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  1. Green and Yellow wrote the following post at 17 Dec 2016 12:06 PM: Delia Smith needs to go but is hanging around because she is a stubborn egotistical fool. I would suggest then, that you stump up your last two quid and buy the club.
  2. Crabbycanary3 wrote the following post at 17 Dec 2016 6:50 AM: Or is it just me? "..last night we were, out done, on how to play 4-2-3-1, in both attack and defence." No, your words pretty much sums it up.
  3. morty wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 10:16 PM: The question was "Is anyone dying from starvation in Britain?" And the answer is "No" Actually, the answer is "Yes". Britain’s benefits sanctions: ‘My brother’s gone. We can’t bring him back, but we can’t let this go on’ (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/dec/17/benefits-sanctions-gill-thompson-cathie-wood-vulnerable-claimants) People starving to death in the UK – on David Cameron’s doorstep (https://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/people-starving-to-death-in-the-uk-on-david-camerons-doorstep/)
  4. morty wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 9:48 PM: Are you thicker? Is anyone in Britain dying from starvation? Yes, people can starve in benefit-sanctions Britain (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/dec/08/starve-benefit-sanctions-unemployed-hungry-government) The article is over 2 years old, hopefully you''ll get the gist of the overall picture.
  5. Dan Dare wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 9:55 PM: and a place of boundless joy that must be Oh the humanity!
  6. Dan Dare wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 9:52 PM: Or instead of whining out your sanctimonious shyte why not tell us why you seem to thing it''s ok to be homeless as long as they get their complimentary sleeping bag Where did I say that? Better yet, how did you interpret what I said to ask that? Just Wow
  7. I''m sitting here at home right now.
  8. morty wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 9:37 PM: He also donated 11,500 sleeping bags to the homeless. Shouldn''t he have done that either? Are you thick? I think that sleeping bags for those sleeping rough is brilliant. That''s meaningful because it''s about life or death at this time. Are you suggesting that toys have the same impact?
  9. Indy wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 9:15 PM: Can''t believe you took his bait ELF, Dan Dickhead is only trying to fish........ Now don''t bite, your point is justified in general just not aimed at a guy who has just donated a huge amount for the children. So now my point is justified. As for BOR, he made some points but I took offence to his last one.
  10. morty wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 9:14 PM: But hey, keep sneering anyway WT F are you on about?
  11. Dan Dare wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 8:23 PM: You have no knowledge of to whom these toys will be going to, or the how they live. You also presume that no one else on here is aware of the world''s inequalities, or that charities are not the real answer. But this gesture is not saying it is the answer, merely that for one specific purpose this might help. I don''t see him wandering about Africa, or standing behind some huge cheque. Just wanting to help, yes it might be misplaced, yes there are one hundred other ways that money could be spent. But there''ll be more than a hundred kids who''ll have at least one present they would otherwise not have Now grow up and stop being silly I don''t really care about the vitriol being spouted on here but don''t tell me to grow up. Only an imbecile would rate ''a toy'' as a top priority for the sound learning capabilities and health of a child, especially one who lives below the poverty line. "Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, said: “No one should be unable to feed themselves or their children in Britain today. To have 8.4 million people unable to eat properly shows the urgency of tackling poverty in the UK.” (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/may/06/more-than-8-million-in-uk-struggle-to-put-food-on-table-survey-says) I find the whole notion of ''christmas'' to be absurd. As seen on this thread, the poor mean nothing to lots of people. It''s all about demeaning and patronising behaviour, so typically grown-up traits at this time.
  12. Yes, a toy is much better than a nutritious meal for those in poverty.
  13. Dan Dare wrote the following post at 15 Dec 2016 7:54 PM: who says they have empty stomachs - most may have very caring parents who make sure the children are fed and I expect those running the charity know a bit more about what is needed, than you or I What''s the poverty rate in this first-world kingdom? These caring parents might make sure their children are fed, so all is well when there is no money left for heat or lights. Don''t you think it''s time that people stop with these asinine make-believe holidays and start focusing on what really matters?
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