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  1. Why is the Snake Pit and lower Barclay allowed to obnoxiously swear and stand up during the match? Every other stand) bans this. If you swear in any other stand you get banned (I think this is a good idea, as it keeps football atmosphere friendly and suitable for parents to take their children too) I think the Snake Pit should no longer be allowed to use chants with swear words. That way, the atmosphere is more suitable for kids to attend matches and it feels more friendly. Who agrees the club should stop the Snake Pit and lower Barclay from swearing?
  2. I meant to start with half an extension on one side of it, so then the other half can can still be full of fans while the work is going on. The once the work on the right side is done, it can begin on the left side of the City Stand. Thank you for posting in my thread. I appreciate all replies.
  3. Hello all! I’m new here and had a thought recently that I thought I might share. The name’s Phil, and I’m a 29-year-old engineer from Norfolk. And yes, it is annoying that there is a famous player with my full name. Should we close the Snake Pit, and instead extend the City Stand to make it twice as big. Since we have so many more fans desperate to get tickets each week. Plus, I don’t like the Snake Pit much, as a dozen people in there get away with swearing, which is banned in every other stand. And they don’t fit in with the other stands. Thoughts?
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