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  1. Someone's played Football Manager once, I see
  2. ...ards. These players needed you. Thank God the hardy few who went to Brentford don't think like the self important forum and social media bubbles. I'm off to celebrate our win. I never turned on our lads or our manager. And I never will. That isn't what supporting is about. Shame on you.
  3. They always have to be the first on the bandwagon, and ironically for all their criticism of talkSPORT, they use their platform to do the same thing....get you clicking that like/retweet/subscribe button. Barrel scraping journalism, if you can call it that
  4. Benjamin Bloom is miles ahead of them, best Ipswich fan ever imo
  5. The Reeves are desperate to sensationalise every aspect of our football club to milk it for likes. They have done some good work for charity and the like, but they don't speak for me and their understanding of the game is one dimensional as f00k
  6. Leave the boy alone. If he needs time away and a nice trip to London to deal with whatever is troubling his mind so be it? We do not dictate to him how he deals with his problems. Nor should anyone.
  7. What a very ignorant and random thing to accuse me of. You seem very unpleasant. I'd much rather have Lukas Rupp at Norwich than you.
  8. The main problem is the kids on Twitter who have turned Rupp into a kind of LR7 meme just because he's unfashionable. Teaches supporters the wrong lesson about why you should back the players who play for your team....because you're a SUPPORTER, not because it's funny to pretend you think someone is good when actually you think they are sh1t For what it is worth I agree with DF. Support your team, back whoever is playing. Lukas Rupp is a very intelligent footballer who constantly works to plug holes left by our more instinctively attacking players and ensuring that we don't get caught out in transition as often. Sure, you can argue that we haven't done well at all so far. But those fixtures have been horrendous. This hilarious 'Arsenal are woeful' gimmick i've seen from a load of our fans is hilarious. They were 2nd in the form table in the second half of last season. Played Chelsea and Man City with loads of first team injuries in their opening four games. They have underperformed, but they are not woeful and will be in the Europa League positions at least. We really expected to go to the Emirates and show Arsenal what's what in a 'relegation six pointer'? Lol. We will be fine, and Lukas will play a role in it. ...so stop crying yer heart out
  9. OP, and a number of following posters, you don't deserve Pukki. When he scores 10+ league goals this season (and he will) i will be bringing this thread back up and expecting full apologies. Thanks.
  10. Already tired of this Arsenal fellating commentary on my tributary of choice.
  11. Norwich players making loads of tackles from three matches chasing the ball against quality opposition? I love Todd (and Max) but this isn't a stat that tells us anything except that we have been right up against it so far. As far as the point of the thread goes, I agree. However downhearted anyone might be about the results it is wrong to question anyone's effort.
  12. It is the thing I hate most about football fans...Norwich or otherwise... Rather than hoping you're wrong, why not just have hope? This is supposed to be fun....isn't it?
  13. It's ok don't worry, you two have got me thinking about it the right way. I forgot that I'm on a work laptop, so it is almost certainly a firewall issue. Every confidence it'll be fine on another laptop. Issue closed. Thanks all. ( @Ian it was a Failed to load resource authorization token as opposed to an HTTP response code, which I think confirms the above.
  14. well, doesn't work now, and I do know what I'm talking about, I promise.
  15. I mean the website has a shiny new front end and I was all ready to embrace the new centralised OneCity idea.... which already doesn't work. Who is employed to manage their CDN? Although Archant could use a new one of those, too. edit: i take it all back, user error. NCFC your new OneCity thing is soooooooo lit
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