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  1. No matter how much Stuart Webber promises he will leave the Club in a better place than he found it, and been true to his word (and transparent about his failings), some people will never listen. 'Mr and Mrs Webber' aren't joined at the hip. I'm sure Zoe would stay even if Stuart left. The club ethos which Delia and Michael very much have bought into on the way forward for our club is built on succession planning. BK's role was a big one. It takes time to decide on the right candidate. Come on, smile.
  2. Fair, I'd forgotten the obvious link. Clue is in the name!
  3. Largely agree with this. On talent alone though, I do feel England are the best side in it, and that's saying something. In international football the first thing you do is drill the defensive shape, which leaves you not much time for the attacking shape. Therefore, international matches are often devoid of elite attacking interplay and more reliant on individual ingenuity. I like Southgate, but he restricts talent. It's not a hot take by any stretch of the imagination, but being reactive rather than proactive with this level of talent is a waste and I hope we see the shackles off against the Czechs.
  4. I'm surprised its that high. Thought they had a salary cap
  5. Thing is though, he'd surely be coming in as backup for Gibson and Hanley at Norwich? We'd sell that to him as one of three centre backs battling for a starting place, but I doubt that is any more desirable than what Leverkusen are offering. Right now though, we might actually have the financial clout to do the deal before Leverkusen can get in- I can't imagine with Bundesliga wage structures they'd be willing to pay him any more than we would (40k a week, I'm guessing?)
  6. It's funny how many people have this inextricable link between enjoying the Euros and how good England are. I get that with Norwich, I hardly watch MOTD/Quest when we've lost, I just decided long ago not to let England spoil major tournaments for me. On talent, England are as good as any team in the tournament. Sadly, on tactics, they're going out in the semis if they make it that far. Hard to see even that really, with France, Belgium, Italy and Germany looking better than England at this stage.
  7. I've heard a lot of people saying it was a sh1t game. England being poor and Scotland executing a great game plan does not make it a sh1t game. This I agree with though. Dykes is a mid tier Championship number 9, no surprise he's struggling against good defenders.
  8. We work on it in training anyway and switch to it a fair bit in games so the OP is a bit of a non point, no offence to the poster I realise it is Mourinho's point not yours
  9. I'm just wondering when one of you two fine individuals are going to ask me out
  10. If they announced it now id honestly be worried that they felt the need to placate supporters. Itll get done in good time. Webber wouldn't have gone on record saying so if not. Plenty will be afoot behind the scenes. Anyone fancy an argument tonight?
  11. I went a bit far on Mr Moore in terms of what the EDP are comfortable staying up on an Archant site goes. I'm glad he paid Huckerby's wages but he's dined off it since, there's a lot more anti Norwich stuff I could allege about him but there's not really any point. Bloke's a tool. Why do you always assume that someone is out to get you Til? I have nothing against old Plod or yourself. I was just going in on Carl.
  12. Well cover me in spermatozoa and call me an Englishman, its Midlands picking a fight they won't win. We're live on OnlyFans at 6.
  13. And you can report and remove whatever you like but he's not an NCFC fan and I'm glad he's got NO say in our club. He has a negative cabal of tw4ts who follow him around spouting their crap and I hope all their wives leave them.
  14. As I understand it this is correct so he had a paddy and gave up being a fan. Was by all accounts more interested in the bar than the football anyway. Which, you can't always blame him for but I never heard him say a positive word about the club other than what HE did for it in about 8 separate meetings before I tired of vacuous company, to be honest. Just Norwich fans desperate to suck up to Carl eating up his anti-Club bile
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