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  1. A bit disappointed that neither Vrancic nor Buendia have started. I can understand the case for being a bit forward heavy with both on at the same time but surely with Rupp in for Buendia that frees up the central midfield role? And after McLean's exploits further afield in the number 10 spot in recent games, I'm no longer convinced the CM role is his best position. I don't doubt that if we are losing, Farke won't be afraid to make early substitutions with both coming on around the 60 minute mark - or even earlier depending on our position. Where I do have doubts is if we are 1-0 up, or drawing, Farke may dither in making a proactive substitution to freshen things up and it may cause the momentum to shift as so often seems to be the case.
  2. Not sure why but I've got a good feeling about this one... can sense a result* on the horizon… *I accept no responsibility if this turns out to be massively wrong
  3. The way I see it is that supporting Norwich City is a relationship more akin to a family member / pet, or a close friend, than anything else. More often than not, it is something you are born in to, or stumbled upon by chance during your childhood – not really a direct choice in the same way as – say – investing shares in a business would be. Taking this comparison forwards, to constantly berate and whine over about your family’s failings and annoyances – when there is a clear and undeniable argument that demonstrates plenty of positives as well – would be grossly unpleasant. As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle and I am sure I am with the majority when I say I am somewhere in the middle of CirclePoint’s abusive attitude towards criticism of the club and TIL’s blatant misery towards our current ownership… On the subject of investment, do I think the club could have done more in the summer to put us in better than we are now? Yes I do. And the attempted signing of the French winger (whose name escapes me) on the last day of the window with a £16 million bid suggests that there was money to spend. I find this baffling and am surprised it has not been mentioned in this thread as yet; it throws the investment strategy and a lot of the arguments made on here into the air and I think there are some legitimate criticisms to ask here: Why did we wait until the last day of the window to demonstrate such a significant outlay on just one player? Why didn’t we make the attempt earlier in the window, where a plan B or C could be considered? Would we have been better place spending this on 3-4 signings for around the £5m mark? However, the lack of investment has only come to the forefront of the conversation as the signings we did make have overall been poor, plus we have experienced an injury crisis worse than any other in my living memory - both of which we can only know with the benefit of hindsight. But again, there is a case to be made for suggesting we were light on CB’s given Zimmerman was already injured in the summer, and Klose’s patchy fitness record. So yes, some questions should rightly be asked about our performance in the summer transfer window – but to focus and whine only on these pitfalls would be to disrespect everything positive and to ignore the external factors which couldn’t have been known. And let’s be real, given the season of consolidation under Farke with the 14th place finish and loss of our only valuable asset in Maddison at the time – I think we all would’ve ripped many arm’s off to be in this position only 18 months later. To be a self-sufficient club is something I am proud of, and there are plenty of fans from elsewhere who look at our youth system and transfer policy which saw us win the championship title on an absolute shoestring budget with serious envy. Without sounding ‘little ol’ Norwich’, our investment strategy means we will be the best equipped team to bounce immediately back from relegation (should relegation transpire) – I imagine we will lose a few of our players but we do not need to sell in the same way that saw us lose Maddison and I believe many will also stay. Because of this, we will be able to mount a very healthy championship challenge indeed. There is a lot to love about this set up, our club and Norfolk both in general and geographically, it is the same thing that sometimes makes it difficult to attract players from elsewhere that also makes it difficult for players to leave. Just look at players like Ruddy, Huckerby, Klose, Howson, Olsson, Brady etc etc all staying on after a relegation and some of whom rejected premier league offers to stay. That gives me plenty of confidence for our prospects. So, to bring it back to my comparison of Norwich City being like a member of the family, yes the club is not perfect and it does make mistakes, but I would never trade for another and there are plenty of positives that – for me – easily outweigh the negatives. To think we would not have a new set of criticisms and failings to aim at a new owner is frankly wild. The grass is not always greener and I’d say that overall our grass is pretty green at the moment – I am certainly happy to continue with our current model into the championship next season (if that’s where we are playing) and onwards!
  4. Have to agree with this. Great performance and result but Farke needs to be a bit more ballsy with the subs, something I have been a bit critical of him for in the past. He only seems to be willing to throw the dice when the game is already out of sight one way or another. I get not making subs if we are already in the ascendancy but I couldn’t see the harm in swapping Cantwell out for Hernandez 10/15 minutes sooner. The subs gave us fresh impetus and had they happened earlier I’m sure we would’ve nicked a huge 3 points. Never mind, more importantly I was happy to see us put in a decent shift for BOTH halves of the game - we haven’t done that since the Everton win. We certainly look far from beaten and will remain only a win or so away from the mix. If we maintain performance levels like that then I think we can do it!
