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  1. coops

    NCFC, the ultimate yo-yo club.

    We will always be a yo yo club as we don’t have the finances. We normally go up and are just happy to be there. We need proper investment as Delia financially doesn’t cut it.
  2. coops


    They tried that earlier on in the season. I’m struggling to see what Rhodes brings to the table.
  3. coops

    Leaving early

    Never understand it. Especially when we are winning or drawing. It takes me 5 mins to get out and I’m upper Barclay.
  4. coops

    Are we getting better?

    Leitner was appalling against Ipswich and gave the ball

    away numerous times. Good job he scored as he couldn’t do anything right. I was there. I really don’t know what some people were watching.
  5. coops


    Was there. We were awful. Ipswich better second half. Did well to scramble a point. Papers over the cracks. We are a terrible team going nowhere. Farke is clueless. We have signed some dross players.
  6. coops


    [quote user="Leedscanary"]Tettey was absolutely garbage tonight. Poor control and gave the ball away so often - almost decisively when they broke and hit the bar.

    Sure, the goal was an absolute worldy, but don’t let that gloss over the fact that for 87 mins he was shocking[/quote]

    Spot on.
  7. coops

    Klose On His Way ?

    It’s no great loss if he goes is it. He’s been fairly poor in his time with us. Zonal marking is a complete shambles which doesn’t help us. Agree with others though about Hanley so far. Been awful. Hope he picks up soon cos at the mo he looks like a pub player.
  8. coops

    How much longer.....

    Get rid. Shocking start to a season, just carried on where we left off. Sh!t.
  9. coops


    He’s shit, Farkes fault for picking him. Discussion closed.
  10. coops

    Farke Out

    Spot on. Was at the game. We were awful. Shocking team selection. Sideways all game. Every man back for corners. Brum were there for the taking. Nothing changes. Get him out.
  11. coops

    Pinto off ?

    Can’t defend and runs like a chicken. Bye.
  12. coops

    Timm Klose Out

    Totally agree. He’s not great is he. Half a good season in prem followed by a terrible season in the champs then a slightly better one.
  13. Bang average player imo. Wouldn’t mind either way.
  14. coops

    A work in progression?

    It’s attricious. Embarrassing performance once again against a really poor side. League 1 beckons. Terrible managerial appointment again. Same mistakes by the board time and time again.