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  1. I can assure you I still sat and watched with envy..... Our season is over and has been for weeks Villa still have the play offs to look forward too so I guess their season rolls on for another 3 weeks after we are all on the beach
  2. Its the reality though.... Lets look at it, Villa were in the same boat as us at the start of the season, end of parachute payments, huge wage bill, and high expectations from the fans. That unfortuantely is were the similarity ends... what happened next is the 2 clubs took differing views We pissed our pants and decided we couldnt risk not balancing the books despite being one of the few clubs in the football league that isnt in debt. Opted for a mass clear out of dead wood (otherwise known in footballing circles as talented squad members on big wages) and decided we''d ''play safe'' and go for cheap as chips unknowns, pay them peanuts and cross our fingers Villa on the other hand decided the lure of the premier league was to great to resist and that it really was now or never with the vast sums of money newly relegated clubs would be coming down with this season(virtually a voucher to buy a place back in the top flight) and so the board showed courage and conviction rolled the dice and spent big, bringing in some talented, highly experienced pro''s.... So if I can be arsed to go next weekend and it has become a real chore (call me plastic if you like, the seats paid for all year and next....difference is age and life experience has taught me not to waste a minute on things I dont enjoy) I shall be looking on in envy and wondering what might have been ?
  3. Blimey there''s ben some bo11ox spouted on this thread !! Cant buy into the ''angry Scot'' love in Just remember we are in the shite we are today because of his falures ! Should never have got relegated, after the home win against Newcastle it was all set up for staying up BUT AN bottled it Then not getting the squad we had last season galvanized and promoted was nothing short of incompetence ! I hate the guy with passion !
  4. [quote user="Rogue Baboon"]It’s an awkward situation. Poor performances and results mean games are not sold out, there are lots of empty seats about. So the club choose to lower prices of a few matches to ge more fans in. Nothing wrong with that in theory. But if the results don’t improve, we struggle for the rest of the season , attendances will stay low next year. If the club continue with lower prices to offset declines in attendance surely there comes a point when it would be almost as cheap to actually buy 23 casual tickets instead of a season ticket? Based on 23 games a season it wouldn’t take much for the 2 price points to meet[/quote] For the record I actually did a price comparison for last season based on what I paid for my season ticket and the casual ticket price for the seats I purchased in the same area to take a friend along..... I was shocked to realise I actually saved less than £2 per game by purchasing a season ticket !!
  5. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Give him time. Promotion isn''t feasible this season with the high turn over of players and reduction of quality. We are rebuilding whilst at the same time coming face to face with the grim realisation of being a declining power. You might as well buy into the project and that requires patience and a rocky, and lengthy, initiation ... but hey that goes with supporting a mid status club without a big investor and fading Sky money.[/quote] Time ? deja vu....didnt we give AN time ? I thought he had learned after the dismal 3/5 at the back attempts at Villa and Millwall, seemed to have adopted the holding 2 in Midfield yet today started with 1 holding Mid and when he realised that wasnt working went for a back 3/5 The game was calling out for Wes.....should have changed Husband for Stiperman at HT and introduced the Irish Messi
  6. [quote user="Syteanric"]and yet just a few fleeting weeks ago we went 9 unbeaten and the fans were saying its the best football they''ve seen in years and we were going up...fickle fickle..[/quote] Who the fook said that ? we got a few get out of jail cards during that run, last minute equalisers hone to Hull, bus driver away Sheff Utd Think we flattered to deceive
  7. Anyone actually know how much they save by being a ST holder in comparison to purchasing a casual seat in the same area on a game by game basis ?
  8. F**k me have we seriously still got to be asking this question? The inept pr1ck should have gone months ago
  9. Difference is Sky have you all set up with the equiptment, they are transmitting a signal to your area anyway so it costs them nothing...if you get a discount or a new deal they still make money. The club would actually benefit from you not renewing as when they contact a.n.other on the waiting list he will be paying at the higher second renewal rate for the same seat you could have had £50 cheaper. Reality is as long as the place is full and mugs pay £2 for a cuppa and £3 for a pie they really dont care whether youve been coming for 50 yrs or 5 minutes.
  10. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]Let''s get the money in for him while we can. Whilst being a decent player and good servant Bennett has never quite lived up to expectations and seemingly won''t be missed. With no chance of relegation (IMO) and only an outside chance of promotion it now seems to be evolving that the remainder of this season will be an exercise in preparing for the next. Along with injuries healing (Thompson,) and youngsters maturing with an extra year under their belts( esp. Madisson and Toffolo, but all really including Canos) we will need to build up a decent transfer fund, one way or another, to sensibly strengthen in the Summer window. I would hope that the scouting staff are preparing for a busy few months lining up targets for this assault on the market. (I would also add a new manager, but that seems to have become a moot point.) In the meantime make do with what we have, whether it be relying on the likes of Whitts, Bassong and Martin and even Lafferty or not as they continue to prove difficult to unload. We are going nowhere this season. Trim wherever possible and consolidate over the next few months. Brady will be best sold in the Summer too. We might get more and he might get interest from better suitors if he has a good rest of season. Next season might provide even stiffer opposition so we need to be well prepared. We still receive parachutes.[/quote] Think too many people are basing a 2nd season tilt on parachute payments. Reality is we get around 25m next season in parachute money the 3 teams getting relegated from the PL get a minimum of 100m for league position finish. The days of competing with relegated teams for promotion is rapidly diminishing ! Its now or never !
  11. [quote user="morty"]That was waaaay too long to read, but the bits I skip read were pretty good[;)][/quote] So just like AN you are over confident in your own ability, have the only opinion that matters and are happy to attempt to belittle people to make yourself seem/feel far more important than you actually are ! Must be nice inside that little bubble of yours....enjoy your own company !
