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  1. No Nope No way Jose Not a chance Lance Never and finally my favourite NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  2. Barton is looking at horses today he has tweeted many photos of where he is and it''s not Carrow Road. https://twitter.com/Joey7Barton
  3. Simply put no. We made 11 new signings this time last year then add a few in January. Our squad is not good enough to be fighting to higher places. So bringing in better players is a must.
  4. Nash is on trial at the moment I''m guessing
  5. EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!!! I personally would like our badge on the Lotus f1 car. 2nd in the constructors if I''m not mistaken so that would get us recognition. The club is moving forward, which I''m afraid to say will cause so fan favourites to leave the club and new faces to come in. How do you know players won''t gel? No one does for all we know they could get on better
  6. This seems to be a huge over reaction. Holt is 32 so getting the reported fee is a good bit of business. The club wouldn''t be selling him if he was the pinnacle in deciding if the club stayed in the premier league, and that is a fact. There are thousands of footballers around the world who we could bring in and do the same job. Grant Holt will go down in the history books at Carrow Road, however he is not the future of the club.
  7. numbers will not be sorted out for maybe another couple of weeks. No numbers will of been allocated to anyone at the moment. However I do think it is highly likely RVW will get the number 9 shirt.
  8. Disregard anything I put on this I was thinking it was a different team called Heidenheim.
  9. [quote user="Militant Canary"]I can''t find anything about this player at all. Anyone got any info on him?[/quote] I think he''s German, after that I''ve got nothing. Have heard of the team before but no individual player.
  10. Ok not too sure how true this is but went into Canary store in Mall today to ask about details on the tickets for the Cambridge game & also asked when would the season tickets be sent out in which the woman replied I think they are sending them out next week. Seems early this season. I''ve known them to come on the morning of the 1st home game before.
  11. To be honest I stopped believing this as soon as the word "Guardian" came up. Usually not the best place for football transfers. Cricket yes. Football no. But stranger things have happened. If we did sign him I could see him being sent out on loan for a season, because the step up from Hallescher to the EPL is a very big one and would probably need to have a stepping stone in the middle.
  12. Not to mention he has put @TheForumNorwich & a fan page with little over 50 followers. Gotta wonder what saddo''s make fake accounts on twitter.
  13. Didn''t McNally say in about March that there would be a new system this season? To make it fairer for people in other categories? I might be wrong but I''m sure I remember people suggesting a point system for away ticket allocation.
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