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  1. I like Klose. Seems like a decent bloke. But I don''t understand the absolute love in he seems to be getting here and on Twitter etc. He''s barely played for us yet people are calling for him to be our lord and saviour and captain. What am I missing?
  2. Really glad for the lad. Sometimes frustrating to watch in a Norwich shirt but only because he showed so much promise and you always willed him to succeed. One of my favourite players, and I''ll keep on supporting him at Southampton. Nice squad they''ve got there.
  3. Ha - I was only (half) joking! Norwich City is a fantastic club in a fine city, and it would be absurd if people didn''t have strong feelings about it.
  4. Hi Eaton! I''m extremely impressed that you''ve been following the message board for while, got the "vibe" and still decided to join.. This is an awful place filled with awful people :) All the best, good luck, and OTBC!
  5. I would love to see Becchio given a chance to prove himself. Though I think the club has completely disrespected him and I doubt he''s very enamoured with either the club or the supporters - I think it would be best for both parties if he left. I would much rather see Wolfswinkel succeed in a Canaries shirt. He''s 5 years younger, and I would be over the moon for him to start scoring for us. I''m hoping that the Championship will allow us to play two strikers up front. I wouldn''t be heartbroken if we went, but I would be more sad than if Becchio left. Regardless, we have Loza and Carlton Morris!
  6. I''m going to see the game on Sunday at Villa Park with one of my closest friends, who happens to be a massive Aston Villa fan. I''m not sure how this will turn out for our friendship...
  7. The choice of which football games are selected for TV always baffles me a little. Obviously the Liverpool game has been picked because of their recent thrashings over us, and there can be a good build up before the game with lots of clips of Suarez scoring from ridiculous angles. Not sure what the benefit of showing United vs. Norwich is - both mid-table clubs ;) They''re probably hoping Norwich will win and then the BBC can write 10 separate articles discussing how poor Man United were whilst completely ignoring Norwich''s performance. Ooph, sorry chaps - having a cold always brings out the cynic in me..
  8. He''s obviously a fantastic talent but just needs a bit more maturity and to learn to make better decisions in some situations, without damaging his confidence. Yesterday I almost got the impression that he knew he was on Sky Sports and he wanted to impress, which wouldn''t really surprise me considering his age.
  9. Apologies if this has already been posted, but thought I''d share. I am NOT putting this there either as a ''Hooton Out'' or a Hughton In argument. I''m merely posting it for interest. Nonetheless I am fully prepared for a barrage of angry replies regarding CH. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26281026
  10. He earned us a valuable point against Newcastle. We have 8 clean sheets this year so far.
  11. [quote user="RoyalNavyCanary92"]The Player let CH down today. Ive joined the bandwagon of wanting him out, but after the restart the players lacked composure and let the lead slip through their fingers. We did play well and we''re unlucky not to get at least three more goals but our strikers didnt do enough for me again today when the midfield did quite well, particularly Snoddy and Jonas looked sharp. Either way, i will be renewing my season ticket, Championship, league one, league two.[/quote] Good man RoyalNavy, and welcome to the board.
  12. [quote user="City 2nd"] WE LOST AGAIN! Or have you failed to notice that fact![/quote] Really helpful contribution.
  13. [quote user="Thirsty Lizard"]If we keep playing like we did today we''ll have no problems. Cardiff have got big, big problems if their two games against us are anything to go by.[/quote] Definitely agree with this. If we continue at the standard we played at today, we''ll be fine. The fear is that we''ll resort back to old ways. And to those who are denying it, we did play excellently today, we played much, much better than the average Norwich performance.
  14. I''ve been frustrated with Hughton over the last few months but not today. Not at fault. The triple sub was just what was needed. We were denied by the post a couple of times, two goals in from marginal offsides, some heroic goalkeeping from Marshall, a clearance off the line from Bellamy. Frustrating as hell but I can''t blame the manager.
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