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  1. Bethnal green and yellow put a post on here the other day and on it, it showed yakubus in his thirtys
  2. Hes about 56 years old ffs if Mcnally thinks Holts knocking on the Yakubu has NO chance[:O]
  3. [quote user="Darren Lamb"]The only downside for me was not being quick enough to pounce on CUSDP''s tip of Hughton, was about to stick £20 on Hughton at 14-1 as soon as he put it on here but my internet went off for the day just as I was about to! Just out of interest CUSPD what odds did you get on him? But I believe Hughton is the right man for the job and I''m chuffed we''re gonna get him. [/quote] What where did you get 14-1 that cant be true i got him at 5-1 and didnt see him at a bigger price than that from start to finish on oddschecker????
  4. Also when asked if he had spoken to M.O.N he saidsomething along the lines of ''''yeah Martin had nothing but praise for the club'''' F*ck off Paul thats why he walked out then. More lies it will certainly be worth reading P.L''s autobiography when it comes out im pretty sure it will sell a few copies lol [:@]
  5. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]guys.... seriously.... when the Sun reports hes staying in Brum and Steve Bruce is anounced as the New Norwich boss im seriously gonna hunt some of you lot down >< Ever heard the old saying : Dont count your chickens until they are hatched ? [/quote] I think its already a done deal with Mcnally twittering it. I cant see him getting egg on his face especially after all the goings on this last 10days or so[:O]
  6. [quote user="Jacko"] Depends on whether Tierney overcomes this injury. If he does then I am extremely satisified with our options there because he was outstanding up until December and I thought a frontunner for player of the year. If not then it is an area which needs to be addressed very urgently. [/quote] I love Tierney and his runs down the wing and balls in the box i hope hes fit next season. Also i think hes one of the players Lambert would definitly come back for him. Would be intresting to see if he does another ''''I wouldnt go to Villa'''' speech. If he does then hes off there lol
  7. Also what about if Pilkington gets more games, id fancy him to get well into the double figures aswell!! i think we''ll be fine next season whats sorts of formations does Hughton use most??
  8. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Makes you wonder if under a new boss Lansbury and Pacheco are still on the radar ? Hope they dont become villans as well :-/ [/quote] God i hope pacheco doesnt he loves us. That would just be the final straw  if he does go there. Problem is would Hughton be interested in having him here its a player he wont know. It really is the end of an era [:(]
  9. Now it looks like Hughtons coming i wonder if hes going to find us some foreign stars like Tiotte and Ben arfa. But i bet its sti;ll going to be hard to guess who might be coming in bu8t hey were all used to that by now arnt we. Hughtons green and yellow army[:D]
  10. I must say i did  like the '''' I''ve not spent a minute thinking about it'''' When asked about cully, No of course you havnt Paul stop chatting 5hit!!![*-)]
  11. [quote user="Supermarket Prodigy"]I''m not fussed what happens with Holt anymore. Dragged on for too long, agent doing his best for an Oscar on the Radio... Poor timing and what not, done a hell of a lot for us but what happens, happens![/quote]                                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                                                                      EXACTLY RIGHT. Lambert and holt had this sussed between them Lambert knew he was going at least a month ago its not a desicion he would take lightly, Hes probably had it worked out with Holt. Its the only way it makes sense why holts so desperate to leave. At the first oppertunity he could his agent said theres to much water under the bridge. It will be painful nto see Holt kissing the villa badge next season i just hope Morison and Vaughn and jackson step up to the plate and show Lambert what he turned his back on. OTBC
  12. [quote user="Malcolm Mawkin"]Another interesting point regarding Hughton is he has only lost 1 game at home in 2 seasons. That is quality in my opinion.[/quote] I knew it was low but i didnt realise it was only 1 game. So it will be FCR lol OTBC
  13. Hughton at Newcastle   played 70 won 39 drawn 17 and lost 14 Strike rate of 56%      Hughton with a poor Birmingham squad played 62 won 26 drawn 21 lost 15 strike rate 42%           Lambert with us played 142 won 70   drwan 35 lost 37 strike rate of  49% (however this includes league 1)    So all in all what can we make of this personally i think were going to have a tighter defence next season and i cant really see alot between Lambert and Hughton. Its a great appointment by Mcnally and 2million in compensation is a small price to pay WHEN we stay up [:D]                                                                            
  14. He will have just about all the crowd behind him. Has there ever been a more popular choice of manager for us?? Fantastic exciting times ahead for us all, considering how nervous most of us were only a few days ago OTBC [:D]
  15. This is great news that things are happening quickly. However if its Hughton then Mcnally must have got to work very quickly to get this sorted :s
  16. Rumbled BW and more fool the person who was b1tching at me. no names PORKYP
  17. [quote user="LOSCLuc"]What is "Cluck"? [/quote] OH come on BW hes your mate dont disown him now after all youve been through together
  18. [quote user="LOSCLuc"]You all doubt, I answer question you tell me but you answer me now. Why I own LOSC items if I not LOSC? [/quote] Whos to say you own them luc??
  19. [quote user="Lambert is God"] So let''s recap (as George Best used to say).   This is a guy who cannot spot the difference between preservatives and condoms, or between a hotel and a town hall, or what the French equivalents of frogs and Agincourt are.   A guy who does not appear on the Lille message board, and yet now turns up out from nowhere on the Pink Un. And turns up on a new thread having already clocked up 72 posts, despite no-one ever remembering him on the Pink Un before.   A guy, moreover, who comes on here offering a totally unsubstantiated rumour, which, by sheer coincidence, just happens to follow McNally referring to looking abroad for the next Norwich manager.   Zut alors, Luc, respect!! [/quote] I got slated yesterday for seeing through this aswell. But obviously i wouldnt say ''''i told you so'''' lol
  20. [quote user="Webbo118"]I tink he shood keap well aweigh from Twitter until he has got hisself an English GCSE [/quote] Quality post
  21. [quote user="priceyrice"]I have to say holt has lost any bit of respect i still had for him over the last two days. I was willing to forget and move on from his transfer request and was hoping this would all get sorted out, but his tweets are so disrespectful to the club its untrue, now he is suggesting we would be on his side if heard the whole story, but hasn''t his agent already come out to tell their side and i think it has just pushed more fans away. i was really hoping this would turn into a gerrard or rooney situation, where he ends up staying and the fans take him back, but his stupid tweets and retweets on twitter trying to force this move in such a public sphere while also making a mockery of our club is a step too far for me. Let''s take 5 M for grant or sit him in the reserves, we''ll lose money but we need to show we are no pushovers to any players and you piss us around, we can ruin the rest of your career- i know it''s a bit drastic but i seriously hope the club considers it. I agree the fans giving such horrible abuse are going over the top,, but i can understand where their emotions are coming from now and i won''t stick up for holt anymore and i honestly never want to see him in yellow and green, even if we can''t find another 15 goal a season striker [/quote] WOOOO pricey nobodys allowed to say anything bad about Holt no matter how stupid he makes the club look. For what its worth i fully agree with you. I recon we should loan him out next season to some little club in league 1 Maybe then he might appreciate what hes got here. This twittering about wanting a move away is highly unproffesional. But he chose to kick the fans while they were already down about Lambert. But people will say '''' You dont know the facts'''' But what we do know is the day Lambert left for villa Holt decidesto p1ss everyone off even more by slapping it on twitter instead of dealing directly with the club. Hes a moron. I hope he doesnt wear the kit anymore after all his tantrums hes thrown.
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