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  1. Yeh it''s the interest that MoN has expressed himself before that make me thinks he is gettable... I reckon he is happy as ROI manager , but I can''t see that he has anything to prove with them now. They did well at euro 2016 , and with WC2018 so far away , he could be tempted to come here.
  2. ... even if it meant that he bought Roy Keane (ex-town) with him lol
  3. Realistically do you yh ink he would take the job , if he was offered it? I think he has an outstanding managerial record, and I can''t remember he source (his book I think) he always said one day he would love to return to NCFC. What are people''s thoughts?
  4. That is interesting to see Bournemouth bottom. Its all well and good beating the top teams, but you must win the games involving the teams around you to stay in the league. Blackpool in 2011 were a prime example.
  5. Man Utd on how they claim that teams in recent years have bought the league, but they spend ridiculous amounts of money (certainly since 2008) and got near enough nowhere since SAF left in 2013.In a nutshell, they have always blindly defended their players: - Rio disappearing during his drugs test in 2003(ish)- Cantona''s assault on a supporter- Roy Keane hospitalizing and ending another players career in 2001, but then when Ashley Williams clears a ball near van Persie''s head in 2013 "He could of killed him".- SAF accusing players like Henry, Suarez, Luiz , Shelvey. etc for diving but then standing up for players infamous for it such as Stam, C.Ronaldo, Ashley Young etc.- defending Evra regarding the Suarez incident (despite Man Utd players doing the same thing to Patrick Vierra in the 90s)- The whole Giggs/Thomas scandal - Chatting shit about ex-layers who are now "bad-mouthing" (being honest) about their former club e.g. Beckham, Keane, Scholes - and the way they players and staff treated the referee under SAF.I think ive covered most stuff in the 5 minutes of writing this. [:)]To conclude, lets have a recap: how much did they spend pre-season? Getting on for a quarter of a billion and they haven''t won a trophy in 2 and a half years now.
  6. I took up the offer on Friday night and I still haven''t received an email from Coral, has anyone else heard back? Also what dpit just said - the offer has been pulled and the link no longer works - I think Coral are going to try and welch on us all. [:@]
  7. Harrison Heath (he played in the early stages of the FAYC) is now at Orlando City in MLS.Adrian Heath (his Dad) is the manager.
  8. Yes, I have said it multiple times, Van Dijk would be an excellent signing for us if we got him at a sensible price. Hes a quality young player who would fit into our squad.He has been in the SPL team of season twice on the bounce too. Other teams are chasing him however, we might lose out on him to another PL team.
  9. I have been suggesting Van Dijk for ages, he is one of the truly decent players in a average Celtic team.He can play at CB, but has been known to play either FB. He also takes a decent direct free kick, something which we need to strengthen in. He has been in the SPFL team of the season twice in a row now, its only a matter of time before he moves to something better.  Age is on his side too, he is only 23 years old.  I think he could cut it in the premier league for us, it would be a good signing for the right price.[H]
  10. Apart from Ince and Bamford, I cant see any of them being on bank-busting wages.
  11. [quote user="York Canary"]Demarai Gray, Sako, Andre Gray, Nakhi Wells, Pritchard. Tom Ince, Byram, Trippier..[/quote]Cant fault that list. Add Virgil Van Dijk, Bamford (loan), and Keiron Westwood if we want another GK.
  12. Most important (and funniest):Grabban''s header away, against 1p5wich, mainly because it was offsideSkill based:Redmond''s goal at Wembley. It was such a good team goal, 23(I think?) passes before the goal [H]
  13. Worst:Luton 1992Wolves 1996Shef Wed 1995Man Utd 2012Cardiff 2012 - 2014Norwich 1992 [:P]But THAT Hull one is still the most gopping one ever.
  14. Barclaystand , I reckon that''s a bluff, you dont really have a mortgage lol
  15. I have my ticket, but i still have 2 mates dying to go to tomorrow''s game. Willing to pay face value and pick up from norwich area. PM me on here.
  16. [quote user="rondy"]I rang the ticket office this morning on the off chance they might have had a few returns for the away leg. I managed to get an adult ticket in the family section (section S) for £32. No mention of needing to have a child with me..[/quote] Thank you for the tip rondy. I did exactly the same today as you today at 1pm, and they sold me a single ticket also. Buzzing! [:D]I asked about the "family area" and the ticket office lady said it had been "disbanded" for this game, tickets were being sold singularly to supporters with 1200+ points. The only con is i have to go to CR ticket office tomorrow for collection.
  17. Can someone just clear this up for me?Will the other teams get to use their loan players in the play-offs? I''ve heard "season-long loan" players'' deals finished on Saturday, and they cannot be renewed for the Playoffs now (the window is shut)Does this mean players like Pritchard (Brentford), Vossen + Bamford (Boro) and Sears + Chaplow (Ipswich) won''t be able to feature?And am i right in thinking Dorrans for us is exempt from this rule because he is on "93 days loan" rather than "season long"?
  18. Yes it is a real shame that someone has to stoop that low to break into someone''s house and steal their treasured items. :(Lets not cut of the burglars fingers though, we''re not Saudi Arabia. Lets just hope he will drop the soap at some point.
  19. The scum at home (2-0) was a good shout but my favourite game was Blackburn at home (3-1)0-1 down within 2 minutes, 1-1 for ages, BJ''s goal puts us 2-1 ahead and Grabban scored at the death for 3-1 [:D] We could have easily lost that game. It was a big win.
  20. If us and Watford tie for 2nd after 46 games with the same points, GD and goals scored, what happens? is goals conceded taken into account to see who gets 2nd? and god forbid, if us and Watford have an identical record, do we go to a playoff for league position?The situation isnt impossible with 4 games to go.Team                                           PGDGSPts Bournemouth (C)                      46529692 Norwich                                    46428891 Watford                                     46428891This is assuming the top 3 win all their next 4 games. Would this result in a 2nd play play-off between ourselves and watford? The Spanish leagues determine a "tied points situation" on head to heads. Its a shame English leagues don''t do that because that would of worked in our favor. ( 6-0. agg. this season vs Watford, 3-0 & 0-3)
  21. I dont think anyone has mentioned it, and its a loose connection but Dave Watson is GK coach at Saints now, left us last season / start of this season
  22. Plot twist: Alex Neil plays himself in midfield, and we win 0-2, but get some points deducted for fielding an ineligible player [:''(] In all seriousness my money is on an unchanged side with either G O''Neill or Redmond coming in. Have faith in "the new Sir Alex"
  23. Its a close one to say the least. This was my prediction on 14/03/15, so I am sticking by it.Bournemouth  Watford                 Derby NorwichMiddlesboroBrenford                1p5wichWo1ve5Our final 7 I have down as WWDLWWL If you want to look a few others that have done the same as me, check out this thread (click) [;)]
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