  5. Can we all agree to just not get annoyed at this virgin? The guy is either the saddest, loneliest Brighton fan, or a run-of-the-mill troll, which I would also file under sad and lonely. And I can take plenty of comfort from the fact that, whichever of the two this guy is it still renders him completely pathetic. Try and put yourself in this guy’s shoes, actually dedicating hours and hours of time from your real life as a human being to read this messageboard and post with the sole purpose of pissing everyone off. Imagine getting a kick out of that. It is clear that something big must be missing from his own real-life endeavours. When I think of it like this, it is very hard to get angry at these people. Even he will probably look back at this when he’s finally gone to Amsterdam or, dare I say it, finally has a girlfriend who isn’t inflatable or a car exhaust, and wonder why he spent so many months wasting his life away for no good reason. All the best Adam!
  6. There is almost certainly no one better for the job who would come to us, to my mind. I would go further and say that I doubt even a Klopp or Pep would stack up better for saving us from the drop - not that this is their forte. Farke has done so much good with what little he’s been given (and had taken away), and as you say he has implemented a unique style of play which took about 15 months to materialise. He has bought players which suit the system, and transformed them from nowhere whilst also improving our youth players in a previously unforeseen manner. I genuinely think our season would nosedive without him. So Farke IN wherever we finish this season. If it’s a bottom 3 finish, as is looking likely, I would really feel confident in bouncing back up providing our team isn’t completely dismantled and believe we are probably the best equipped side for relegation. In fairness despite the moaning last night, from myself as well, I think everyone respects and appreciates him for his work thus far. I haven’t seen any calls for him to go, even from the trolls!
  7. Not sure if you read my post correctly? I wasn’t advocating we lump it up there, I like us probing in the way we do. The kind of build up play which led to Godfrey’s late winner vs Reading and Pukki’s vs Millwall last season. I just don’t understand why we were trying to play this way tonight but without any tempo or urgency! It needs to be more aggressive to open teams up. I completely agree RE your stance on Farke by the way. I would happily have him stay for another crack at the champs next season even if we finish 20th. I am just frustrated that we don’t seem to be able to consistently play to the level that we have proven to be capable of on numerous occasions this season.
  8. Beating Sheff Utd would be a massive massive win, they have barely lost away this season.
  9. Agreed, we were playing like we still had another half of football to play after Pukki’s goal. I understand playing our philosophy and trying to play out from the back rather than lumping it up there, but why can’t we play our way with a bit more urgency and tempo. Why is it so sluggish? We work an opening and then dally on the ball and give the opposition all the ground they need back to recover. I don’t understand. Especially in the last 10 mins. This seems to be the sticking point between our strong attacking performances and our toothless attacking performances so far this seasons. There were more than a few shades of Farke’s first season with us in that first half and in other games this campaign. I just don’t understand how we can be so inconsistent with this, our performances have been chalk and cheese. I thought we were woeful first half v Arsenal other than the two breakaway goals, yet completely dominated the second half. Absolutely superb against Newcastle / Man City and then completely pathetic against Burnley / West Ham / Brighton. How can our performances fluctuate so much? What’s going on with this?
  10. Yes definitely fine margins. I'll say again, if McLean's rubbish terrible shot, which was the only 'chance' we created in 45 minutes against the worst defence in the league, went in, then we might still be 1-0 up now.. (Sarcasm by the way)
  11. We've lost every game we've conceded first in so far this season.. That's 9 times, and soon to be 10 unfortunately!
  12. If only McLean's bobbling worm burner had snuck into that bottom corner, we might now find ourselves going into half time at 0-1! Fine margins in this league.
  13. You appear to be suggesting that the letter of the law was deliberately ignored and then abided by because both times it favoured Arsenal, I disagree and believe it is more due to the significance and impact that both instances led to on the pitch. Each instance is far too different to be directly compared like this IMO. Not every rule in football is applied in an equally rigid manner. Take the yellow card rule for defending players kicking the ball away after a stop in play for example, this is only really applied when the ball is fully booted anyway, and oppositions players regularly get away with small dosages of dissent. Your comparison is like saying 'well Xhaka should've got booked for kicking the ball away' when he kicked it 4 yards away, to claim unjust treatment when one of our players gets booked for something separately such as diving or a cynical challenge. The two instances just don't stack up to me I'm afraid. Do you think if both situations happened at opposite ends of the pitch, our missed penalty would not be retaken for encroachment when an offending Arsenal defender reached it first, and our second half goal would be disallowed for two balls being on the pitch when an Arsenal fan threw one on to an insignificant area of the pitch? I don't. The big club v little club is a separate issue and I do agree with this to an extent overall, but not in the case of yesterday.
  14. So you’re saying there isn’t a middle ground between holding on to the ball for 45 seconds until a new ball is found, and immediately throwing the ball back as fast as possible? How fast do you drive to work in the morning, at 4mph or 74mph?
  15. Are people really upset by the game not being restarted for the second ball? Really? That is some level of straw clutching! All I’ll say is imagine how incredibly unfair it would’ve been if we were about to score at the emirates, but it was disallowed because one of their fans threw a ball on to an inconsequential area of the pitch after initially holding on to it and wasting time? And FWIW I don’t think we can feel too put out about the encroachment either, the ref made it clear pre-penalty, Aarons was clearly in the box and first to it. That he would’ve made it there first anyway without the encroachment is irrelevant to the decision unfortunately, you could say that about any marginal offside ‘he would’ve got there first anyway’ etc. It would be a very confusing way to make decisions.. Think we all need to take off our yellow and green glasses and calm down a bit.
