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  1. Good post. BT please don''t call it the EPL. It sounds so American. It''s the Premier League.
  2. Someone in the business certainly hates them. Waited until Gray gets the BT job and then looks to cause an uproar with more old footage. This footage reveals nothing more than you already knew about them both.
  3. You only have to look at the number of posts made by the OP to realise that he has far too much to say, yet little of it constructive. He''s an arrogant Hughton lover who isn''t in the slightest bit articulate and his viewpoints are weakly evidenced. What is strongly evidenced is just how much of a wind-up merchant he is, deliberately trying to atogonise with ridiculous posts like this one. I just tell it like it is. The guy is a ring piece and a complete post whore.
  4. Jas the Barclay ring piece. Yet another worthless thread from this moron.
  5. So Vanwick - if you knew Norwich would be relegated if Hughton remained in charge, you would not wish a defeat to happen in order to get rid of him and get someone better equipped in to keep us up? It really isn''t as cut and dried as you''d like to preach.
  6. You are being pedantic indeed. And I doubt very much that you''re sorry. Having viewed other posters'' reactions to you lately I thought you''d learn about being so self righteous, but not so. And it is the club I support. Which in the single tense makes it my club.
  7. All this cut and dried clap trap about how it cannot be possible to want your own side to lose. "You cannot be a real fan". Must be a "scummer". It''s a foolish, short sighted viewpoint, as if a defeat is the catalyst to better things then it is worth that one defeat. In my opinion, of which I''m entitled, getting rid of Hughton will lead to better things. It probably wouldn''t happen if we lost to Hull anyway. But if we were to sack Hughton by losing to Hull then I would take that defeat. And that viewpoint makes me no less of a fan. Like I''ve said I see it leading to better things for MY club in the long run.
  8. If we leave, and Hughton goes, and we stay up, then I''ll take a loss this Saturday. A good hammering to get rid of him will do the trick.
  9. If it meant Hughton was definitely sacked then I''d take a 1.0 loss on Saturday.
  10. Says a lot about Lambert''s current mindset. If I were a Villa fan I''d be annoyed that a) we used to be a club with a realistic chance of winning the cup and now our manager doesn''t even want us to compete in it, and b) that the guy who we brought in to push our ''big'' club forward is solely focussed on nothing but league survival.
  11. Bottom line is I''d rather be in the Prem, playing the football now, than playing good stuff in the Championship. But I''d rather we played consistently attractive football whilst maintaining in the Prem. I can''t see us doing that under Hughton. Perhaps that''s asking for too much and I''m being unrealistic, but our football is so god damn awful to watch at times.
  12. So many posters putting the boot into Wiz..... One good second half performance against West Ham Then a lucky win against Palace (2nd half was dire) and a great result at West Brom, but a lucky one. We will still be in the relegation mix come the end of the season. Hughton will still make appalling tactical decisions and take a negative approach that will cost us points. Save your vitriol. There''s a long way to go.
  13. Enlighten us on the truly good performances in 2013, Miggins? Not lucky results. Games where we genuinely played the opposition off the park and warrant being classed as good games.
  14. I''d much rather a full gate, both home and away, with Hughton Out banners displayed. Financial punishment harms everyone at the club, including the next man in charge.
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