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  1. Oh yes of course he is a very nice man with a very nice manner. Hopefully McNally will be as nice when he waves goodbye to him although the McNally reputation of being a tough man who makes tough decisions is now being damaged. Maybe CH has converted him!
  2. Yet again we are watching a Norwich team that look sluggish with absolutely no passion or energy. They seem unable to pass the ball accurately and have zero quality in the final third. This is a clueless group of players with a clueless management team. I am surprised that we have any travelling supporters that are prepared to pay good money to watch the rubbish we produce on the road. How much longer do the board continue to support the Manager. Decision should have been made long ago. Result ratio over whole Hughton tenure has never been any where near good enough!!
  3. Agreed! I get a little frustrated with Fer at times. All pundits seem to rank him as a great player and a real potential star of the future. He is undoubtedly a good player and has proved his touch and passing ability is excellent but he dwells on the ball a lot lazily tries to beat players and can cause problems. To be a great player this has to change!!
  4. Lost with no idea of direction. Lost with no conviction or belief Lost the dressing room. As supporters we hope with each match we see the Norwich we all desire but time and time again we see much of the same with no indication that anything will change. We have a group of individuals not a team that clearly don''t play for the Manager or believe in the tactics. There is far too much at stake to continue to wait for the change which may never come. Time for the Board to act!
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