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  1. I have pondered for some days now, but there is a lot to unpack here. Can I come back to you?
  2. Hank shoots Skyler

    Derby Sack Injured Player

    Think this could be the one?
  3. Hank shoots Skyler

    Onel reaction to the game 🏆

    Looked very positive when he came on yesterday but do feel he was a bit too pumped up for it, seemed to suffer with tunnel vision and was too excitable when perhaps some more composure would've paid dividends. I didn't see any of that in the Bournemouth game where I thought he looked really dangerous and purposeful, so perhaps it was the occasion - his first home performance of the season after all. When he got his head up and used a bit of patience he was incisive and he certainly offers something completely different, I'm sure we will see him start in the next game. I think him being a bit too pumped up also explains his celebration when he scored... not sure why else he'd give the united fans stick with a rather meaningless goal?! A bit cringe but the passion is clearly there!
  4. Hank shoots Skyler

    Clocks go back

    Well said daly. I am sick to death of having people pulling knives on me when I’m clearly tanking them with my knuckles.
  5. Hank shoots Skyler

    Team V Man U

    I agree with this, although I thought McLean was better than decent and certainly the more notable performer than Leitner on Saturday, he played some lovely splicing passes in behind and set us off on the attack several times. I’d go with the same team as the OP but McLean in for Leitner - effectively swapping Steipermann back in for Leitner. Also would not be disappointed to see Trybull and Tettey as our CMs with McLean in the more advanced role. I like the idea of Hernandez as a super sub given he is still getting up to speed, just hope Farke doesn’t hold off until as late as 75-80 mins to make a sub if the game is tight. Feeling optimistic for this one, United are away in Serbia on Thursday evening - can’t be an easy trip for them to make before a game against the mighty yellows. That said, I do wonder if their counter attacking style - which has seen their best performances come against the stronger sides (Liverpool and Chelsea) - may also be suited to playing against our expansive possession based football (in a similar vein which sees us fare better against the ‘footballing’ sides). Anyway, hopefully their difficult game Thursday night negates any of that!
  6. Hank shoots Skyler

    Team for Bournmouth

    Believe Hanley is out for 7-8 weeks ZLF!
  7. Hank shoots Skyler

    Team for Bournmouth

    ----------------------------Krul----------------------------- --Aarons---Amadou----Godfrey----Lewis--- ---------------Tettey--------McLean*------------------ --Buendia-------Cantwell-----Hernandez**--- -------------------------Pukki----------------------------- *Initially started this team with Leitner, but feel he has been overran a bit too easily in recent fixtures. Think Tettey / Trybull and Leitner / McLean are quite interchangeable in any case. **Hernandez confirmed as not fit for the full 90, so unlikely to start, equally happy to try Roberts in there, just think we need to freshen up the front 4 and Bournemouth away probably not be the same physical threat as West Ham, Burnley nor Palace so could be an opportunity for a 'lighter' front 4. If things aren't working then Steipermann and Leitner to come on on 60 minutes - early substitutions please!
  8. Hank shoots Skyler

    Sticker Album Error

    Did you actually google ‘are there printers in the UK’?
  9. Hank shoots Skyler

    Keeping the pace till the injury Crisis ends

    One of the most hilarious things I've read without actually laughing. This is in stark contrast to your posts in the lead up to Man City game. You said (quite clearly) that it would 'not be okay' to lose to Man City, and it would be a 'sickener' if we did - a 'sickener'. When posters - including myself - tried to debate this; stating that it would be okay to lose as long as we gave a good account for ourselves - you did not agree with this and continued to insist that a loss would be unacceptable. And now - just 2 weeks later - we have this, Villa at home; 'We will do well to get anything against them'. 'A loss would not be the end of the world'. Seriously??? You said nothing remotely of the sort to this in the build up to the Man City game across pages and pages of repetitive and painful debate. Now you're talking up Villa as if they are Man City. We were all so happy to eat humble pie and give you the credit after that incredible result - but a few short sentences later and it seems to have fallen away. Feed the wolf was right, the only consistent factor that remains in all of this is that your view is always against the grain and general gist of the forum's feelings.. That's all it boils down to.
  10. Hank shoots Skyler

    Looking after the ball

    Heise also looked way off it during pre season as well however - something that can’t be said for Byram. Maybe you are right and he will be up a level when we see him in the first team - but my impression at this point is that Farke would sooner play one of Aarons or Byram at left back than Heise in league matches
  11. Hank shoots Skyler

    Wilder is obsessed with Norwich.

