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  1. Block 113 was awesome - only sat down at half time, bouncing/chanting nearly most of the game. Brilliant day, will never forget it.
  2. My feeling has been that there has been no passion from the bench since Lambert left and from what we witnessed today it looks like that is back!
  3. I thought it was quite refreshing to hear Eadie''s views yesterday. He spoke as it was, no pussy-footing around the truth, just facts. An honest viewpoint and I hope we will hear a lot more from him.
  4. Moving to the infill with extra spaces for larger away fans into the N&P seems a good place to me. Would fill that area most games and free up better places for our own fans. We always seem to have the worst seats at away games so why should we give them good seats when they visit us.
  5. The Aviva car park off Queens Road is a good option. It is open to the public on Saturdays and they charge £2.00 which goes to charity.
  6. I have to agree, Adams does not seem to be active in the technical area, he kept to his seat too much last week against Liverpool as well. He needs to get to his feet for most of the game.
  7. The accustics for TV coverage are very much in favour of MU. From the away section you can hear very little from the home fans, the ground sounded like a library and Norwich fans were singing/supporting loudly throughout yet on the MOTD coverage you could hear nothing of the Norwich support, just the MU fans. Everything set up to make their fans/stadium appear "to rock" to be the best. Just so much bias.
  8. Snodgrass was useless today - blaming everyone else but himself. The only player to come away with any credit is Ruddy, it could easily have been 6 or 7 if it wasn''t for him.
  9. Giggs is in charge, already at the training ground.
  10. Very poor reporting. You would have thought we lost by 6 or 7 whereas it felt as though we could have got an equaliser and were unfortunate not to have done so. Didn''t give us any credit for not letting our heads drop (as we usually do). We played well against a Liverpool side who know how to fall and dive to good effect. No credit given to us at all. We outplayed them at times in the second half.
  11. ".......Hooper and RvW together at the moment." It wasn''t long ago everyone was yelling at him to do this, and now he does he is wrong! Doesn''t seem he can do right whatever he does.
  12. Will be renewing mine, wouldn''t ever consider not renewing.
  13. 3,800 responses from 25,000 fans? Its always going to be the moaners who were going to vote, not the majority of fans.
  14. I can''t see how any true fan would ever wish us to lose. I have supported Norwich City since 1959, through numerous ups and downs, and have never wished a loss. Some of you need to think whether you really support Norwich City or just want to moan.
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