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  1. i wouldnt take anything less than the £30m. If he went top 6 i think liverpool would be ideal for him, quite a number of english players in that first team. Also getting him back on loan for 6 months or something might work well if they dont want him straight away?
  2. Tettey is getting older now and has been an exceptional player for Norwich over the years but I do know that its his wish to finish his career in Norway where is all began. So if its his last season, Thank you sir and good luck !
  3. Seems as though Leicester want rid of Scullup first...a swap?? always thought he was rather decent and very quick player?? Brady is having a very off season..was shocking verse Villa when i watch..
  4. well the Eds in training...he ran the Norwich 10km yesterday...not sure on his time though
  5. i have no suggestions of which players from the lower leagues to go for...but i do wonder if £15m for a ageing striker is the right amount, hard to tell in this market! We will see there is a long way to go till the window closes, all i hope for is 100% commitment and hunger to win from who ever wears the yellow and green!! COYY!!!
  6. I think we should stop chasing McCormack and go for two younger and hungry strikers from lower leagues and give them a shoot, thats more than 60 mins in the season...why spend £15m on a player when you can spend that on 2 or 3 from the lower leagues or across the seas?
  7. considering the inflated market...i wouldnt take anything less than £5.5m....we would need a replacement for sure, take all you can from West Ham as they do have the money!!
  8. for £1m...i thought it worth a punt...but his record isnt great I justed wiki''d him..2015 - preston...20 games 1 goal..and hes 23 so not as young as i thought!! take a punt with one of our youth players if need be!
  9. I have to agree with your comments...there is a time when you have to say enough is enough your not making it to the level we need, sell him with the buy back in and reinvest in the next young gun! Even if we needed a third keeper this season i am sure we have one in the club or the option of a loan/emergency loan??
  10. i think Rudd needs a full season playing no.1 no point sitting on the bench or in the stands week in week out watching...send him to a club put a couple of clauses in, must start 20+ games this season and if we need him back then we do...I think the lad needs to mature a bit more and beef up a little and he will certainly be NCFCs no1 for years to come!
  11. I think some of the problem the wolf had was the service he got and the lack of crosses fed in to him...look at the everton goal he scored...awesome header...after that, the wolf did not get fed! Good luck to the man...i am sure he will eventually find his shooting boots...just didnt happen in england, or france....or spain!..EEK!
  12. I certainly think there is money in the kitty for two strikers, and a centre back (still need this IMO), I know the Wolf was on £45k a week so i am sure that can go towards MC...if we get McCormack then make sure we have or get another striker to compliment him...search Europe and find something special and for once City pay that little bit extra to get a young hungry kid who will set lil old carrow road alight!!
  13. Shame it didnt work out, good luck to the man, we can now use his £45,000 a week salary on a striker who can actually score a goal and work for the team!!
  14. I have been watching Cardiffs transfer activity closely the last week, 4 signings already! I get the feeling that behind closed doors at Norwich that with the new director position still not filled that we are not settled ready to start the hard work of getting ready for the new season. All I read is Hoolahan, Pilks, Snoddy and Ruddy all getting discussed leaving (think only WH and AP will go unless big money moves happen for JR and RS)...anyone else wish they heard a little from the club that things are happening?
  15. Clearly a lot of people over rate Hoolahan...but it''s their opinion and I''m happy to hear and add to it. On one hand he can prob play another season after this in the prem after that its dropping back down the leagues. So you either cash out now or wait for less money in a years time or don''t renew his contract? I would take £2m to £2.5m On the ball mighty yellow supporters!!
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