    Agreed with Aggy, Wacky and TIL.. Our obsession with him is way more apparent to me than the other way round. The more recent time he mentioned us beating Man City was when he was directly asked about the game - what was he supposed to say? And completely agree with Aggy’s justification for the comparison yesterday - we are both two newly promoted clubs who played two home games with the odds massively stacked against us and both teams gave a very good account of themselves. We took our chances and they didn’t! I don’t see the issue with him referencing us here
  12. Hank shoots Skyler

    Looking after the ball

    Have you seen him play? He has looked way off the pace to me unfortunately - would much rather have Aarons or Byram in there.
  13. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    Looked one in real time, would it be a clear and obvious mistake? Probably not. More of the concern is how weak we’ve looked so far
  14. Hank shoots Skyler

    Sheffield Utd v Liverpool

    Did you not think Man City had an off day Mello? Liverpool had an off day today imo but sheff united generally looked really solid and created some good chances. A draw would’ve been deserved
  15. Hank shoots Skyler

    Sheffield Utd v Liverpool

    Did that not happen? Okay 4 shots, 3 goals.. 3 shots on target, 3 goals - not really an exaggeration is it
  16. Hank shoots Skyler

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    Do worry about our CM pairing - we look like we will be very lightweight in there. I also think Krul is going to be a big loss, will be interesting to see how we fare without him because IMO he gives our defenders mental focus as well as confidence when playing with the ball out from the back - not that any of this has got us any away results as yet..!
  17. Hank shoots Skyler

    Sheffield Utd v Liverpool

    I really don't get this dislike for them... where have they played like thugs? Very unlucky to lose today you have to say! They're a good side and play decent football (I thought we were outplayed by them at Carrow Road last season). They were recently in league 1 and like us, didn't spend much to get promotion from the champs and again haven't overspent to try to stay up this season either (although admittedly have outspent us). They also have a strong core of nearly all British / Irish players - why the petulance? Chris Wilder also comes across really well. Seems a section of our fans are still salty about his comments from about 3 years ago after our 'game management' in that 1-0 win at Bramall Lane... But to be honest - weren't we just as pissed off at Middlesborough when they did it to us in the Alex Neil promotion season? And I was not particularly happy to see us imploring tactics to THAT extreme either - but we have certainly ditched them since. Wilder has also generally been complementary of us in the last couple of seasons. Looks like all the promoted teams are going to have a fair crack at being able to stay up this season!
  18. Hank shoots Skyler

    Ratings v Man City

    Hmmm I see cheers for that Wacky - perhaps I should familiarise myself more with your approach because this could get repetitive across the season...
  19. Hank shoots Skyler

