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  1. absolutely, unique, original and just like everybody else...
  2. don't come here stealing our funniness, only so much to go round...
  3. ...and the only two who find that joke funny judging by the (lack of) response to this thread - tough crowd...!!
  4. I don't want a nice midfielder, I want dirty b@stard, clips your ankles, combative midfielder...
  5. Soto is destined to become the next Freddy Adu, endless potential , but little end product. It's not often Farke gets it wrong on players, so something is missing. Going off topic slightly, will the same happen with Sinani?
  6. I'm not going to get drawn into this ridiculous argument, but since you didn't ask my opinion, I'm going to give it anyway. AG did well for us, many a player has succeeded here and not elsewhere and vice versa. If, and that's a big IF, there are ricks in his game, Farke will soon iron them out... I remember Krul being slated after his arrival and coming good, Pukki too not delivering initially, but the Farke hug bus got round and stroked and carressed them into players we wouldn't be without now... That's my three pence worth
  7. ... so who's next? For me, it needs to be a striker... we know we're not going to get a world class proven goal scorer, we just don't have the money or resources, but another player accompanied by a five minute 'best of' YouTube video would be grand.... As ever, so far, astute business by SW & DF...
  8. I don't know, always found them to be quite entertaining...
  9. Ah, I see you've encountered him on a night out on the Prince of Wales too... yes, disturbing stuff that, but if the knock on is a happy Farke and the team doing well, we should all do our bit
  10. A reliable source tells me the budget is £3.67, some goodwill and a batch of Delia's pies. Webber will play some hardball and send in Farke for the big hugs to smooth the deal over. Finally, Carl Cort will finish his Asda shopping and drop off some yellow t-shirts from the sale so there's a brand new kit for the new arrival.... You heard it here first people...
  11. I remember Jose Marie Bakero, former Barcelona and Spain captain trialled with us back in the 90s, but wasn't offered anything..
  12. They'll take him round the A47 and NDR a few times, then deliver him back... perfect plan
  13. He'll play as a sweeper, giving us two players sitting in the area to outfox the opponents... as they're trying to work it out, we'll catch the on the break...
  14. You can NEVER take a conspiracy theory too far... let's run with it... I like it
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