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  1. It does not matter what team we put out - we are likely to ship 4 or 5 goals. Our defending is dismal at the best of times and we can''t out score them...
  2. I agree subs too late as per usual for CH. RVW clueless - adds nothing to the team any more . Unlucky, not to score on another day a couple of them might have gone in. Should have looked to get a second when we were one up - doubt if Cardiff would have come back. Overall, lots of huffing and puffing not a great deal of quality but CH is happy with his squad - sure they are doing so well!!
  3. Newcastle would have been disappointed with a point - they should have been more clinical and really seen us off in the first half. So, a lucky point, however - really can''t see us beating many teams till the end of the season and with a really tough run in unless we get some points in the bag we will really need other teams to have imploded or we will be in big trouble....
  4. Sorry but RVW is just a lightweight - watched him in too many games now and all I can say is the Portuguese league must be a very low standard for him to have scored so many goals there ..he looks better as a midfielder as he has good movement and can find a pass ..but he is no striker!!!
  5. It is a miserable night out there both on the field and most likely in the stands too - I think I''d be booing too! You pay good money and expect the home team to put in some effort and determination - when that does not happen the fans can sense there is something wrong with the team....CH looks like he is waiting for a bus again ...I won''t miss him when he is gone ...
  6. RVW gets shoved off the ball as if he is not there! Every Norwich player looks like they have lead in their boots why can''t they move their feet??? Very lucky we have not had 3 or 4 put past us! Newcastle are quicker in movement and thought - what is wrong with the Norwich players???
  7. I think RVW is someone everyone wants to do well - but no matter how hard he tries in games it is just not happening..he looks a bit lightweight but a lack of service is not helping his cause .. Is Snodgrass related to one of those sleeping goats that collapse if you make a sudden movement - he seems to fall over whenever approached by an opposition player ...
  8. I think Fulham look like a useful team - could be going places - not sure why folks keep saying they have the worst defence in the PL - they kept out our sharpshooters tonight!!
  9. Who is that number 19..I have not seen him before looks quite useful :)
  10. I think you are forgetting that CH is a very nice man and therefore deserves to stay in charge of the shambles he has created at Carrow Road!!
  11. Has anyone noticed we do not have a leader on the field? Bassong is an accident waiting to happen no idea why he is the Captain does not instil me with any confidence and I am only watching the game !!! Elmander up front - I am sorry is he there to make up the numbers or something not likely to score any time soon. Fox the great passer of a ball keeps giving it to those chaps in white - yellow Fox we play in yellow tonight!!!
  12. Have to say we have very brave supporters to go to Fulham and endure 90 mins of drivel and try to muster some support for lions led by a donkey! No disrespect to any donkeys who may be reading this!!!
  13. I am wondering if I can standing to watch the second half - do I really need that much self inflicted pain???
  14. We are now officially an embarrassment! Well done CH we have now become a national joke. I wonder if CH will come out afterwards and praise up Fulham by saying "They are a very very good team" duh!!
  15. Can''t really add any more to that - well said!!!
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