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  1. I''ve heard we''re unveiling him this evening and holding a minutes applause in the 88th minute to commemorate the number of days it has taken for the transfer to be completed.
  2. FFS the number of people on this message board who are slating the guy even though they''ve hardly seen him play is beyond me. Alonso won Player of the Season for Bolton in 2013 (aged 23) a couple of years ago, and rejected a new contract with them to go to Fiorentina to play Europa League football as well as playing for the Italian equivalent of Liverpool. He made 25 appearances for them last season and is highly thought of. He went on loan to Sunderland in January 2014 and some of their fans I''ve asked about him have said he was a "terrific player, we tried to make the move permanent" and also that he is "an attacking full back, his passing and delivery are great". He won''t cost the earth (around £3m quoted), will prove to be fantastic competition for Olsson, and at 24 years old certainly has the potential to develop into a very good player. What more can you ask for? He is an improvement on the squad. Left backs are not going to set the world alight, because quite frankly the full back position isn''t the most glamorous on the pitch. If AN secures this signing it will be a significant improvement on an ageing Garrido.
  3. He''d be a fantastic signing. Young talent who has more than a sensible head on his shoulders (so AN should see that attitude isn''t an issue). Clearly a very talented player who, having just won Championship Player of the Year would likely be a good signing for a lower Premier League team.
  4. Jeremy Gossip is one of the worst efforts I''ve ever seen to be an ITK. Having said that, check out @ubernorwichcity - they don''t claim to be ITK or make stuff up, it''s actually a really informative time line - makes for interesting reading some of it. I''ve been on twitter a long time and he''s not been inaccurate as of yet so my guess he''s a fairly knowledgable chap.
  5. Woodman, Demarai Gray signed a new 3 year deal with Birmingham today.
  6. I''ve thought the same, I think it''s Nigel Worthington''s who says manager from 2001-present. They should also get these around the ground, not just the Jarrold.
  7. Having read that article, I''d hazard a guess and say that Robbie Brady will be a Norwich City player before the squad fly to Germany/Austria next weekend. As has already been said, McNally is playing a blinder here - we''re going to get a very good player for around £5m IMO.
  8. Pink''un now reporting Hull are holding out for £5 million for him. Twitter account @ubernorwichcity saying we''ll go back in with £4 million up front and £1m added if we avoid relegation. Sounds like good business if true.
  9. I do honestly think he''s worth a £5m take it or leave it offer. The guy is class and would add a classy balance across our midfield (and his versatility is a huge bonus).
  10. Like so many of us, some of my earliest NCFC supporting memories were of listening to Roy''s dulcet tones on the airwaves with his unique commentary style. My favourite memory of him though is during the civic parade in 2004 where he was roaming St Stephen''s St with us fans and my grandad asked if he''d speak to my mum on the phone (who couldn''t make the parade due to being pregnant). He spent around 2-3 minutes chatting and describing the scenes, given how many years he and all of us fans had waited for that sort of day it was so generous of him to stop what he was doing and make my mum''s day. RIP Roy.
  11. I''d love to have seen RvW come good for us this season but keeping him on the books was always going to be a huge gamble as he''d have been eating away at our wage budget. It looks like it''s the end of an error rather than an era, fare thee well Ricky.
  12. UPDATE: Sporting Lisbon have reportedly met City''s valuation of roughly £3.8m for the transfer of RvW. Personal terms being discussed.
  13. Looks like it Bethnal, in which case lets give this a go: Why haven''t the club signed Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard yet?
  14. Bethnal has summed the reason up perfectly in 4 words but I think the more important question is why is it taking so long to finalise this pre-season trip over there? Whilst I appreciate a change of leagues may alter plans dependant on budget etc, surely two scenarios should have been provisionally planned months ago. It''s little over a week until we go on this tour and still no confirmed dates from the club, which is poor IMO.
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