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  1. As someone who has some knowledge of this case I would say that the TV programme was, in general, quite good but failed to include one of the salient points! Where did the (unregistered) gun come from? Martin's response was that it had been left on the back seat of his car when he was drinking in Wisbech !! Nor the fact he had fired on a car reversing to turn in his gateway a year or two earlier which was the reason he lost his shotgun certificate......
  2. I was at both games and vividly remember the ''crush'' of the crowd. Lots of fathers would take beer/milk crates for the kids to stand on. I think the Chelsea game Peter Osgood took advantage of the fog and punched one of our players knowing the ref couldn''t see that distance. The Palace game was a bit of a relegation decider (I think) and Palace went ahead from a dubious penalty.
  3. Although a Norwich supporter I work in an Ipswich office full of Ipswich supporters, as I result I keep an eye on both forums. I notice that the odd couple of Norwich ''trolls'' on the TWTD forum only post occasionally and in a far less confrontational manner than the Ipswich ''trolls'' who post on our forum board. Is it because they have nothing better to do, or because they love the idea of being anonymous? I find it very odd that these trolls exist - banter and observations can be quite amusing or even educational but simply posting stupid comments shows a pretty low mentality in my view.
  4. Couldn''t agree more Herman - some people seem to forget this is a business!!!
  5. As with all purchases you never know how they will turn out. Even the top clubs paying huge amounts sometimes find they have got it wrong. It''s not a players playing history necessarily (Grant Holt didn''t exactly set the world on fire at Forest) it is the ability of the manager to see potential including if he will fit in with the team''s style of play. For that reason rather than just criticising it is important to give any new purchase the benefit of the doubt and see how it goes.......
  6. Having watched the Iran and Portugal game last night and listening to the various pundits etc I think that the original ethos of VAR is being lost. I thought VAR was brought in for two reasons, to allow the referee to make informed decisions on incidents that he may have missed and to clarify incidents which he may have seen at a distance and was unsure. Unfortunately pundits tend to direct their vitriol at the referee or VAR referee (and I agree there has been a number of very arbitrary decisions made - I''m being generous there) But basically VAR was introduced because of cheating! Players can''t adopt the moral high ground when it is their disreputable behaviour which has initiated this procedure. Secondly why isn''t FIFA reviewing VAR after each game and assessing the referees decisions - I have a bit of a sneaking suspicion that some of the VAR referees don''t want it to work and that is why we are getting so many questionable decisions. Or am I just being cynical?
  7. Quite right Til, but if it was a loan from a bank then the capital would also still require payment along with any interest.
  8. I''m no expert on high finance but even if a fee of 7% was paid that equates to £350,000 which adding the dividend of £600,000 totals £950,000 ''interest'' over a period of 5 years. 20% total over 5 years - I don''t think a loan/overdraft from the bank would be that cheap but I''m prepared to be proved wrong.
  9. I have a spare ticket for the Everton game - if interested please pm me.
  10. You are quite right! The Sex Pistols did play their penultimate gig at Cromer Links before heading to the US and the demise of Sid Vicious. Can''t remember exactly which year it was but it was around Christmastime.Very strange gig, they were better musicians than people gave them credit for, Jonny Rotten had a mesmeric effect on the audience. Actually one of the more peaceful gigs I worked at compared with some!! A good read is ''What FLO said next'' by Julie Fielder who has listed the bands and has numerous anecdotes from regulars.
  11. For those of us of more advanced years Norfolk in the late 70''s had two of the premier live music venues in the country namely the West Runton Pavilion and the Cromer Links. At that time both held live concerts with the top bands. SAHB were regulars at West Runton and were one of the best live bands I have ever seen. Wonderful show full of passion. While working at both venues I saw several of the best bands but those that stick in my mind were the original line-up AC/DC, Stiff Little Fingers, and Slade. Slade were really down to earth friendly lads. I was also at the Valley when the Who played, yes SAHB did blow them off stage. That festival became known as the ''mud and blood'' festival due to the weather and the fighting which took place in the audience. Finally the BEST concert was Bob Marley at Hammersmith Odeon in the late 70''s , probably about 78? Very few white faces in the crowd but a fantastic atmosphere.
  12. Sensible approach to the issues and I agree totally. I imagine that a number of the ''lower'' PL clubs probably feel the same way.
  13. Why do posters continue to feed this idiot (newton) with responses - ignore him, let the site grind to a halt because no-one bar Waveney and Newton are posting then Archant MIGHT get round to banning them. The more replies they get the longer they will survive. Come to think of it I ''ve fed them again.
  14. Bears a striking similarity to the uncontrollable mirth at the ''mind the gap'' comment from our pathetic neighbours last season and we all know how that back-fired!!!!
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