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  1. That is never a preview that is just common stats spawn all over the web for Ncfc v Scum over the past few days - stop being an attention seeking club loving fan who is no bigger than anyone else
  2. Different players and best used against different team, it''s nicety to have many other teams will not have. Use to our advantage
  3. Pretty sure Snodgrass had a few decent strikes in his time amongst so many others. Good quality strike from a youngster, that is what matters. Adds quality and value but lets not go OTT
  4. As Tumbleweeds says, Pete has now talked up the red card vs Hull
  5. Managed a couple of tickets in non-restricted viewing this morning for 1200pts
  6. This has been going on all season, also noticeable when we have a corner, we''re still leaving 2-3 near the halfway line. Similar happened with a few free kicks Saturday when the big men didn''t get in the mix.
  7. How many so called fans wanted either NO and/or CM to go yesterday, so they could have a bitchfest after only 5 games gone in the season?
  8. I''ve still got Dean Ashtons scans from Neil Doncasters memoirs of how to run a football club
  9. I''ve lost it now. Possibly the right time for an international break but alas our players shouldn''t be on duty but bond here instead. I don''t think Bostik or Araldite could bond our bunch of misfits at the moment
  10. There should be a £1 levy every time Diane uses ''lol'' in a post. The funds would soon escalate, lol
  11. I''m a sharpening my claws and teeth. Can we string his fish fingersness up like a Piñata and see what else comes out of him?
  12. If he''s wrong, I''m badgering this fek wit until he''s within hedgehog splattering distance of the A14. If he''s right he has inside info which bowed to but I guess there will be some spawney come back on another Wes from another dimension in the numskulls mind
  13. Keith Scott not at the game this evening, reads goal on Ceefax and sounds his clown horn in joy. One taken goal which in a striker you''d expect to take, that''s what they are paid to do with another decent through ball from our midfield, very much like at Fulham - this goes unmentioned again in peoples eyes. Guess this clown wouldn''t be able to report how many aerial balls he won from Gunns kicks
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