask AN-straight to the point "is he not playing because he is being sold in January so your planning without him a bit like mulumbu?"

    Can almost hear the January "offer was too good to refuse" followed by "we identified replacements but the deals were not right for us-I have every faith in Michael Turner until the end of the season he has been a model professional and is like a new signing coming into the team".
  7. hurricane

    Moxey on Radio Norfolk

    Already alluded to it on the scrimmage- we have learnt that bids were turned down for city players....but can''t say who (great work), and seem to be quite warm with the news about this free transfer striker from palace. So expect the questions to be of similar nicey nicey ones which have already been sent in to the press office for tommorrow.
  8. hurricane

    Bruce or Lambert?

    Can''t see him ever walking, as let''s face it he probably sees this as what could be the highlight of his managerial career? With that in mind he''s not likely to ever stick his neck out with the board for demands etc.

    Also think we struggle with signings as he has limited connections and isn''t a big name manager or a player who has achieved much.
  9. Just a thought but could the Murphy''s the lad from Coventry etc play on Sunday for us? Could be good for experience?
  10. hurricane

    1 point from the last 24

    I think we have to stick with the manager. I have always felt that the club didn''t expect us to get promoted and when we did we didn''t have a premier league transfer plan as such hence why such a poor transfer window in the summer. Signing defenders in January isn''t great this should be one area settled in the summer with January being more about offensive players.

    Shipping in two new defensive players into a new team and new league in a high pressure environment was always a risk which unfortunately due to lack of defensive signings in the summer and the last few seasons will cost us I fear once again this year.
  11. hurricane

    The right back position

    My thoughts exactly, I would have thought he would have been played today for this reason.

    Also think to bring in 2 new defenders who have no premier league experience, have had no time to settle and expect them to fix our season is madness. Should have sorted the defence out before the season started, and built from there.

    I don''t think the board expected us to get promoted so when we did there were no plans in place for premier league recruitemet.
  12. hurricane

    Ricardo's report v Liverpool

    Spot on report, and yet after all that and today''s results we are somehow still out of the bottom 3 until tomorrow at least!

    Think Naismith could be a good leader on the pitch.....will need that in the run in.
  13. hurricane

    Predictions for Sunday

    No Suarez this time around so that''s a bonus! Think we will have a go but much will depend on the first 15-20 minutes-they will need a result so should come at us. If that happens and we can weather it then the crowd may turn a bit. The onus and expectation will be on them to win so no pressure on us. Personally I''d love to see is put one over on them, heart says win (as usual ) head says draw. Our lot should be up for it being as we are playing one of the bigger clubs in the league!
  14. hurricane

    Out of contract players

    Gary goals is always available
  15. Cut away the deadline and surely we could have had Jarvis on loan a lot sooner? I can''t help but wonder why we have been linked with so many players, and yet ended up with what looks like a panic loan? Granted it''s not the easiest time to do business in some cases however look at other clubs around us who have, so I don''t buy the difficult to attract players to Norwich/Norfolk.

    Are we being too tight with the money? Or have we overachieved last season which has left us behind with identifying and getting our business done early?

    Is our manager a big enough pull for players ? Mulumbu seemed to be a big reason we got the new striker in on loan would he have joined otherwise?

    Maybe things will look better in the morning?! I don''t think I''ve felt this uninspired by a transfer deadline day since the days of Doncaster at the helm!