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  1. Any of the boys born in Norwich or fans of Norwich does anyone know?
  2. Meant to say cant see them winning more than two games and or getting more than 6 points. we shud be fine providing we pick up a point from our last three. which we will do.
  3. Villa to beat Sunderland, then that heaps pressure on Wigan, then your needing Wigan to win two out their last four games too catch us. cant see that happening tbh.
  4. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="lincoln canary"]Problem is you can''t play Tettey and Johnson and expect to attack and win again. Start with Howson too and the chances go beyond impossible. These three players should never start Together for Norwich again.[/quote]Agreed, though I would keep all three in the squad.  We desperately need someone who can win a ball and pass a ball.  Imagine Fox''s passing with Johnson''s destructiveness. [/quote]Should of played Hoolahan instead of Howson!
  5. League one to prem fairytale continues!
  6. Like to see Sunderland to go down, not a big club like they think thye are, hate adam johnson hate that blonde haired player in the midfield and also hate di canio what an idiot, also brmable what a mug he is, plus that oshea. just boring team and a mug of a manager, hope he goes down where he belongs. Wigan although there  a small club im happy for whelan and martinez cup final soon. villa can be very refreshing to watch at times, frustrating at times too, very good team for the future.stoke, faiurplay to them an pulis crap football but good to see them trying to do something.newcastle, nice football, top guy in Pards.
  7. Would some one like to tweet him and tell him that Norwich will be a premiership club next season, and to remind him which league he is staring in the face. After that comment about him saying he will never play for a club like Norwich.
  8. The bigman has brought us up to where we are he has his big payout now so good luck Holt he has deserved it. would like to see him stay next season and come off the bench and bag a few goals aginst the big clubs.
  9. Surely God Lambert will keep them up.
  10. Should take away the police standing in there with the crowd, surely thats a health and safety issue. they havent got seats or tickets get them out.
  11. Yer nneding a spanking tongiht so the mighty Villas goal dif will be better than tinpot wigan
  12. Is it possible to get the EDP delivered to my house in Kent?
  13. [quote user="step"]Almost as funny, if anyone can remember, the Millwall fan on their hof message board having a rant because the girl at the ticket office told him he couldnt buy a ticket for his seat for the next match as it was already sold. It was a season ticket and didnt need it, reading the 30 or so pages of replys and people trying to explain had tears rolling down my face. Not the sharpest knives some of them are they ?[/quote]In English please?
  14. If the away allocation is reduced at grounds then the home club will be losing money don''t think stewards are deliberately letting fans stand mate.
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