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  1. Looking for a ticket for Saturday folks if anyone has a spare.
  2. It can''t be long now....McNally will be getting rid soon. He won''t tolerate this....
  3. I think McNally will give Hughton just another handful of games guys...if we''re still in the bottom 3 after the Palace game...I think he''s gone. Any thoughts??
  4. http://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/trapattoni-poised-for-trip-to-see-hoolahan-3264691.html
  5. We reward Villa for stealing our manager by taking their rivals'' manager.....delighted all the same though!
  6. I hate to say it....but...Lambert was never leavern this club
  7. I don''t condone this abuse directed at GD. But as we''re on the subject  -
  8. I am absoutely convinced Plmouth will beat Barnsley at home....the question is can we beat Charlton?      
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