    Ratings v Man City

    Having revisited this... your player ratings gave an overall team rating as 7.95 - sorry but I can't have that (I know you use Italian ratings but you use the same 'average' threshold as me..)! FWIW here are mine! Krul - 8.5. Didn't have anything exceptional to do, but looked absolutely secure in every pressure situation; coming for crosses, playing out from the back etc I was never in doubt with him. Also did well to hold on to a couple of shots towards the end which easily could've been spilt. Lewis - 9. Agree with your summary Wacky - a very very solid display defensively, always sharp in possession but understandably without the usual attacking freedoms, did try to make overlapping runs where he could however but he was very limited with when he able to do this. Godfrey - 9. Courageous with the ball at his feet and also made countless important blocks and clearances in the second half - he has a real knack of being in the right place to get a foot in in a positional sense and also ALWAYS makes the block. Undoubtedly will be playing for England soon... Amadou - 8.5. First few moments with the ball he looked a bit shaky (understandably so) but his confidence grew as the game went on. Enjoyed his Bassong-style foray forwards in the second half but unfortunately he lost the ball at which point I was screaming at him to GET BACK... Did really well to anticipate crosses / passes and nick possession back on numerous occasions and was also a physical threat defensively in the air. Was really impressed with a through ball he stopped in the second half during a Man City breakaway, he lost his balance trying to track Sterling with the ball at the edge of the area, but still managed to cut the pass out to his right with a flailing leg. Really strong performance overall. Bryam - 9. Really impressed with him, from the start he halted Sterling again and again - the fact Sterling had to switch wings towards the end of the first half says it all! He looked like a man on a mission and every 50/50 tackle was approached with real determination. Also showed some good touches on the wing to retain possession but we will wait to see how much he can offer offensively in the next match. Aarons may struggle to get back in! Tettey - 8.5. Always in the right place to protect the defence, one or two hairy moments in possession but generally came out on top. Did not extend himself too much and kept things very Tettey which is exactly what was needed. McLean - 9. Great header for the goal, looked really up for it - I thought he was a key man in terms of bringing the ball out from the back; linking the defence to the midfield and he also had the confidence to drive past players and open up space for the pass. Buendia - 9.5. Thought this was comfortably his best performance for us of the season so far and possibly ever... he was an absolute terrier when they had the ball, always harrying and wrestling to win it back. He is a bit terrifying at times as his aggression often makes him look a yellow card / red card risk. However, this edge makes him special - the amount of times he pinched the ball surprisingly or retained possession in an unorthodox and strong manner - he may be small but he sure knows how to get stuck in! Great cross for the first goal and unselfish for the third. His performance had everything but a goal! Steipermann - 8.5. Not as involved as Buendia, but he used the ball really well when he managed to get possession and slipped through Pukki twice with perfect passes. He also hustled and harried the City players well - did not overly commit to the press and remained mature and sensible in his defensive position. Loved seeing him pumped up and getting the crowd going before McLean's header. Another player who looked really up for the fight. Cantwell - 8.5. Was involved in some of our nicest passing moves in the first half bringing it out from the back, a bit quieter in the second half but understandably so given the pressure we were under. As said across the board a completely different player this season - very happy he got the goal. Pukki - 9. Did very well with the chances presented to him, the pass to Cantwell was sublime - he even fooled me into thinking he was shooting! Great finish for the second too. Looked a constant menace for the City players to have to deal with him both with and without the ball. Every time we got into a dangerous area between their midfield and defence he was on his bike and always looked like he could be on for the 1 on 1 in behind, always so lively! Okay so not heaps more than yours but overall a team rating of 8.82 - sounds more like it!
  20. Hank shoots Skyler

    Ratings v Man City

    You were more accurate first time round... what happened to saving the 9s and 10s to the big wins? It has NEVER been bigger than that for us!
  21. Hank shoots Skyler

    Nature or nurture?

    It has to be nurture, imagine where these players would be under different management? We’ve been having some decent youngsters coming through in recent years so I suppose some small credit to nature but jeez, Farke has transformed our current crop to their potential and beyond. Cantwell being the best example, looks a completely different player after 3 months of pre season?? What on Earth they did to him I’ll never know. But you also have to look at our 3 defenders (Lewis, Godfrey and Aarons) and say the same - the former two look like they’ve come on leaps and bounds from last season already. The visible difference in several of our players after signing from one season as well, Stiepermann (ok also in a diff position), Vrancic, Zimmerman, Hernandez and even Krul (just look at how his season has been so far v last year).. all came in and initially looked decent in flashes but nothing more. Fast forward several months and they’re all revelations.. I also do get annoyed at people who claim we are a one man team RE Pukki - we have shown to have a very adaptable squad on several occasions in the last 15 months, when injury has forced change upon on us and the players introduced have more than stepped up to the task and staked a claim from almost nowhere (Aarons, Zimmerman, Godfrey, Vrancic, McLean and now Amadou and Bryam), it’s nothing short of exceptional. And whilst Pukki has never been a victim of such a change in hands and is undoubtedly a key player for us, I have no doubts that Drmic or whoever replaced him would be able to stake a similar claim. That said, I do hope we don’t need to prove that anytime soon..
  22. Hank shoots Skyler

    Raheem Sterling

    Turns out the answer to the original question was a simple one... Sam Bryam
  23. Hank shoots Skyler

    An "I was there moment"

    I thought the same...
  24. Hank shoots Skyler

    Now do you understand??

    Absolutely incredible game! Well played Lakey. Unfortunately I’d probably predict a similar outcome if I had to again, we played completely out of our skins today, defended like lions and also had the luck at both ends to go our way on the night.. It would be unreasonable to expect something similar against every top team in the form of a pre match prediction / expectation but we can sure hope! As I said on the sterling thread, my prediction before the game and level of support at it are not correlated and you can bet every single one of our fans was 100% behind the team from kick off. What a special performance and result tonight has been. I can’t quite believe it!
  25. Hank shoots Skyler

    How many will man city get

    What is your score prediction Lakey??