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  1. Could everyone on here look at jearl15.wix.com/jearlmedia - New Website http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U - Youtube Channel Twitter: @TheJearl And like/subscribe/follow etc. Website I made this week containing vlogs on NCFC... already have norwich youth players looking at it
  2. you''re either telling me that arsenal won''t beat wigan or we will lose to west brom.
  3. We don''t need to win. A draw and we''re fine
  4. Arsenal beat Wigan, our party will get us at least a point. Done. Why is everyone so worried?
  5. We can party on Sunday, player of season celebrations, clap banners, no pressure etc..
  6. ticket sales going well again today, I''d say we have sold around 1000 throughout the day.
  7. In terms of a starting 11 would you keep the same team that played Forest?
  8. I didn''t watch it, but chelsea looked mediocre in defense, whilst very good going forward. we can take advantage of this by utilizing murphy twins as much as possible.
  9. I think we will either get hammered in the first leg or scrape it 1-0.
  10. Firstly, in the build up to the game, I must mention that the ticket sales have been astonishing, after 6 days of sale, and with 4 left, we have sold out in the City stand (lower barclay and lower n and p), and are on course to sell out the Jarrold by tomorrow evening. This would leave us to open the upper tiers, bringing us to hopefully an attendance of somewhere near 20,000. However, we need to make sure these guys get a good atmosphere! they deserve it. Predictions then?
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