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  1. Chelmsford Canary

    Teams on 7 points

    Man Utd won''t be sacking Moyes anytime soon, be around the 1-2 mark for me.
  2. Chelmsford Canary

    Snodgrass' right foot

    I can''t work out why we haven''t tried him on the left wing, he''d be far more effective whipping them in early without having to change feet.

  3. Chelmsford Canary

    Start Hoolahan against Stoke

    Seems to be a name largely forgotten of late. I''d love to see him start against Stoke in the hole instead of Elmander. I''m convinced he''s one of our best players and still has a part to play for this club.

    what do you guys think?

  4. Chelmsford Canary

    Players not good enough for this level?

    Tettey for me also. Just doesn''t seem to have the balance or composure for a premier league midfielder.

    He is a presence though, and has put in some decent performances.

  5. Chelmsford Canary

    How Important is Stoke?

    I can see us beating Stoke, I really can. The players have something to prove, Stoke will be expecting a comfortable win. Its a massive game for us with the upcoming fixtures and when we''ve really needed it in this league, the players have generally come through.

  6. Chelmsford Canary

    Alan Lee

    [quote user="BroadstairsR"]Ex-Norwich loanee signs for 1p5wich. I thought he was virtually at the end when we had him. Tried hard, but ultimately failed Admittedly he had been brought on-board to coach youngsters and it is not an out-out-signing as such, but to even need to contemplate such a player turning out now is true desperation. They haven''t even got the money to get a creditable back-up even for their current mis-firing forward line. How sad.[/quote]


    He played for Ipswich before we loaned him

  7. Chelmsford Canary

    Adrian Durham

    I thought the headline was suppose to be ironic, shockingly it isn''t.

  8. Chelmsford Canary

    Pardew Houghton Swap Deal?

    I firmly believe Pardew would get us relegated.
  9. Chelmsford Canary

    Pardew Houghton Swap Deal?

    [quote user="crabbycanary"]

    I will rehash something I have said before, but a current member of our Board has said that Pardew is an ''odious man''. I would rather keep this Board member than have Pardew


    I met Alan Pardew at a BBQ a few years ago, he was well mannered and polite. Its very possible that this changes quickly if you get on the wrong side of him i will add.

  10. Chelmsford Canary


    Why would ST holders need to buy a ticket to the first home game? sorry if i''m missing something i''m just a little confused.

    also, its not going to be written application like this first home game last season is it?


  11. Chelmsford Canary

    Di Santo

    [quote user="ncfcstar"][quote user="Jimmy Smith"]I see WBA have decided against signing him. Given we need numbers, and he would be free, would he be able to fill in at no. 4 striker option provided we get a quality striker in like Hooper or N''Doye too?[/quote]

    No thanks, scoring record is abysmal.  We may as well have kept Jackson if we end up signing him.


    Is he an out and out striker though? I always thought of him as a wide player.

  12. Chelmsford Canary


    Such a technically gifted player, and showing no sign of age catching up with him yet. I can''t believe people are so willing to let him go, he has another good season in him at least.
  13. Chelmsford Canary

    andros townsend

    Andros Townsend bet on games that he had no internal knowledge of, the FA stricitly prohibits domestic professionals betting on any football games in the UK. Do you think think footballers want to lose all their money? Its an addiction that''s growing in this country. Its an illness.
  14. Chelmsford Canary

    Andros Townsend?

    [quote user="ROBFLECK"]If I was shopping in Wigan...Maloney no doubt![/quote]


    completely agree, infact he''d be my number 1 target.