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  1. Mick Quinn''s wife shoulld feel let down as she thought she had married a footballer but he turned into a telly tubby who babbles cr@p
  2. Alex Ferguson is out of work since leaving man utd
  3. Booing is 5hit and counter productive end of. Those god like individuals who own a season ticket and think they own the club, the players and this forum along with their ticket should get their heads out of their ring piece. Blar blar blar I have a season ticket so I''m superior. Get a life.
  4. You must have been stewing on this since the Fulham cup game and something tonight just tipped you over the edge. I hope you get the sleep you need
  5. My reliable source who shall remain unnamed saw him down the bread aisle at Tesco extra on A14 at Ipswich, apparently he has fallen out of love with football so is going to sign for them.
  6. Really? I''m surprised there isn''t another thread about it on here if true
  7. Was you knocking one out and crying when you wrote that????
  8. Was olf ottosson actually a footballer?, I suspect he was part of a channel 4 documentary to see if you could pick a foreign nobody off the street and pass him as a footballer. Loved Rosario though, too much gel mind you.
  9. You must be really bored, should have watched coronation street as the he she just kicked the bucket. Good luck with the song writing
  10. I think he will find it hard to even get on the pitch.
  11. Yeah but Fulham are still crap but we are the crapest
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