  12. [quote user="morty"]If any of you can show me your posts from when we were winning for fun last time in the Championship, or winning at Wembley, saying you didn''t rate Alex Neil, I shall happily commend you on your opinion.Alex Neil appeared to outmanage the Messiah this weekend, where does that fit in?In fact you could say, if you so wanted to, that Lambert''s poor substitutions cost them the game.But, of course, it was all about Wolves being poor, wasn''t it?[/quote] Come now Morty we all know its subjective.... we all said he looks like a bright young fresh up coming manager....which at the time he did, likewise after relegation we all with hindsight thought he could have done with another season in the chumps to aid his education, but he apologised and promised to learn...we took him at his word and rallied NOW that will only last for so long before (and as has happened) people start to question what/when will the learning bear fruit ? Some of us realised early on (myself Brum away sowed the seed of doubt, the Brighton shocker and QPR team selection sealed the deal) others have slowly but surely lost faith. What must be accepted is that now there is a large majority that dont believe he is at present the man to take us forward. Nothing to say with time or a change of club he couldnt go on to be a good/great manager....have we got or are we prepared to stick with him over a prolonged spell 3 or 4 seasons to see ? Or do we need the lucrative promised land to progress as a club ? As for the weekends match taken in isolation it would appear AN was the shrewder of the two ! HOWEVER I consider myself capable of much deeper interpretation than that of face value. The facts PL went for it after halftime trailing by a single goal as we know is his style....did it work ? Yes they levelled and looked to be in the ascendancy.... However fate conspired against him..... and Wes did what we all know Wes can and produced some magic! Now here''s the question....IF Martin hadnt departed for Swansea a day earlier would Wes have been on the pitch, would Ollson have been LB, Brady Left Mid and Wes on the bench ? Of course we will never know but looking at AN record I fancy ''he got lucky'' with team selection on the day ! Yes Wolves were poor on the day, we werent much better with the ball in the air or being given away cheaply on a regular basis in the first half ! BUT here is the real gem....72mins gone Wolves down to 10 men with their LB in goal, and PL choosing to play 3 at the back and go for it ! Why then did our manager continue with his Plan A....and continue to try and play out from the back, soak up pressure and insist on the usual slow methodical build up and lots of sideways passing ? Even when the changes came they were like for like... Yes we eventually got another goal after we managed our first shot in the final 18 minutes ! Job done ! I agree there was some merit in replacing/protecting Wes and Cam given more games approaching and injuries/suspensions taking a toll But surely there was a case for pace and height in the box with crosses coming into the penalty area from all parts of the pitch as quickly and ferociously as possible. Worry the inexperienced keeper give him something to do, find the weak point and exploit it ! Instead we got more of the same from AN....with an edgy crowd sweating on tender hooks for the final 20 minutes ! The Carra was like a fooking morgue Saturday afternoon, guess I;m not the only one in need of a trip to the pub to make things look sweeter ;)
  13. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="BroadstairsR"]AN: "You don''t become a bad manager overnight." Self belief? Conceit? Self-kidology?[/quote] Fact? [/quote] So at what point did he prove himself a good manager to back up his conceited statement ? To be a good manager you need the full package a variety of different tools in the box.... To date he has proved he can motivate a bang average team to push for short periods of time (both at Hamilton and Norwich 2 yrs ago) and over achieve. He has also shown he has very little in the box to change or effect situations when plan A isnt working Clearly doesnt know how to motivate or man manager players of a higher calibre, that have already peaked in their careers Many managers can have a successful ''honeymoon'' period the sign of a good manager is getting the best out of what you have available time and time again. Judging ''the good'' is all relative to what/where you start delivering on expectation Getting us promoted 2 years ago was indeed indeed an achievement, although it has to be said that Neal Adams needs some credit for having the club in a position where by the new man could finish the hob (although you could argue prior to the boro home and R''ham away games automatic should have been achieved) However getting us relegated from where we sat last Jan, with the huge investment the board made in that window was failure of epic proportion.... The no show at home to Sunderland after the get out of jail card the match before at home to Newcastle was criminal !! The rate of decline this season given the squad the board equipped him with is again failure (large scale failure) Yes we could have done with investment in key areas which didnt happen.....BUT the sums spent and quality recruited over the last 12 months is unprecedented in Norwich history.....everyone pundits and bookmakers included expected a top 2 finish With that as the back drop, to be mid table without even challenging for a top 6 position at this stage ranks as one of the worst managerial displays I have witnessed !! Seems a strange turn of events by the board to make such heavy investment in terms of outlay and wages and then settle for a bargain basement manager ? And so while I accept you dont become a bad manager overnight.... I dont see that you actually warranted the title you bequeathed upon yourself initially !!
  14. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]As you''ve been going for 40+ years you''d have seen a lot worse than this, suck it up and look forward to hopefully watching some of our talented youngsters in the future.[/quote] Agree Fenway.... seen much worse but never from the starting position this episode was blessed/cursed with Expectation this time last year was sky high ! Hence the real downer
  15. [quote user="morty"]Ha, yep, we are all there. Would definitely recommend the drinking more option. [/quote] Hadnt considered that option.....perhaps thats the answer. Catch the train and get lubricated in the Queen of Iceni pre match After all beer goggles worked wonders in my youth convincing me the ugly fat bird at the bar was indeed a super model.... Perhaps they can transform AN into PL this arvo. Thanks Morty ;) just in case things go wrong though has anybody got the Samaritans number handy ? could be a bot risky being anywhere near a traintrack post match
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