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  1. We''ve got a coach coming down from the boro we can pick her up.
  2. I''ll have em iv got 23ov my mates in the Norwich end
  3. Ye mate pick me up at the BORO ill give you 5 carrots and a shilling ou arrrrrrrrr
  4. Is this all you carrot munchers can bang on about it''s getting very boring now we had a job to do it was done please remind me the aggregate score over our two games this season or yes 5-0 bring on Wembley
  5. For some awful reason I can see this one going to a penalty shootout hope I''m wrong.
  6. Francis were the north stand we''re the north stand #UTB
  7. Remind me how many goals have you conceded against the mighty boro this season or ye how meny have you scored
  8. Come on let''s be avin you carrot munchers
  9. I watched that sorry excuse for a football game yesterday and the mighty boro could have beat Norwich and Ipswich both at the same time
  10. Just for a bit of crack before the big game
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