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  1. During yesterday's game I couldn't help but watch him chirping away with the City's fans while warming up. He seemed to enjoy himself with a continued grin on his face. Was anyone in earshot as to what he was saying ? Whatever it was he certainly had plenty to say.
  2. He was bloody poor against Villa today !
  3. Now that Germany has finally been officially announced I really dont understand why City cannot advise fans of the venues ? Its the same as last year, we just got "drip fed" information, then it's too late for fans like me to buy a cheap flight to watch a game or two. Other teams in the Premier League, and I'm not thinking of the supposed "bigger teams" seem to have no issue releasing the"full" details of their club tours. Maybe because there is no money in it for the Club there is no incentive ?
  4. I like the idea of an Ipswich game in Germany albeit very unlikely. NCFC are now in the Premier League section on the Sky Sports website for pre season Premier League team fixtures, unfortunately under our team it only shows TBA so still no info yet.
  5. As there has been no official announcement has anyone heard "through the grapevine " about the friendly games in the summer, specifically if the Club are touring Germany again ? i ask because last season I wanted to buy a cheap budget airline flight to Germany for a couple of days to watch a game then fly back. Unfortunately the full details of the matches (timings, venue) were released by the Club so late that flights were too expensive to purchase. I would really like to go this year if they are off to Germany again ! I've contacted the Club but as usual I didn't get any help whatsoever. I know many fans who made the trip last year went over by car but as I will be travelling alone it's preferable for me to fly, but only if I have the time to purchase a cheap flight.
  6. I won't believe we've achieved promotion until I see NCFC in the Premier League news segment on Sky TV !
  7. So a Player should be booked for "running at the opposition fans with a finger to their lips" ? However fans can shout any amount of vile abuse at opposition players without expecting any sort of retribution ? i really despair ! Some people these days are easily offended by anything yet still expect to "dish out" whatever they like.
  8. Apologies but I forgot to add my mobile number just in case anyone does end up with a spare ticket (07761107990) One further question, when I often attended away games in the past it was easy to get in to the home śection if City's allocation was fully taken, how easy is it to do these days, particularly at WBA ? I'm thinking of trying this if I'm unsuccessful getting an away section ticket but don't want to travel all that way without gaining entry into the ground. This is of course assuming the game isn't a sell out.
  9. Despite being told yesterday afternoon by NCFC Box Office that there were plenty of WBA tickets available I found this morning when I went to buy they had sold out. Lesson: Don't rely on everything the Box Oofice staff say. If any fan finds they have a spare ticket between now and the game please let me know and I will happily pay the full cost of the ticket. i live just five miles from Norwich so I can pick up anywhere in the Norwich area. Thanks
  10. Sorry my iPad is playing up ! Paddy Power claims a Norwich punter "tried" to put a six figure bet on the fore mentioned man being the next City manager ??
  11. Who else is completely puzzled by this news ??
  12. Irrespective where we finish at the end of the season, if we continue with the type of football we''re currently playing it will be more entertaining than last season with a higher league position. The youngsters currently in the team have added greater energy along with at times quicker interlinking passing which was sorely missing last season.
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