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  1. channonswindmill

    Who/what reinforcements do we still need?

    100 % spot on, agree with every word, mid table squad now at best, just hope we get the odd positive performance opposed to the majority of dire possession without impact performances of last season.
  2. channonswindmill

    Jordan Rhodes

    Rather sign Nick Rhodes better reflex
  3. channonswindmill

    Aim high!

    Sorry much as I really hate to say it, get real, I think the way we are heading last Seasons 14th place will be a target we won''t beat..I can honestly see us in a relegation scrap next season.I know it''s paper talk but OMG Joradan Rhodes really , just really, we currently have zero attacking intent, yes I know we have weeks to go, the windows not shut etc etc, but we need Championship ready goalscoresr x3 , pretty sue NO wont be here come August and its not worth mentioning any one else on our books as a credible striker, we don''t have the finacial clout to fund 1 let alone the 3 we need. Don''t post often but couldn''t be more disillusioned with the way our fine club are heading.
  4. channonswindmill

    "Two Games After Getting Fit He Wanted to Leave"

    Not sure how I feel about this, did Webber need to say it? Even if true, all feels a bit cheap.,much like the PR machine trying to cover up a few wrongs over Howsons departure last week, show a bit of class , don''t dis a player after the event, next time our paths cross with AP the club will be publishing out some pro Pritchard garb..
  5. channonswindmill

    Team news for Chelsea

    Thin on the ground is an understatement, with injuries, resting of players, unreplaced or departing players I think our midfield/attacking options look nil, I do fear we may get a battering tomorrow, obviously happy to be wrong.
  6. channonswindmill

    "season is over anyway" now just 6 points from playoffs

    We did indeed, put in a fantastic set of performances to come from nowhere that season, Martin O''Neil very much the catalyst. Long way to go this season and clean sheets are a definite basis to kick on; don''t get me wrong we still need more in the attacking department as Farke has alluded to, we will see.
  7. channonswindmill

    Team for Bristol City...

    Think we may get a look at Tom Cantwell in the first team sooner rather than later
  8. channonswindmill

    Good feeling for Man U game

    Hope to keep the goals against down..can see nothing but a United win....2 nil wouldn''t be too damaging. As a few have said , its the villa game where we realistically need 3 points.
  9. channonswindmill

    Positives from saturday

    It was quite mild for December.
  10. channonswindmill

    Team for v Swansea

    GJL agreed totally.
  11. channonswindmill


    Wasn''t he ref for the Leicester game? If so I didn''t rate his performance..didn''t seem to give us one 50/50 decision.
  12. channonswindmill

    Nathan Redmond

    Agreed as soon as it was apparent Redmond was stepping up I had a feeling that was it.....I know it''s a lottery etc.. but should have been O''Neil. Redmond is a great prospect, don''t get me wrong, but he is a see-saw player at the moment that flashes brillance followed by mediocracy. Why not use an old pro like O''Neil..yes he might have missed too, but Redmonds confidence will now have taken a battering and his form is taking a dip. Could have been managed better by AN.
  13. channonswindmill


    Right I am going to chip in on this one as this is one of my biggest gripes with city, but it it isnt a recent phenomenon. We have been awful for years at corners. Watching Snodgrass hit the first man every time was the traditional par for the course. We just don''t seem to attack a corner with venom...oh for a Bruce , Watson or dare I even say Turner..but at least a centre back who can attack a corner and score. Please dont say ...but Bassong scored today..he is about as imposing from a corner as my long departed granny.
  14. channonswindmill

    VOO what does he have to do to get into the team?

    In English BOR... I am questioning why sign a player that seems never to be ready for the first team..that is my frustration.
  15. channonswindmill

    VOO what does he have to do to get into the team?

    My point is we signed the player and then don''t play him when others are out of form...its the signing full stop that baffles me...whats the point of a squad that isnt used?