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  1. We had 66% of possession but 90% of that was in our own half.
  2. I thought he was brilliant again tonight. We look better when he plays.
  3. Kenny did well tonight. Great to see us looking physically strong. Onwards and upwards.
  4. We looked very shaky at the back against Huddersfield. I’m a fan of McLean but he is a rubbish left back. If Bryan is fit he should definitely start.
  5. Definitely loads of empty seats near me. I have a strict no leaving until the final whistle rule but after 44 years of being a season ticket holder I left on 85 minutes. We need a reset of some kind. Farkeball thrown out with the bath water and nothing left but emptiness.
  6. That was a pathetic performance in a season when we have been nowhere near good enough. If we return to the premiership none of these players are good enough. Boooooooo
  7. Thanks for the report. Missed the last few games through illness but sounds like I was lucky to be tucked up in my warm bed. Roll on next season.
  8. Totally agree with what lots of people have said. We look much more like a team that can compete at this level. Defending so much better all we need now is to start to take our chances.
  9. I think that’s pretty honest. Sums up what I saw.
  10. A pretty good half. I still think we will go down but it’s so much better. At least we look in it. Their goal was wonderful skill. But could still get something out of this.
  11. Really looking forward to this. Good to see the manager making changes. Come on you yellows.
  12. Teemu is the only one who looks like scoring. Unless someone else starts chipping in we will not survive.
  13. Did well to get a point in the end but we are nowhere near being good enough. Surely everyone can see that.
  14. I think we might just be too far behind but at least now we look like we can compete. Tuesday night could be a turning point. If we win I will really start to believe we can do it.
  15. Almost impossible to pick mom today they were all magnificent. I said to my dad at half-time that for the first time in ages we looked good enough in this league.
  16. They all played well second half but he was brilliant. Poor old Todd just didn’t look fit. If we survive I think Sargent will have played a big part. Now let’s see him push on and score.
  17. I’d like to see the return of game changing substitutions and last gasp winners.
  18. Even LDC can’t put a positive spin on this.
  19. Saturday was really disappointing but let’s really create a great atmosphere and let the team know we are behind them.
  20. Yes or No. Personally will be miffed if we end up 2nd.
  21. I’m really up for it. But as I was at the PNE game I’ll have to wait for my turn. But think it will make ifollow games better. Football needs a crowd.
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