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  1. He obviously doesn’t have as keen an eye as TIL when it comes to judging a game.
  2. I’d be embarrassed if I were a Brighton fan, pathetic!
  3. Those stats don’t surprise me to be fair. Wolves had lots of possession but never threatened bar for two individual errors. As Smith said we controlled the game both with and without the ball for large portions. Something you’d never catch Daniel saying interestingly, even though some of our worst defeats came in our first season when we had ~70% possession! I must say Smith does seem a bit more level headed / realistic when it comes to judging a match, saying we got 2 more points than we deserved versus Southampton and 2 less yesterday is bang on - Farke though obsessed over possession and always felt we were doing more in games than we actually were..
  4. Fair play TVB, your reputation for criticising Webber precedes you... I had automatically read Buh's post the way it was meant to be read and your response as a rebuttal - apologies. ''Noice! Can’t argue he’s NOT had a huge impact here''
  5. Just listening to Michael Bailey's latest podcast. He noted our pressing stats as a team in the second half were practically twice as hard as the first half, if anyone thinks that is solely because we subbed off Cantwell for Sargent then they are potty!
  6. Maybe fairer to review where Cantwell is in 6-8 games time when he's fully back to match sharpness. First 45 minutes in what 2 months after a very patchy period where per Farke's comments he didn't manage many full weeks of training, of course he was miles off the pace and miles off his usual levels. I'm still more than hopeful that he'll get back there. And also, I know he got pulled at 45 minutes and Sargent played a key role in improving us second half, but the whole team's performance was much improved because we pressed harder and higher up the pitch. That's a joint effort not just the impact of a single player coming on. So players who played poorly in the first half also stepped up, particularly ball-players such as Rashica and Gilmour. Its not beyond the realms of possibility to also think that Cantwell might've played a bit better with a stronger level of support around him. Of course it was still a good sub to make as Sargent very much led from the front, but just thought it should be pointed out that it was far more than just a straight swap which changed the game. I have no doubt that Sargent would've been helplessly chasing shadows in that first half given our approach was to aimlessly hoof the ball forwards and then allow Southampton to easily win the first and second ball nearly every time...
  7. First thought was wtf that’s **** but it’s grown on me… + retro look + simple design + improved lion + stays true to the original + like the illusion of how the foot blends in with the ball
  8. I don’t think it’s fair to read too much into the first 3 games, we were trying to integrate so many new players. He was also posted in his less favoured wide right position which I don’t think suits him given he’d only previously played on the left. But compare his early performances in those 3 games to Pukki for instance and I don’t think he comes out notably worse. I’m expecting him to now take a few more games before he settles into a rhythm but when he does I’m sure there will be good things. Only annoying thing is both he and Rashica appear to be much better on the left side (and Tzolis seems more a left sided winger). Only Sargent has played well on the right so far with Dowell ineffective so we look a tad lop sided IMO.
  9. I did not know the club’s MOTM voting method could illicit such passionate responses in our fan base.
  10. Yeah I suppose calling it hoofball does suggest it was deliberate, and given we had no one winning the first or second balls for pretty much all of the first half (maybe bar a couple which stuck just by pure luck), you'd have to hope that it absolutely was not the plan... Whatever it was though it was truly terrible.
  11. I find it hard to believe anyone watching that first half could call it anything other than hoofball, it was the worst half of football I have seen in years. It was aimless lumping forwards over and over and over again, only once or twice did we actually get the ball to stick by picking up the second ball. I genuinely don't think we strung more than 2-3 passes together at the back before we sent it long. It was rubbish. But perhaps credit to Southampton who played with such intensity it stopped us playing from the back, I still thought we could've done more though (proven by the second half). We were immensely fortunate to score an equaliser in our only chance in that first 45, whilst also benefiting from a very wasteful opposition. Thankfully the second half we were totally transformed and managed to keep Southampton on the backfoot for nearly all of it with much better and higher pressing. I don't really recall much in the way of hoofball second half, a couple of nice lofted passes to Sargent on the wing and to McLean - actually targeting someone and with degrees of success - and the odd clearance but all to be expected. We definitely deserved to win that second half, but Southampton can count themselves unlucky they weren't 1 or 2 goals up after the first 45. Hopefully it is the second half version of NCFC that turns up every week because I am not sure I'd be happy watching whatever the **** you would call that first half...
  12. The worst part about this comment is the fact you’re definitely not even trolling are you….
  13. I won’t knock his performance after not playing for so long - everyone was awful for the first 45. But it did seem a bit odd that the entire team was on the pitch after the game apart from him. Not sure if I was missing something but didn’t look like he was on the pitch celebrating at all?
  14. Every game under Farke in the prem we lost once we fell behind, Smith’s first game and we come from 0-1 to win.. coincidence?
  15. So so much better second half!! No sign of Cantwell on the pitch after the game though, was he injured at half time?
  16. Pukki Cantwell Rashica Gilmour Lees Melou Normann Williams Gibson Omo Aaron’s Krul This team please!
  17. Saw this last night, very enjoyable watch and not something you often get to see. Would be good if the club did more videos like this!
  18. I'm not sure. Two week break, new manager, I would imagine any genuine momentum from that win is probably gone, but hopefully it has been more than replaced by new momentum thanks to the introduction of a new manager! Expecting to see a couple of changes at least.
  19. Agreed on Klose. I do think we could've made more use of Trybull to be fair, he was a good player in the champs, and probably would've faired better in the prem as well as players like Stiepermann and McLean did - so a bit harsh he fell on the wrong side when other players were kept on board. But its just not the same as Cantwell. There is absolutely no question in anyone's mind as to whether he is good enough for this team or not - especially after we lost Buendia in the summer.
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