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  1. olson instead of brady LB, goddamn edit button plx
  2. Id go GK Ruddy LB Brady CB Klose CB Bennett RB Pinto DM Howson DM O''Neil AML Brady CAM Naismith AMR Redmond ST Jerome or Bamford Wes and mbok as impact subs
  3. for the first time, I''m questioning the coaching team. I don''t think the whole squad is rubbish, hey we had a lot worse defense back in 2012 yet made mid table easy and scored for fun. Basics are not being done all over, our creativity is shot, our defense looks shakey no matter who we put in it and there is no leadership. Feeling pretty upset right now
  4. Was feeling positive this morning and all season up until this point. Dunno what the problem or the solution is
  5. Not looking good so far, would have preferred CJ or bamford up top to try and stretch the defense of theirs. We have become to predictable in recent weeks and that makes it easy to defend against us. Oh well, another 45 to go!
  6. looks like hes just signed for Sampdoria 2.7m euros https://twitter.com/sampdoria
  7. mental sharpness does sound like something they need, watching the highlights again, we just get shakier and shakier. Maybe a leader is needed on the pitch to relay the calm down/focus messages from the bench and lead by example, something I haven''t seen since good old Holty
  8. Definitely in regards to Tettey/O''neil - someone shielding back 4 would make us more solid. Was just a thought that came to mind when I was listening. People mentioned the fitness levels the last few seasons, and I was just wondering if the way players are conditioned over the last few years may have changed? Maybe I''m over thing things
  9. Shoot me down if needs be and this is no pop at anyone, just something I noticed listening to canary call on bbci player yesterday and what Daryl Sutch was talking about. I think he said that at 3-1 the players looked a little tired as they had worked so hard in the first 55-60mins. Could this be a conditioning issue as tiredness leads to mistakes? Whats everyone''s opinions?
  10. I''m guessing the danish guy is the Swedish midfielder we''ve been looking at?
  11. If he backtracked any faster he''d go back in time. Joke of a man
  12. I think the guess is that if AN lets Hooper and Laffs go we''ll be looking at another striker. I''m hoping for a deep lying playmaker (that can tackle to go with Tettey or Howson in the middle, but I''m greedy :P
  13. From all these reports and opinions (bar the massive derailment) all looks promising! Any news on a presser soon? Here''s hoping for him and SN today and "rumours" of 1 or 2 more quality additions. Must admit against England, he looked solid when they played, but not seen much else of the guy
  14. I thought he was still in the frozen foods of Morrisons with Carl Cort. Possibly explains not scoring often for Bolton
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