  16. Okay just watched the highlights on MOTD. Here are my thoughts on the penalty incident; - The initial foul for the FK by McLean was a foul (in contrast to what I thought was a fair challenge at the time). - The penalty was a penalty, small amount of contact not enough to justify Zimmermann sticking his arm out to the ball like that IMO, no complaints there. There is contact like this all the time when FKs / corners are concerned and I wouldn’t like to see fouls given for that on a regular basis. - Retaking the pen because of the encroachment by Aaron’s because he was first to the ball, thus gaining an advantage, unfortunately was the correct decision and I’d go further to say that this rule actually does make sense... This was how I thought the rules should’ve been interpreted in my previous page - that the rules appear to be shown differently online is a separate issue, which clearly this needs addressing. This does also explains why all those penalties provided by canarydan were not retaken. However, this doesn’t change the fact that all the waiting around and confusion is farcical, when watching the games live it is a very different experience to the TV. And I suspect this is what has enraged people (rightly) into ranting on here and wildly swearing at their kids (just kidding). It all just feels so unfair and somehow fixed when you are standing and waiting in the stands. If they aren’t going to get rid then I hope microphones are introduced a la cricket in the future and maybe even show the replays and analysis on the big screens. Keeps everyone understanding in the ground and would stop so much negativity / anger with some explanations as to why decisions have been made... although would maybe create even more when the crowd still doesn’t agree or understand...
  17. Canarydan - of the penalties you screenshotted earlier, how many of the misses led to an immediate rebound whereby the encroaching defender was the one who got to the ball first to clear it? I think that is the discrepancy here, I don’t think they pull it back for encroachment unless the offending player reaches the rebound first and benefits from the encroachment. I.e. if Aubamayang stuck it straight out for a goal kick it wouldn’t be overturned. This was my interpretation of the rules from how I believe MOTD has previously explained it and it does make sense to me if correct. It’s a similar approach taken as with not overturning the directly scored penalties when the keeper is off his line; the unfair advantage the keeper took did not yield any benefit therefore no need to retake. Although there was the silly occurrence last week with the Matt Ryan foul save vs Vardy which was retaken even though Maddison tucked home the rebound - there should be a bit more common sense with this stuff!
  18. I have pondered for some days now, but there is a lot to unpack here. Can I come back to you?
  19. Looked very positive when he came on yesterday but do feel he was a bit too pumped up for it, seemed to suffer with tunnel vision and was too excitable when perhaps some more composure would've paid dividends. I didn't see any of that in the Bournemouth game where I thought he looked really dangerous and purposeful, so perhaps it was the occasion - his first home performance of the season after all. When he got his head up and used a bit of patience he was incisive and he certainly offers something completely different, I'm sure we will see him start in the next game. I think him being a bit too pumped up also explains his celebration when he scored... not sure why else he'd give the united fans stick with a rather meaningless goal?! A bit cringe but the passion is clearly there!
  20. Well said daly. I am sick to death of having people pulling knives on me when I’m clearly tanking them with my knuckles.
  21. I agree with this, although I thought McLean was better than decent and certainly the more notable performer than Leitner on Saturday, he played some lovely splicing passes in behind and set us off on the attack several times. I’d go with the same team as the OP but McLean in for Leitner - effectively swapping Steipermann back in for Leitner. Also would not be disappointed to see Trybull and Tettey as our CMs with McLean in the more advanced role. I like the idea of Hernandez as a super sub given he is still getting up to speed, just hope Farke doesn’t hold off until as late as 75-80 mins to make a sub if the game is tight. Feeling optimistic for this one, United are away in Serbia on Thursday evening - can’t be an easy trip for them to make before a game against the mighty yellows. That said, I do wonder if their counter attacking style - which has seen their best performances come against the stronger sides (Liverpool and Chelsea) - may also be suited to playing against our expansive possession based football (in a similar vein which sees us fare better against the ‘footballing’ sides). Anyway, hopefully their difficult game Thursday night negates any of that!
  22. ----------------------------Krul----------------------------- --Aarons---Amadou----Godfrey----Lewis--- ---------------Tettey--------McLean*------------------ --Buendia-------Cantwell-----Hernandez**--- -------------------------Pukki----------------------------- *Initially started this team with Leitner, but feel he has been overran a bit too easily in recent fixtures. Think Tettey / Trybull and Leitner / McLean are quite interchangeable in any case. **Hernandez confirmed as not fit for the full 90, so unlikely to start, equally happy to try Roberts in there, just think we need to freshen up the front 4 and Bournemouth away probably not be the same physical threat as West Ham, Burnley nor Palace so could be an opportunity for a 'lighter' front 4. If things aren't working then Steipermann and Leitner to come on on 60 minutes - early substitutions please!
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